Broward Public School Scandal! Special Treatment Given Teacher With Unusual Access To Superintendent Bob Runcie







A teacher with unprecedented access to Broward Schools Superintendent Bob Runcie got special treatment from top administrators including hand crafting a new job for her that paid $70,000 and included a secretary.

The attention from school system higher-ups showered on Jillian Haring, a teacher with experience at several schools, is disclosed in dozens of internal emails obtained by the

The emails illustrate Haring’s extraordinary familiarity with several of the highest administrators in the school system including Runcie. These are administrators the average employee would never, ever email.





Robert Runcie


Haring has been a controversial figure in the Broward Schools since she was plucked out of Cypress Bay High in January 2015 to work in the school police. She was a behavioral support teacher with 15 years teaching experience, but no formal training in law enforcement.

In her new role with the school police, Haring reportedly had access to employee email records and helped in interrogations of those accused of wrongdoing.

After one year in the school police, Runcie put Haring in charge of an overhaul of the school police kicking off a storm of protest. When School Board members and others raised questions about her new overarching role in the police, she stepped down in May.

It was then that Runcie’s assistants began frantically working to fashion a new job for Haring, numerous emails indicate.

It was decided she would become a Staff Assistant in the Exceptional Student Education office, a division that deals with many children with special needs.  A job was created for her dealing with her specialty – the creation of databases and information technology.

Some of the emails documenting the job creation include:


  • A June 3rd 2016 email from Talent Acquisition Director Eric Chisem to the district’s highest administrators. Chisem’s email stated “Gentlemen! This would work…Let me know,,,” with a newly-minted job description for Staff Assistant attached.
  • A June 9th email from Human Resources Chief Craig Nichols to Chisem said: “Per your request, attached is the resume Jill Haring provided to me this morning.”
  • A June 20th email from Nichols to Chisem stated: “Eric, FYI… I did not know how many Staff Assistants exist in the District nor what departments they are in. I asked for the following report and I thought you might like to have copy of too.”  (The report indicated there were 14 other staff assistants in the District — 11 making a lower salary than Haring.)


That decision to put Haring in ESE sparked numerous complaints from parents of ESE children and activists.

School Board members received complaints about creating the new position. Members Robin Bartleman and Nora Rupert raised questions about the job at the June 21 School Board meeting.

After School Board members questioned Runcie about Haring at a public meeting, she filed a complaint directly to Human Resources Director Nichols, the school’s Chief Academic Officer Daniel Gohl, School Board Attorney Doug Griffin and Runcie’s spokeswoman Tracy Clark. 

Haring’s email singles out School Board members Bartleman and Rupert.  She called them “two malicious bullying Board members and their malevolent crew (trying) to stop this district from utilizing a resource to keep our schools safe.”

Bartleman and Rupert were only reacting to criticisms of Haring’s apparent special treatment, which included having a job handcrafted for her. The way Haring was handled by administrators also generated queries from reporter Scott Travis of the Sun-Sentinel.

On June 29th, the reporter asked about Haring’s pay in an email to Runcie’s spokeswoman Clark.

Haring went ballistic.

On July 5, Haring emailed Runcie directly using his personal email address to remind the superintendent to call “the Sun-Sentinel President as we discussed to alert him of this reporter’s obvious agenda and baseless attacks on me.”





It is not known if Runcie actually called the Sun-Sentinel to complain about Travis, who it appears never wrote a story about Haring’s pay.

Travis could not be reached for comment.

While the Sun-Sentinel reporter was asking questions, the school system continued to get complaints about Haring from parents groups and advocates for autistic and other special needs children.

ESE was a section of the school system that parents felt already had too many demands on its skimpy budget. In 2014 a report identified numerous problems including student teacher ratio and made 110 recommendations.

More than one new ESE teacher and possibly two could have been hired for the roughly $70,000 annual salary being paid Haring.

In an email to Academic Chief Gohl during the controversy over Haring, one Weston activist warned that she received 11 calls with “concerns about the individual being given the position.” The activist complained that the ESE office couldn’t afford the expense of an additional employee.

In a second email, she wrote Gohl that Haring’s “70k salary, car, secretary plus benefits seems exorbitant.”

The activist asked Gohl when the job was advertised and how many other employees applied.

Gohl’s response: “It is a direct appointment of a staff person already on budget and therefore was not an advertised position.”

The new job was passed by four Board members at a June 21, 2016 Board Meeting.


47 Responses to “Broward Public School Scandal! Special Treatment Given Teacher With Unusual Access To Superintendent Bob Runcie”

  1. GL says:

    Runcie’s use of a private email address and server for official business should disqualify him from the office of superintendent!

  2. Nick Sakhnovsky says:

    Not kosher – but board approves anyway. SMH

  3. fedup says:

    More waste of public money approved by Abby Freedman’s School Board. Freedman and others are Runcie’s drones and only Bartleman and Rupert stand up to his royal highness. They won’t wise up until the FBI is at the door.

  4. toolmaker says:

    A Christmas present for everybody would be Runcie gone.

  5. Scum Sentinel says:

    Email confirms what we always thought about Sun-Sentinel. Runcie has been around his finger.

  6. d says:

    Everybody knows about Haring and Runcie. Ask teachers at Cypress Bay how Haring tormented them, spying on them for no reason other than she didn’t like them. When they complained they were told she was untouchable because of her friend Runcie.

  7. Owl says:

    And Runcie has time to apply for a spot on the Constitution Revision Commission…what a joke.

  8. Runcie laughs says:

    Blah blah blah

    The FBI is coming…another grand jury, runice laughs… why? even if they come only minor players go down.

    Everyone said the bond would never pass and it did. The money is being distributed in drips while the committee to doll out the money is all Runcie’s cronies…Runcie laughs and laughs..

    Why does he laugh…because no one, repeat, no one with any sense wants to be on the BCSB. It is by far the worst elected official job in Broward County. Pay is low and they work double the time of County Commissioner and/or city commissioners.

    The days of Neil Stirling/Barbra Miller 25k in a night fundraisers are gone since the Board members have no say in where the bond money goes. As such, Runcie laughs and laughs and laughs.

    What about Mary Fertig? many speculate she is behind every anti Runcie story on this website. No idea if true. Mary is seen as a mover and a shaker who is not afraid to call Runice out. Still, Runice laughs and laughs. Why? Mary cant even find half way decent candidates to run for the Board. Runice ducks the arrows, has his majority and continues to laugh and laugh and laugh.

  9. Puss n Boots says:

    Runcie, Nichols, Griffin and Moquin continuously cradle Haring and bend over backwards to save her butt. Why? Did she hack in Runcies email….private or school email…and find domething incriminating? This group is truly a cancer to BCPS and should once and for all be let go. Haring has been nowhere near the ESE dept. thst pays here salary. Meanwhile Haring was bring paid overtime from a dept. she fidnt work in. Overtime on weekends…holidays and even when she was on vacation. This is a fact. Board membets need to step up and end this now. Terminate Runcie and Haring.

  10. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    4 ELECTED officials supported the moves. Complain to THEM not a blog

  11. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    The deplorables responsible for allowing this debacle that takes sorely needed funds from ESE kids should hang by their tongues roasting in hell.

    If you care about the kids and their families you need to send this expose` to the House and Senate leadership and the Education committee members. Ask for state oversight of the district. Flood them with emails and phone calls.

    Speaker Corcoran
    Senate President Negron

    The committee chairs are listed.

    Go to and connect with them. Otherwise it’s business as usual.

    This is also a federal issue because of the ESE kids involved. Contact your federal electeds as well.

  12. Terry Lopez Preuss, NBCT BAT says:

    Supt. Runcie has disappointed me in surprising and remarkable ways since Anna Fusco and I were elected to office at BTU. I was there the night it came up and there was NO bullying! As a disappointed citizen of Broward all I can say is that I hope he returns soon to Chicago of his own volition.

  13. tom James says:

    Is it possible Miss Haring could be having an affair with Runcie?

  14. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    If Mary Fertig attacked Dr Osgood her Commissioner Dean Trantalis would vote to put a q00 storey condo on Bahia Mar.

  15. puss n boots says:

    tom James..have you seen JH? Now in blue hair….looks like the worlds biggest globe. Uf Runcie is involved with her he has severe issues. JH does have a history of liking men of every color. She was slobbering many at Cypress Bay as the story goes. Mrs Runcie should be asking why JH has his personal email….. she refers to him as Bob or RR….hmmm….more importantly he and she are conducting SB business on private email which involves Eric….Nichols…..Slug Griffin…and Moquin…..Perhaps Izzy will drop a bombshell at the Board meeting tomorrow…wouldnt that make for a merry xmas.

  16. says:


    You are off topic.

  17. says:

    Sseems free speech is something you moderate.
    Guess you are just spewing propaganda.

  18. moreofthesamecrap says:

    Looks like all the top dogs have private email for School Board business.

  19. moreofthesamecrap says:

    What amazes me is how busy she keeps her Attorney filing complaints about information that is Public Information!

  20. moreofthesamecrap says:

    Have been wondering a long time about what she has on him to play the Superintendent and his staff like puppets. Oh the Karma! Haha.

  21. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Professionally speaking … from a design standpoint, who built your site? Some kid in 5th grade?

    Horrible…. Horrible.

  22. igNORAnt Rupert says:

    Nora Rupert constantly complains about people that made/make more salary than her that work for the SBBC. Lest we forget she gets a 3% multiplier from FRS as an “Elected Official” Get a real job Nora, go back to the Sun-Sentinel, oh wait hey are fake too.

  23. juliet hibbs says:

    …The Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald (per their reporters and not just to me) REFUSE to do certain stories about Broward Schools. Haring has gotten special treatment, Runcie is insubordinate to the board for 4 1/2 years and no one really cares. Shouldn’t JILL HARING be being brought up on insubordination case?? She was disrespectful about bartleman and rupert!

    #22 you must be a runcie supporter! Rupert, Bartleman and Brinkworth are the only ones challenging his CORRUPT and CRIMINAL Leadership!

    For almost 2 years I have heard stories of the MANY affairs of Robert Runice of which Haring was one! Doesn’t make it true! But we MUST live in Floriduh! Hardly anyone cares! Been trying to get the text messages from Haring phone at the SIU meeting in may They refuse to release them OR Osgood’s It is all a shell game and hardly anyone cares!

    UNTIL the people of Broward SHOW UP….this all means nothing


    The Miami Herald hasn’t covered the Broward Schools in years. They barely cover Broward County, relying on the Sun-Sentinel for most news north of Miami-Dade.

  24. Sharon Graham says:

    Mary and Chris Fertig have more credibility and honor than anyone I know and truly want to improve Broward County Schools! I’ve been a teacher for 44 years and we can begin the cleansing by giving Runcie and his chums the boot!I believe that would take care of the Haring scandal!

  25. Jody says:

    People people people!!! Jillian and Runcie are swingers come on how can you all not know? There are principals in it with him so they are protected

  26. Zachery Taylor says:

    It was interesting how Ms. Herring received a job without it being advertised but they did follow the rules. Several other employees would have liked the deal. I see Mr. Runcie’s email has changed. I will have to change my email address log. If you were watching today’s meeting you would know the administration is still trying to do their own thing when it comes to personel. Thank goodness for Robin Bartleman for speaking up even though she was blessed out by her favorite board member Dr. Osgood. It was hard to tell who was the board chair. Ms. Freedman did an ok job, but she needs to let Osgood know she is no longer the center of attention.

  27. The whole story says:

    Haring was not “plucked ” from Cypress Bay. She was in the midst of being escorted off campus by school administration and Broward Schools police after an unauthorized school computer was found in her car. During the frenzy of hysteria from Haring, the ” Get out of jail ” phone call came from the superintendent’s office. Simply put , everyone was told to stand down and let her go.
    Is it any surprise that the day Haring landed at the police department, two of the top brass resigned that day ? They knew the fix was in and exactly who Haring reported to directly.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Robin Bartleman is not given enough credit for her work on the accountability of Runcie and his flunkies. Let’s give her applause for her questioning Runcie on Haring.

  29. James Bond says:

    Superintendent loves his hoes

  30. James Bond says:

    Teachers ought to be paid $70,000 instead of this lady. I wanna know how this crook from Chicago comes to broward and spreads his corruption.

    We need to get Mr Trump to look into this he fixes everything.

  31. James Bond says:

    Post this article on all your social media.

    We must spread the word of this mans evils ways.

    Broward students lives matter.

  32. Talks like a politician says:

    It sounds like a “drain the swamp” attitude needs to happen to the Broward County School Board and the Superintendent.

    The Count and Charlotte Greenbarg have some excellent advice. Make those calls to people who can help pull the plug on this Chicago style regime.

  33. Bob Babalima says:

    Runcie attends meetings with teachers– accompanied by three bodyguards. Bodyguards!!!? They looked like Secret Service guys. What is their salary? One even escorted him to the bathroom…?! I cannot believe I witnessed any of this madness. You can’t make this stuff up. Meanwhile, veteran teachers with 20+ years experience now make $50,000, an underpayment of $21,000 per year compared to top salaries for good veteran teachers less than 10 years ago. And SBBC thinks they have a shortage of teachers NOW? The word is out and the county has been exposed…sickening. Class action lawsuit on the way?

  34. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The Ft Lauderdale Commission is holding a joint meeting with the School Board will tbe critics show up?

  35. santa Claus says:

    Please wake up and see whose really getting the jolly gifts this year, How many women get jobs pulled out of someones ass, for the school Board unless that ass that’s been pulling need so deep cover. Jill is no victim she, needs to go and pay someone who actually helps kids…

  36. Kim Armstrong says:

    Once again, SBBC Executive Leadership proves it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know…. Runcie, Chisem, Nichols…. for shame! Promoting her to a freshly created position above her experience/skillset screams of nepotism – or worse. This employee should never have been in an SIU position of power and now, shouldn’t have been placed in ESE as a favor. WTH, School Board… is ANYONE minding the store??

  37. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Again let’s see how many critics show at the Joint meeting

  38. Slugg Griffin says:

    Look into the emails in which JH requests to be reimbursed by the district for storsge space she claims to house secret or investigative documents. Who authorized the removal and storage of district owned documents off school property? Her overtime issue is about to blow up. All of the investigation at Miramar and Northeast have her fingerprints all over them and their a mess. Buddy…time to inquire about all the emails..

  39. Simple parents says:

    #33 and #36 Who cares who attends? The public isn’t allowed to speak at these joint meetings. We will be watching on Channel 78 in the comfort of our own home.

    PS: Residents who have opinions or questions cannot neatly be placed in the “critic” category despite your attempt to do so. This isn’t a dictatorship. The future of our children is important to all of us.

  40. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @8 simple is the key word here.And since when “getting on camera” decides whether to go to a meeting?

  41. M Ross says:

    I mistakingly returned to Broward County to teach the past 6 weeks. Although I began working on Oct. 31, the onboarding was delayed with a new excuse everyday. I was put in a dangerous classroom, formerly a storage room, with no supplies, roaches, and 19 kindergarteners who included documented ESE and emotional issues with no support of any kind. I was told that my former six years pension was gone, and I would not be paid for my MA in Education. Since they decided my principal should have hired a person who would only require sub pay…I was then framed by the principal and school substitute that resulted in me being asked to resign. I did. The next day, the class was moved to a safe kindergarten classroom which was cleaned, equipped with a bathroom, water fountain, and computers that worked. The class was taken over by the substitute who is not a teacher, but a former corrections officer. The principal then told me that the children at the school are not teachable and do not need a teacher or to learn this year. He then told me I was a wonderful teacher but that I my teaching ability would be wasted here. He said that these kids only need behavior help. Deplorable! Also, I have yet to be paid and feel so bad for the injustice that is being done to the students at this school!

  42. Whoops Factor says:

    Pretty obvious that Mr. Runcie’s decision to appoint such an unqualified to run the SIU almost two years ago was a poor choice. The wrong person, combined with the wrong motive, has come back full circle to bite. Who could not see this coming. Someone clearly underestimated collateral damage. If there are any authors out there you might want to get your word processors out of the storage closet and start a rough draft. This might become a best seller on the topic of selection through stupidity.

  43. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    For the record the joint City Commission School Board meeting was productive n Dr Runcie n Rev Dr Osgood were praised by every ELECTED official present.


    Elected officials patting themselves on the back and applauding their own work is nothing new. It is no surprise to me, somebody who has been covering Broward government for years, that these people are deluded enough to believe that their dubious achievements has earned them citywide love and respect.

  44. kapt. krabs says:

    this is as bad as the deputy recently demoted for letting inmate out of broward jail to perform private work.runcie should leave for the holidays —for good.

  45. fsavpe says:

    Both local newspapers have cowards for reporters and editors. They will NOT have access if they criticize.

    Runcie looks more like a Trumplodite every day — masking his ineptness with bullying.

    Teachers and taxpayers are being conned by this accountant/superintendent.

    Go back to being a bean-counter and let a real educator run the schools.

  46. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    While I don’t think Mr Runcie is a good Duper or even qualified he works for an ELECTED School Board. Why can’t the critics change the School Board if there is so much Outrage?

  47. tired teacher says:

    The fact that this person has been wedged into the ESE department is a slap on the face of all the hard working district and school based staff. Did you know that district staff have to work with upwards of 30 to 60 schools each? How is serving our children When you have free time, check out the Evergreen audit and the district’s whitewash response.