Insurance Firms’ Nightmare: Candidate Who Sues Them Could Win House Seat




Imagine what the insurance industry thinks of Hillary Brisson Cassel and her campaign for a Broward state House seat. 

The industry suits have to be paying attention.  


Because Cassel, a lawyer, specializes in  representing folks who believe insurance companies are ripping them off.

She has built a career by getting insurance companies to pay bigger claims then they want to.



Hillary Brisson Cassel


Here is what she says on her campaign website:

“She has represented struggling families against large insurance companies in their time of need.”

And on her Hollywood-based, five-lawyer boutique firm’s website, which solely handles claims and cases against insurance companies: 

“Our lawyers can assist you with coverage disputes, underpaid claims, and bad faith insurance practices.”

Not exactly warm and comforting language if you are in the insurance business. 

No doubt Cassel has a huge bullseye on her back from the get-go. And the insurance industry has plenty of arrows in its quiver. 

Still, Cassel could win. 

She has raised a formidable $121,499 since February 22 when she began her campaign. 

Much of the money is from lawyers and insurance adjusters. She also kicked in an additional $50,000 of her own.

Her opponent is Jeremy Katzman, the Nova Southeastern University’s director of business development who works in the Health Professional Division.  

He raised a very decent $40,078 and forked over $5,000 of his own. 

Both Democrats want to replace Evan Jenne in District 99, who is termed limited out next year.

The district stretches from Interstate 75 to Federal Highway in South Broward touching Cooper City, Southwest Ranches, Dania Beach, southern Fort Lauderdale and a little bit of Hollywood.

The District is so Democratic that Jenne was reelected without Republican opposition since 2014. Of course, the district will be recut in Reapportionment before the next election. 

For now, the issues are the typical Democratic touchstones like Medicaid expansion and more long-term care for seniors.

But if history is any guide, the loudest voices in the campaign will not be the candidates. It will be shady PACs pouring venom into the race.

There is too much money involved in the insurance business for this race to be calm and collected. 

At stake is placing someone in Tallahassee — Cassel — whose appears to be an opponent of insurance companies. 

Would Cassel try to make it easier to sue insurance companies once elected? After reading her own statements, the companies can’t take a chance.

If races were decided by a candidate’s position, Cassel’s anti-insurance company posture is actually a positive. 

Insurance companies are not liked by many voters, who believe the companies gouge on rates and drag their feet when paying claims. 

Her history and stand on insurance will not be the issue most voters hear. The issue will be Cassel, with attack ads twisting some of her words or distorting something from her past. 

The insurance connection to the ads most likely will be hidden behind a web of PACs.  

It is natural that the insurance industry wants the most favorable laws and regulations from Tallahassee. Like most special interests, they want the playing field tilted to favor them. 

Cassel is no friend of the insurance industry. The powerful industry will defend itself. And Cassel will be the target.

She will have trial lawyers and adjusters will be in her corner. 

Will it be enough? 

We shall see in next year’s Democratic primary. It will be interesting until then. 



6 Responses to “Insurance Firms’ Nightmare: Candidate Who Sues Them Could Win House Seat”

  1. Los Olas Lawyer says:

    One of the best young lawyers in the area. Take a close look at her and you will agree.

  2. GTAnthony says:

    It used to matter that candidates paid their dues. If that was still the case, Jeremy Katzman would win hands down. He has been a hard worker for the Democratic Party and Democrats. Cassel wasn’t around.

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Does it matter WHO BROWARD or Palm Beach or Miami Dade County Democrats vote for? We have a HARD RIGHT STATE because THE MAJORITY OF VOTERS ELECT REPUBLICANS. WHY? The percentage of Orthodox Jews who vote REPUBLICAN has risen from over 57% to nearly 75%. ‘Hispanic’ NON CUBAN AMERICAN REPUBLICAN VOTES upset 2 incumbent Democrats in Miami-Dade. A Tampa Bay n Orlando area Democratic Congressmembers are reported to be running Statewide as they think they CANT win re-configerured Congressional Districts. President Obama has 2 large victories BUT 1200 plus Democrats LOST TO REPUBLICAN candidates during his 8 years. The new Voting Rights bill FAILED TO PASS a majority Democratic Senate Committee today. Something is wrong here. What? LOUSEY advocacy or LOUSEY policies? BUT SOMETHING ISNT WORKING.

  4. SoFlaDem says:

    If Jeremy Katzman is really the epitome of a democratic candidate, I would expect a pledge from him disavowing any money from the insurance companies who aim to withhold money from property owners in their times of need.

    As a side note, there is no more democratic value than helping a family against a large corporation.

  5. Steven A Geller says:

    They are both good candidates and friends. However, it’s important to remember that Hillary lives in Hollywood, and Jeremy lives in Cooper City. We’re going into a Reapportionment year, and it’s 50/50 whether they’ll end up running in the same seat.

    Mayor Steve Geller


    Steve Geller is a former state House and Senate member and is now a Broward County Commissioner and Broward Mayor. He is one of the most knowledgeable on Reapportionment in the state due to his decades-long statewide and local involvement in the subject.

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Correction, the US Senate Committee is NOT majority Democratic split 9 to 9 charged by a Democrat. It split on party line votes.