Ilene Lieberman Reenters Public Life




Does former County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman miss the limelight?

She was termed limited off the commission in November shortly after losing an election for judge.

Did you notice that she was back in the news last week? I did.

She was arguing that flawed procedures were used in counting the final votes in the Sunrise city election.

Lieberman’s public question about the Sunrise recount – she was quoted in the newspaper – follows her recent appearance at a Tamarac City Commission meeting. She complained about the tenor of the debate surrounding the recall of a Tamarac commissioner, comments which also generated media attention.


Why is Lieberman reemerging?

Like most questions in politics, there is no shortage of people with speculative answers.

Some political observers believe these moves are a way for Lieberman to troll for law clients. But from what I hear, she is doing fine as an attorney in private practice.

Others believe she is keeping her name public to leave the door open for another run for office.

Speculation includes Supervisor of Elections or Clerk of the Courts in 2016. That talk continues despite her statement to the Sun-Sentinel’s Tony Man in November about the Supervisor’s job: “I’m absolutely not interested. I am interested in making sure that we have a good election process.”


I’ve got a different take.

Lieberman has a wealth of government knowledge and long history at the pinnacle of power in Broward. She was a county commissioner from 1996-2012. Before that she was the strong Mayor of Lauderhill and a city commissioner.

Now when she sees something she believes is wrong, she speaks up.  It’s imprinted in her DNA after years of giving her opinion on a whole range of issues.

Since she is no longer a county commissioner, she’ll have to struggle harder to get herself heard. That’s going to be the hardest thing for her to get used to after all those years as an elected.


10 Responses to “Ilene Lieberman Reenters Public Life”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    ilene Lieberman” just has to put her two cents in(remember her husband was Sunrise’ City Attorney. She is probably making waves becuase her canidate lost(assuming). Oh she thinks she is J.Edgar Hoover w/ her little immunity deal. Don’t worry people w/ County Comm. Lois Wexler on the Canvassing bd. i know she has our back. Unbelieveable Red-you never cease to amaxe me w/ your big mouth. “Right back @ you “red”. And congrats to Mayor Jack seiler for irishmen of the year.Don’t nominate Robert walsh folks since his father parents where born in ireland……

  2. Chait Bait says:

    With her close ties to Chait and the Tamarac mess, I doubt she could get elected again. Better off to try the private sector.

  3. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Irish Person of the Year Mayor Jack Seiler

    Was “Douchebag of the Decade” already taken?

  4. citizen says:

    the petty patronizing of elected to one another never quits
    but he got the irishman of the year award because he gave away over a million dollars in tax dollars to the orange bowl committee for a track and field venue.
    oh yeah he is also on the orange bowl committee

  5. Chaz Stevens, who can't get anyone to look at my own blog says:

    It was taken already. It was given to Chaz Stevens, a$$hole!

  6. Emily Rubin says:

    I think its a tie between Chaz Stevens and Robert Walsh.

  7. Ssdexx says:

    She will never run again for anything and reopen all the scandals of the past.

  8. Former Public Sector Employee says:

    Jack Seiler is an excellent Mayor. ChazStevens is….well not much of anything

  9. Really da REAL DEAL FOR REAL says:

    The un-indicted co-conspirator turned states evidence against her partners in crime takes the easy way out. I thought she would retire start a general store selling cat pelts and Mango’s when in season, give tours of the LIEberman botanical gardens. Stewie empty the litter boxes.

  10. taxpayer says:

    @Former Public Sector Employee –
    then keep him your mayor and not thinking/trying he can run the state of Florida