Demo State House Candidate Scott Herman Is Worth $43 Million





Scott Herman is perhaps the richest Broward candidate…as long as he stays married.

Herman’s financial disclosure in his state House race indicates he has a net worth of $43,425,822.74.

He apparently married well.

According to my pal Jose Lambiet’s always interesting website GossipExtra, Herman married the South Korean heir to a business fortune. He now includes his spouse’s millions in his net worth.

Lambiet outlines all the aspects of his wealth here. Included in Lambiet’s report is a nifty picture of the happy couple.

Herman is the Democratic nominee running against state Rep. George Moraitis, R-Fort Lauderdale, in District 93. The district stretches along a beachfront strip of Broward from Fort Lauderdale north.

The District is slightly Republican — 40.k Rs to 38.5k Ds.  But this race could be decided by the 28.1k independents, who can easily swing the race.

Politically, the millions make Herman a very serious candidate if he is willing to spend it.  Heman has put $90.7k of his own into the campaign so far. His financial disclosure indicates he has a lot more — almost unlimited amounts — to spend …if his spouse agrees.

There is no way Moraitis can match that kind of money.


Click below for Herman’s state financial disclosure statement:





11 Responses to “Demo State House Candidate Scott Herman Is Worth $43 Million”

  1. Wait... says:

    Since gay marriage isn’t recognized in FL, does money received from his husband count as contribution? Although… it is rumored that Mr. Foreman is contemplating issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples next week, so who knows.

  2. Silly Scott says:

    Herman doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning against Moraitis.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Herman may have a great deal of money, but he has no clue how to spend it responsibly:

  4. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Scott Herman is, like Charlie Crist, a former Republican. In fact, Herman was a registered Republican for over 23 years. He only became a Democrat at the end of 2012.

    Scott Herman is a very strong candidate with excellent political skills. Comment #2 has it exactly wrong – Scott Herman will defeat George Moraitis this November.

    Deerfield Beach businessman William Rankin is the Democratic nominee for Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, running against Republican incumbent Jeff Atwater.

    Rankin’s candidacy reminds me of the recent news report in which a 9-year-old girl was allowed to fire an Uzi at an Arizona tourist trap. On full automatic, the girl soon lost control and accidentally killed the firearms instructor.

    Jeff Atwater is probably the most highly competent incumbent ever to occupy the CFO’s office. Vote for Republican Jeff Atwater in November.

    Vote also for the medical marijuana amendment on the November ballot.

    Vote for Charlie Crist (yes, “Chain Gang” Charlie) for Governor. Like Scott Herman, Charlie Crist is a former Republican who has been welcomed into the Democratic party. After winning their respective November elections, Scott Herman and Charlie Crist may well form a strong political relationship that will prove to be very beneficial for Broward County.

  5. John says:

    I almost laughed my butt off at you guys for the comments made above, here is why people.

    # 1 Talks about the marriage but totally failed to grasp the facts in the articles, and clearly doesn’t know this couple. They are married in a country the United States has a Treaty with and with that Treaty no State can invalid the marriage according to the US Constitution, plus some other facts that are freely posted by the couple and known by people around them. Scott’s husband has a spouse US Military ID card that was issued last year after there marriage. It was the first issued at Key West Naval Base here in Florida. Opps on Florida and the Republicans and Gov Rick Scott and Representative George Moraitis both Navy men. Guess the combat disabled Army veteran beat them when is comes to showing that the Republicans are lip service to being Military friendly to all Military Families considering just that fact. Then let’s look at another fact. Mr. Herman spouse Cale is Canadian which means the US Permanent Resident card (green card) which was issued by the US Government. Shows that this couple had to jump thru hoops and prove the credit, bank account’s and property were jointly owned. That translates to Mr. Herman doing what he said with the intent of the law which was disclosure. Again Mr. Herman showed character when I am sure he could have done like Governor Rick Scott and tried to hide and cover it blind trust.

    Now for #2 saying Herman doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning against Moraitis. Well I got letter from Moraitis just the other day from Moraitis for State Representative dated Thursday morning. On the second page and the start of the Second paragraph first sentence, Representative Moraitis stated in writing “We are not taking anything for granted in this race and I anticipate a very close election.” That was from a person in his second term that knows Mr. Herman is able to win and the Mr. Herman knows the issues and cares deeply about the district and all floridians.

    Now for another funny one # 3 that appears to be no other than Chaz with MAOS. Clearly Chaz failed to grasp the real story. And wanted to sensationalize the stories on Mr. Herman. He failed to put the time table together. So let’s correct it together. Mr. Herman served our country in war and was injured to the point that he does have a disabled license plate. Which translates to a number of doctors in the VA putting his body thru many exams and test and years of delays before saying he is rated at 100% or as it’s also said permanent and totally disabled. We all know how the VA was and how our Government failed our combat disabled veterans whom must have Honorable Discharges. Chaz’s reporting showed me that Mr. Herman is not know the word quit. According to a few reports not just Chaz, Mr. Herman got divorced after around 7 years of marriage where his wife came out as lesbian and Mr. Herman came out as gay. Also Mr. Herman has been elected before when he could not hold down a hard labor, back breaking and consuming employment while he was in medical care for injuries while serving our Country in war. So Mr. Herman had to take drastic action and then after which he was still able to have credit with many of the companies including the Military exchange. What happened, it’s called being determined and learning from the past.

    Now if Mr. Herman has no clue how to be responsible. How is it that he recovered financially before his marriage and on his 2012 campaign finance reports showing fiscal responsibility and now on his 2014 report showing even more responsibility.

    But what is even more funny is this only because a implied issue when Mr. Herman filed to run against George Moraitis and makes me question why Moraitis is claiming integrity and the needs of the neighborhood when him and his pals are going so negative and attempting to lie and distort the facts.

    On and all we can grip about is that Vest but everyone failed to pulled the police reports from Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale and State House Sergeant at Arms Office. Which showed there was and is a death threat and the man with his wife were interviewed. The article was only carried by SFGN and it shows the clearly hate speech, racism done and threat. So I expect that was very valid cost and it was paid from Mr. Herman’s money he loaned his campaign and not from donors.

    So in looking at the picture with more facts than clips of facts as someone that has checked out Mr. Herman. I can not find one lie that is a direct quote of his, nor one act to deceive the public and not one time he failed to honor his word and stand up for or help others in need.

    He understands the issues, he knows republican tactics, he knows how to get things done as a few of us laughed at his ideas only to be shown in the end he knew what he was talking about and was smart.

    We will be very lucky to have someone like Mr. Herman that is not a yes man to Governor Rick Scott. I actually live in District 93 and will proudly vote for Mr. Herman.

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    There are two very important “NO” votes to be cast in the judicial retentions for the 4th District Court of Appeal!!

    Vote NO on Alan Forst, a right-wing extremist (Rick Scott appointee, needless to say) who has personally worked for Clarence Thomas (infamous right-wing Supreme Court justice).

    Vote NO on Mark Klingensmith, another right-winger (& former chair of the Martin County Republican Party) and another Rick Scott appointee (of course).

    Vote YES to retain all the other 4th DCA judges.

    For Agriculture Commissioner, vote for Democrat Thaddeus Hamilton.

    For Attorney General, vote for Democrat George Sheldon.

  7. Sam The Sham says:

    Ha Ha Ha, I am glad that you post all your voting recommendations. It makes my job of researching candidates and issues much easier. All I have to do is look at what you suggest and vote the opposite way. I am very surprised you voted for an evil right winger like Atwater though. You must have put him in there just to keep me on my toes.

  8. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    If you’re not voting for Atwater, I have to infer you’re also not voting for Rankin.

    If you are voting for Rankin, obviously you’ve done zero due diligence.

    If you’ve done zero due diligence, and are merely voting for Rankin because he’s a supposed Democrat, then what does that really say about your political astuteness?

  9. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Jeff Atwater is a moderate Republican and he does a great job as CFO.

  10. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @8 – Chaz, who exactly are you referring to? Everyone is voting for Atwater as far as I can tell…

  11. Sam The Sham says:

    Atwater’s great grandfather was Napolean Bonaparte Broward. I like him.