Update: Candidate Fixes Campaign Finances




Shortly after a Browardbeat.com post that noted judicial candidate Dennis Bailey ‘s financial information at the state Election Office were incomplete, the records were corrected.

The records originally indicated Bailey didn’t pay his $5,803.20 qualifying fee to run for judge out of his campaign, although the check was written on his campaign.

“His secretary made a mistake and sent an incomplete form,” said a Bailey campaign source.

Bailey also raised eyebrows in his campaign financial disclosure, which indicated he had a net worth of only $25,000.  The campaign source said Bailey had more financial resources, but had placed them in a trust for his children which doesn’t need to be disclosed.

Bailey has three opponents for the open Broward Circuit Court seat:  Andrea Gundersen, Rhoda Sokoloff and Russell Thompson.


11 Responses to “Update: Candidate Fixes Campaign Finances”

  1. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    No two ways about it. Bailey needs a job. Any one who has been a lawyer for 20 years and doesn’t have more than $25,000 better have a good excuse or he doesn’t belong a judge.

  2. Terry Snowden says:

    Are you saying consuming 25% of one’s net worth on a filing fee shows poor judgment?


    I have updated the story and given an explanation from a campaign source for his relatively low financial net worth.

    And yes, if I had just $25,000, I wouldn’t be betting 25 percent of it on a judicial race. Because that’s what it is, a bet. There are three other candidates who could win.

    I can name a whole bunch of candidates who used their personal wealth — well in excess of $100k or $200k — and lost the race. I remember one judicial candidate, who will go nameless here, who mortgaged their house to run for office and lost.

  3. Lori Parrish says:

    This is obviously a new checking account. He had to hand write his info on the top left hand side.

  4. Señor Censor says:


    This is a simple case of Barbara Muhammad Sharief Syndrome Mathematics, when caught plead clerical error, I didn’t know, Oh there are rules?

  5. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Las Olas lawyer,
    The legal professon has been good to me and my family. But I am not so cynical as to impune the character of lawyers who have not been able to sock it away.

    Try graduating law school with a $50,000 debt and then take a job with the State Attorney, A-G, PD or Legal Services.

    If you have accumulated serious coin after 25 years, you should probably be investigated.

  6. Say what says:

    Every candidate starts with a new checking account. The rule is clear spend the money in April, it goes on your April report. How is having new checks an excuse?

  7. Well Said says:

    Perhaps this individual could head up the bankrupcy court as it apperas he is qualified for such an appointment.

  8. Well Said says:

    @ Say What says: I thought the same thing…perhaps Ms. Parrish jumped the gun a bit…sometimes one can “Dick Tracy” themselves a bit too much…..

  9. Dear Well Said says:

    Baily is well acquainted in the ways of Bankruptcy Court having previously filed for Bankruptcy.

    Here is the case number and Judge in case the “campaign source” attempts to give a stern denial that it took place

    0:99-BK-22826 JUDGE RAYMOND B. RAY


    This is a bankruptcy in 1999 involving Dennis D. Bailey of Plantation.

  10. Lori Parrish says:

    I believe Mr. Bailey filed correctly and simply had a new checking account. Sorry if I wasn’t clear with my previous post.


  11. Typical Republicans says:

    I saw Tim Ross of the Dolphin D’s put out a list of party affiliations of the Judicial Candidates, Dennis Bailey is a Republican along with Contini and Rosenthal. Playing fast and loose with the rules is not a surprise.

    Down with the Republicans!

    Vote Charlie Crist!