Is It a Joke? Wasserman Schultz For U. S. Senate





Here is the biggest laugh of the month:

U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is considering a run for U. S. Senate. One story is here. 

I can’t think of a worse candidate the Democrats could choose to capture the seat now held by U. S. Sen. Marco Rubio.



Her TV image as the ultra-partisan chair of the Democratic National Committee can’t possibly help her with independents and crossover Republicans.

She is divisive and frankly often comes across as angry and hectoring.

She is a liberal. When is the last time a liberal got elected U. S. Senator from Florida?  Would the answer be “never?”

She is Jewish. When is the last time a Jewish politician got elected statewide?

And she isn’t only divisive among non-Democrats.  A number of key Broward Democrats don’t like the Weston resident.

Just look at the comment on Facebook Feb. 24 by another Democrat from the progressive wing of the party, Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter. She dropped an attack aimed at Wasserman Schultz, whom she identifies as A Jewish DNC Chair,  into a discussion of Israel.


Stacy Ritter comment



Ritter isn’t alone, believe me.

Any Wasserman Schultz campaign for Senate has about as much chance as Nan Rich’s campaign for governor last year.  You know how that ended up.




23 Responses to “Is It a Joke? Wasserman Schultz For U. S. Senate”

  1. S O E Insider says:

    I would like to go on record as the first to support DWS in her endeavors to seek higher office.

    That being said she would then disappear from the forefront.

  2. Drive by says:

    Netanyahu has become the leader of the free world. For the Dems to slight him is like suicide.

  3. Count L F Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Yes, for people from Northern and Central Florida the idea of a Jewish liberal winner of a Statewide race seems unlikely, but how many people throught an Illinois State Senator from Chicago with a Black African Father, a White mother, raised in Hawaii, and yes, Indonesia, who had Arabic Moslem names would defeat first the well-funded wife of a US president and then a well respected war hero? The American voters can not be a “lock” for any particular person. I remember when Ronald Regan started in politics and people said first he’d never be governor of California, and never, never, never, be elected President! You can’t predict an election.
    That being said, when Jews outside of her Congressional District but who are solicited for contributions to her as they are from Broward or Miami-Dade or Palm Beach Counties on matters of interest to Jews she replies that she does not respond to “out of Congressionl District correspondence, telephone calls or contacts”. ASKING FOR MONEY AND NOT REPLYING TO LETTERS or E-MAILs makes her candidacy OUTSIDE OF HER CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, at least amongst Jews, yes, A JOKE!

  4. The Morgan Problem says:

    Buddy, don’t forget that Debbie came out against Medical Marijuana in the Amendment 2 debate last year, and certain big money Democratic donors will never forgive her for it.


    Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Ben Graber says:

    Sad, but true.

  6. Kevin Cerino says:

    You can’t think of a worse candidate the Democrats could choose? How about Alan Grayson?

  7. Talks like a politician says:

    Please, please run, DWS. The chances you will lose are so high we can start celebrating your disappearance from the media now.

    Or in the spirit of political correctness:
    Best wishes on a campaign to be a senator from Florida, DWS. Your adoring fans fully support you as a candidate who speaks for the people. Go, Deb! (Go, please go, as in away.)

  8. Zig says:

    Let her dream. As my old law school roommate used to say, reality what a harsh concept.

  9. Mixed marriage says:

    What about her comments about Jews marrying non Jews? She lost our family’s votes.

  10. Broward Voter says:

    No chance of winning statewide office and knowing that she will never run in a statewide race.

  11. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Drive By

    Israel is “the leader of the free world”?

    Talk about the need for a reality check.

    Under the arrogant leadership of Prime Minister “Combover” Israel has zero allies. He was all but laughed off the stage in his UN speech with the cartoon picture of the bomb.

    Without our Security Council veto, Palestine would now be a full member of the UN with all its benefits. The General Assembly voted 138 to 9 for Palestine!

    Israel is not even an ally of the U.S. in the way one thinks of Canada, Britain, France, Germany, etc. It nothing more than our “client state” like Naru or Palau except that it is whiny and living on delusions of grandeur like Fredo in The Godfather.

    It’s one Bernie Madoff away from being dropped like a bad habit. Within 18 months of us dropping Israel it would cease to exist one way or the other.

    Those delusions led “Combover” to believe he could alter our 2012 Presidential election on behalf of Romney.

    His speech next month before Congress is part of the same delusion.

    Every bit of polling (Pew Charitable Trust, Peter Beinart, etc ) shows that Americans, Democrats, Jews etc. care less and less for the fate of Israel.
    Even the crazy Born Agains are starting to cringe at the treatment of the Palestinians.

    You need to wake up and smell the gefilte fish.

  12. A total joke says:

    Debbie has in the last few years has shown that all she is that she a kiss ass to Obama and could not give a damn about her people she is supposed to be answering to and I am sure that she WILL NOT attend the meeting when our greatest ally the Prime Minister of Israel comes to the White House since her buddy Obama has already made it known he will not attend. She has become a total low life since she took office

  13. Blabber Mouth Schultz says:

    Let us not forget…

  14. Drive by says:

    Sam, the UN today looks like the Bar scene from Star Wars. I am telling You Bibi is respected by free people around the world as the only leader that you can count on to stand up to Evil. Wake up Sambo or you are going to end up a slave.

  15. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Go away DWS, you have hurt us enough. The Chicago mob and the lame stream media got the current resident in the WH. Now they have to be apologists to cover for their HUGE mistake.

  16. Rmart29806 says:

    The Shrill Shill for Senate! Gotta love it (if you’re a Republican!)

  17. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Drive By

    You don’t like the UN because they all look different like the Star Wars Bar patrons.

    And you refer to me as Sambo.

    That confirms what the rest of us believe about Neo-Zionism…
    it’s the “Jew Klux Klan”.

  18. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    First of all Wasserman-Shultz is no joke. She could raise plenty of money. I think it would be a crowded senate run. Don’t forget Mayor Jack Seiler(steal the show Jack run as an Indepandant). Mayor Seiler would do just fine raising money. Comm.Stacey Ritter as far as no support for Nenenyaho. it doesn’t help when he is spending 20g on patio furniture and etc. He is like Sharon. Tease ,challenge the countries in the Middle East etc. Bomb everybody huh BUBBIE. The problem over there is Ala Assad(Syria). Ala Assad I s th e problem. Ala Assad must go. I say no more money to any middle east nation until we achieve peace. If they starve, then they starve. Debbie Waserman Shulz has been good to the Jewish residents here. Shame on you.

  19. electric jack says:

    Fields you are a joke the USELESS NOTHING needs to move to a more frindly city like Tehran Iran an you with them!

  20. Knows for Sure says:

    DWS used to be an absolute sweetheart when she was first running for Congress and then for a few years after that. Now, she is just a cocky, pompous, arrogant bitch.

    An example: A few years ago, my almost 18 year old daughter, who at the time actually looked up to and admired DWS, was an exhibitor at an art show sponsored by the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. This event had DWS as their guest speaker.

    As DWS was circulating among the participants and guests, when she walked by my daughter, her art teacher and her friend, they asked DWS to pose with them for a quick photo op in front of my daughters artwork. Right in front of everyone, she arrogantly replied: “I don’t have time for that, I have to go speak”.

    Guess what, my daughters anticipated and upcoming first time vote did NOT go to DWS. Now, my daughter totally dislikes and disrespects DWS.

    Wonder how many times this has played out all over the 23rd.

    Everyone is right. She can’t win, but she should definitely run.

  21. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    I wish the best for knows for sure’s daughter’s art career but it is sad what people like des Ron Klein n Robert whatshisname became after they arrived in dc. There must be something in the water there. When I visit dc I only drink bottled water or sodas never the water

  22. Pam says:

    This is the most bigoted, ignorant, slanderous comment I’ve heard shared amongst Democrats I’ve ever heard!!! She is one of the few that stands up for the general public views and for the good of our community, society, and our diverse culture! You majority democrats want to keep the general public fooled so you can greed in your politics and She scares You for what potential she exhibits!!!! So stick a Jewish sock in your pie-hole!!

  23. Sit DOWN Plz says:

    Wasserman Schultz needs to have several seats.