Interested In Florida Politics? Check Out This New Book





During my time at the Sun-Sentinel, the Almanac of Florida Politics sat on my desk. Just like it sat on the desks of lobbyists, lawmakers, pollsters, professors and any one else interested in Florida’s politics and government in the 1990s.

Written by Lance deHaven Smith and Tom Fiedler, the book was a demographic and political portrait of Florida from the Panhandle to The Keys.

I already knew Broward County. When I wrote about places like Clay, Nassau or Liberty counties, I needed the Almanac. In its pages, I discovered who lived in each House district, what they cared about and whom they voted for.

The Almanac was invaluable.

With the rapid changes taking place in Florida’s population, the old book is out-of-date.  Now there is a new Almanac – just published and renamed the Political Almanac of Florida 2014 —by veteran Tallahassee journalist David Royse.

Royse has the political cred for recreating a classic.

He was an Associated Press writer who became the founding executive editor of the News Service of Florida. He has covered 15 legislative sessions and the administration of four governors.

Check out the new Almanac at Amazon here.

I’m buying my copy today.


4 Responses to “Interested In Florida Politics? Check Out This New Book”

  1. Herbert G says:

    Florida has needed a good political almanac for a long time. Great to see a new one in time for the governor’s campaign.

  2. count lf chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Once again Mr begins gives us the old non crazy informational journalism before free weeklies and partisan news channels destroyed accuracy and decency in the public square

  3. Retraction Bob says:

    Does the new almanac happen to mention that Bob Norman is a big fat liar on TV?

  4. Kevin Hill says:


    I think you mean “Liberty County” instead of “Library County;” autocorrect strikes again!!!!


    Thanks for catching this. Of course, I mean Liberty County in the Panhandle, where I’ve actually been.