Insiders Pick Maymon For House


Northeast Broward state House candidate George Moraitis may have grass roots support.

But opponent David Maymon has the big-money GOP and Tallahassee insiders in his camp, according to a list of hosts for his fund raiser this week.

Is the embrace of insiders a good thing for Maymon? 

Will the insiders hurt Maymon in a year when voters are lashing out at representatives of the status quo like lobbyists and party officials?

We’ll see when the votes are counted in the August GOP primary.  That’s when Maymon and Moraitis square off for Florida House District 91.

They are the leading candidates to grab the Republian-leaning district, which runs mostly in northeast Broward. It is now held by state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, who is leaving it to run for state Senate.

 A third GOP candidate is Yomin Postelnik and the Democrat is Barbra Stern, daughter of lobbyist Judy Stern.

Moraitis is getting much of his money from individuals, many living in the beachfront district. He has just under $50,000, with $17,000 from his own pocket.

Maymon has a lot of money from outside the district, from around the state, from lobbyists and from corporations in health care and telecommunications that could be termed “special interests.  He raised almost $128,000, about half from his own money.

Maymon has the support of  Broward GOP Chair Chip LaMarca.  He also has former Broward GOP leaders Barbara Collier and Ed Pozzouli. And high-rolling Republican business types like Belinda Keiser, the executive of a chain of private colleges owned by her husband.

May would say there is also a dark side to his support —  lobbyists.

They bring money to the table, but in scandal-stained Broward today attack ads could easily turn their support into a liability. 

On the fund raiser’s host committee are lobbyists Jim Blosser, Justin Sayfie, Candice Ericks, Dave Ericks and Bernie Friedman. 

Here is the invitation to Maymon’s fund raiser tomorrow:

Sebastian Aleksander
Jim Blosser
Hon. Vince Boccard
Charlie Caulkins
Barbara Collier
Chip Derrer
Nelson Diaz
Candice Ericks

Dave Ericks
Bernie Friedman
Hon. Matt Hudson
Fred Karlinsky
Belinda Keiser
Hon. Chip LaMarca
Bob Levy
(list at time of printing)

Al Massey
Neil McGarry
Hon. Tom Powers
Ed Pozzouli
Justin Sayfie
John Scherer
Gregg Sjoquist

cordially invite you to a fundraising reception honoring

Florida State Representative Candidate
David Maymon

Thursday, January 28, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

333 East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale
Maximum Allowable Contribution,
$500 per person, spouse and/or business entity
(Corporate and personal checks accepted)


18 Responses to “Insiders Pick Maymon For House”

  1. BREC Maymon supporter says:


    1. There are more grassroots activists/public servants/business folks on his host committee than lobbyists. Am I wrong ?

    2. I think you might be reading a little too much into Scott Brown. You are smarter then this. We hear the same thing every year from the press and while it’s a good thought, it kind of gets a little over blown each year.

    3. I’m pretty sure you know this but Barbara Collier is the head of the Broward Christian Coalition and probably the most respected grassroots activist in Broward County. She is a huge catch for any candidate.

    4. Georg Moraitis raised most if not all of his money from his and his father’s trial attorney network (and their spouses). Not these hard working, innocent, middle class “individuals” from the beach front district.

    5. I just did a quick look and correct me if i’m wrong, But if you scan the donations from inside the district, they look to be just about even. Maymon has been in the race longer and will naturally find money outside of the district if he’s doing what he’s supposed to do. That’s kind of what candidates are supposed to do, no ??

  2. In the know says:

    Don’t sleep on Postelnik.

  3. I could be wrong but says:

    No mention that nearly $29,000 of Moraitis campaign funds has “Attorney” written next to it ? I wonder who he will look after if elected.

  4. GOPapa says:

    Maymon supporter:
    Barbara Collier is Broward’s Christian Coalition.
    George Moraitis is a deacon at Coral Ridge.
    It’s a wash.

  5. GOPapa says:

    I agree with In The Know. Postelnik has a grass roots campaign that seems to be getting support. His problem is lack of money.

  6. Very impressive host committee says:

    There isn’t much more to say.

  7. REC says:

    can you call a 32 year old first time candidate an insider? Maymon strikes me as an up-and-comer willing to work hard

    FROM BUDDY: I said he had the support of insiders, not that he was an insider.

  8. Jason says:

    Maymon will win this race going away in my opinion. George is a pretty solid guy but decided to get in the race way way too late.

  9. What you don't know is.... says:

    There is not one person on that host committee who is a “middle class” person.

  10. Democratically yours says:

    Barbara Stern is going to get her ass handed to her and I’m loving it. I will enjoy watching Judy’s spawn get BEAT TO SHREDS at the polls come November.

  11. Josh says:

    I heard there were a ton of people at this event last night. I think Barbara switches to school board. This is not the climate for a D to try and take back this seat.

  12. Dave R says:

    Go Maymon!!!

  13. Democratically yours says:

    @ Josh says:

    School board? That bitch cannot run for school board either…If anyone should run for school board it is Ron’s daughter. I know it is hard to hear this coming from me. Believe me it is hard to say because I cannot stand political spawns entering the field. But, in the case of Ron’s daughter, she actually has a chance to make it for the right reasons which is more than I can say about the demon seed Barbara Stern…school board my ass, rather her ass. She would get BEAT TO SHREDS in the school board contest, too.

  14. Blue Man Scoop says:

    Democratically yours = that kook Freda Stephens

  15. democratically yours says:

    @Blue Man Scoop

    Grow a dick and suck it or better yet suck mine. POS

    First of all, Freda Stevens is no democrat. Second, don’t you EVER EVER call me her.

  16. Blue Man Scoop says:

    touche, I’d be offended too if I was accused of being her…

  17. Davie voter says:

    Freda Stevens has nothing to do with this whole conversation. She has her own race and does not have anything to do with this matter. Please leave her out of it.

    She is a good candidate.

    @ Democratically yours-
    Yes, she is a moderate on some issues and conservative on others. The town council seat is a nonpartisan race so it does not matter whether any candidate is a D or R.

    @ Blue Man Scoop..
    This blog was about Maymon not Stevens.

    blue man scoop aka mike stern

    democratically yours aka mike stern

    Typical judy trick pretend to be someone else and make constant posts under false names..Get a life people and stop bringing Stevens name up in a blog that is not even about her.

  18. Capitalist says:

    How can anyone not see Maymon for who he is? He is a transplanted Mirimar High kids (is he even 30?) who’s root go so deep in district 91 that he has a rental apartment. Really people? Carpetbagger go home!