I Hear That…

Three Republican insiders are preparing a suit against state Republican Chair Jim Greer to force the party to reveal his spending.

There have been allegations that Greer has been using party money as his personal piggybank. 

Greer’s name has been floated recently as a candidate for national Republican Chairman.  He hasn’t formally jumped into that race yet.

Any suit could thwart Greer’s national ambitions.

If the suit is actually filed, it will offer the public a chance to look at exactly how the Florida Republican Party spends its money.

One focus of the potential law suit party credit cards.  Which leads to an interesting question.

Have party credit cards been used by Gov. Charlie Crist or any of the other party higher ups?  And what for?

We could find out, but not soon.  Suits drag out for years.

 If this one is filed, Greer could be fighting it well into the next governor’s campaign in 2010…to the joy of  Democrats.

By Buddy Nevins

5 Responses to “I Hear That…”

  1. John Frank says:

    I am a Republican and we need to clean house and get rid of all the old guard who led us down the path to defeat.

  2. Nathan Detroit says:

    GREER IS a theif. Crist, Sansom, Atwater and Rubio all abused RPOF American Express cards and want these records to never see the light of day. That why all are backing Greer’s re-election- to perpetuate the cover up. Am- Ex bill was $4.6 M !

    Flowers for Crist’s then -Fiancee paid for by RPOF ?

  3. Geraldo says:

    Word is that Greer has been spending party funds on the First Fiance to make sure Charlie keeps him around. Lord knows there’s no other reason the Gov. would stay by his side… He’s not known for being the most loyal politician.

  4. Peter Peter P. Eater says:

    Who are these three Republicans? I want to join them! Why didn’t the GOP buy Spanish-language radio and television on behalf of Sen. McCain? I never saw one RPOF ad on our local TV in Miami; I never heard one RPOF ad on our Spanish-language radio stations. But Obama was on every day! Instead, Greer and his pals are spending tons of money in London and staying at 5-star hotels in Palm Beach? SHAME! SHAME!

  5. LL says:

    a lawsuit needs to be filed NOW. We can’t wait. They are still holding fundraiser, people are still giving, and allowing Greer to continue his lavish lifestyle.