Hypocrisy: Sport’s Phony Patriotism





Yes, I am naïve.

I never imagined that America’s sports establishment was getting paid to fake their patriotism.

But alas, that is the case.

You know all those events where the announcer begins with something like: “Now join with us as the [fill in the name] salutes our men and women in uniform”.  At that point a color guard goes out on the field and plays some patriotic music.  Maybe there’s a flyover.

If you assumed someone was getting paid, you would have assumed it was the military for their expenses in putting on the show.

You would be wrong.

It is now emerged that the military has been paying the NFL, NASCAR, the NHL, MLB and colleges to put on these shows to promote their brand. Here is the link to one of the many stories about this.

I’m not talking about the ads like “Be all you can be” or “We’re looking for a few good men” or “U.S. Army” printed on the hood of a NASCAR racer like Tide or Valvoline. I’m talking about those opening and halftime ceremonies presented as the NFL, etc., supporting the troops. It now appears that, in many cases, it’s the troops who are $upporting the NFL, etc.

Fourteen NFL teams have taken in millions.  At the financial top and the moral bottom are the Atlanta Falcons who have earned $1,049,000.  At the low end are our beloved Dolphins with only $20,000.

Poor Steve Ross…down his last few billion. (If the money was right, he would get the Miami-Dade County Commission to chip in for a halftime: “SALUTE TO ISIS”)

My favorite is the $200,000 that was given to NASCAR which loves to present itself as the Number One, All-American supporter of the troops.

Toby Keith is likely getting paid to sing one of his insipid songs about putting his boot up some enemy of America’s ass. At the same time, the Navy is being charged to come out and play the Star Spangled Banner!

Founding Father and fellow atheist Thomas Paine described it best when he called these folks “Sunshine Patriots”.

And speaking of tasteless money grubbing, have you noticed the outrageous sums paid to some for speaking at college commencements?

Nobel Prize author Toni Morrison received $30,000 for a 2111 graduation speech at Rutgers. If you think that is questionable, consider Rutgers students organization also paid Nicole “Snooki” Pollizi of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” $32,000 to give a speech! If they also gave her a degree it would have to be an honorary G.E.D.

Yes, yes, yes, the NFL and commencement speech fees are all very legal.  But that is not my point.

My point is that rich people and rich institutions need to be publicly shamed about their greed.  These days it may be the only way to keep them in line.



4 Responses to “Hypocrisy: Sport’s Phony Patriotism”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I have to agree w/ you Mr.Fields in regards to people getting Honorary Dr. degrees . I think that is the biggest joke going. People who retain these degrees work very hard to achieve them. For some sports/movie star to get one is not right. I mean Mike Tyson has a honorary degree and so doe Shaquille Oneil among others(see what I mean). Its not right nor justified. Education is th e key. Getting a BS, or Masters or Doctrate degree takes an enomorous amount of effort etc and they should not be given out like some free movie pass..

  2. Chaz Stevens says:


    What you suggest is downright un’Murican.

    You are clearly a commie pinko socialist fascist liberal east coast pinehead jane fonda loving prius driving tree hugging swine…

    For penance, you must sit and listen to City Batshitvist Robert Walsh for 7 minutes straight…

    * Any longer would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

  3. count l f chidkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Lets see Sam fields hates the Jewish Religion, Israel, the capitalist system, sports teams, private educational institutions giving THEIR money speakers, we know Sam fields likes nothing,which us fair, because he has nothing state attorneys or the Ruden law firm liked

  4. Oy vey says:

    The guy that runs around town with the senior female electeds…Sajan Kurian. Has one of these honorary degrees from India and makes sure to let everyone know he is a Doctor. He just became a U.S. citizen and rumor is he is gearing up for a run.