House Candidate Postelnik Loses With Class


Florida House District 91 candidate Yomin Postelnik was gracious in defeat.

Unlike other cry-baby losers, Postelnik posted a classy appeal on Facebook asking his supporters to back the candidate who beat him in the GOP Primary — George Moraitis.

Moraitis now faces Democratic nominee Barbra Stern.

Contrast that with former state Sen. Steve Geller.  County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger is still waiting for a call from him, I am told.  

Here is Postelnik’s post.  He could show Geller, who he backed in the campaign, a thing or two about class:

“Dear Friends,

Thank you all for your support over these past months. We put forward new ideas that are absolutely needed to secure the future of our state. Many of these ideas were picked up by other campaigns as indeed they should be.I thank all of my supporters.

My wife Leah (Postelnik) and Gerry Hoffman in particular put in long weeks and hard days. Unfortunately we found ourselves caught in the middle of a strong two way fight between two strong groups and were unable to make needed headway. 

 We’ve received much encouragement. I thank congressional candidates for standing by me in the midst of this, as well as the encouragement of state leaders such as Dr. Marion Thorpe, former Chief Medical Officer of AHCA, as well as the support of national and state groups. 

The vibrant conservative message of our campaign scared the media. Local newspapers had their fun listing me as a “web publisher” even when I corrected them (my magazine, Autism Health and Wellness, is a print magazine and one of the most info packed in the nation). They repeatedly talked down the race and my candidacy, enough to make serious fundraising moot and to convince voters that someone “could not win” a state house race, an assertion that has never before been put forward in a local primary.

Yet the joke is on them. In the midst of it all, a man of exemplary leadership, principle and character emerged victorious. George Moraitis and I did not know each other before we both decided to run, but meeting him has been one of the high privileges of this race. George Moraitis is a man of honor, integrity, vision and community service. He is a former Naval Officer and Annapolis graduate as well. 

George is supported by a diverse group of supporters. No matter one’s political stripes, one can appreciate his honor, integrity and steadfast devotion to public service.

So I ask for one more thing as my supporters. Please make George Moraitis’ campaign a priority in keeping this important seat. 

George has served our country well. His wife Heather has served as President of the Junior League and has won awards for the curricula that she has introduced to public schools.

District 91 has a true leader and man of honor in our next State Representative, George Moraitis.

So I ask you, if you support me, please support my friend.

Please go to and walk with him, donate to his campaign and place phone calls, so that we may indeed have a better Florida.


Yomin Postelnik

PS Please also please join his facebook group and please invite all of your friends to do the same –

PPS Please help us spread the word about this important campaign. Please email your friends and tell them what a great candidate we have in our nominee, George Moraitis!”

10 Responses to “House Candidate Postelnik Loses With Class”

  1. SimpleMan says:

    Mr. Postelnik acted honorably and with great character. We need our leaders to get over politics and act like him. Good luck to Mr Moraitis. I am a “D” but cannot vote for Stern and want to vote for Moraitis anyway. I just hope that he is not a strict social conservative and can display the same level of tolerance and graciousness in service as shown by Mr. Postelnik in defeat.

  2. Geller The Loser says:

    Geller is a total A..hole to the end. An article in the quoted him as saying Gunzburger early voting and absentees. What’s wrong? Did David Brownnose, your loser campaign manager, fall down on the job?

  3. Buddy has gone of the deep end says:


    Postelnik showed absolutely no class for a year and then sends out a nice email the day after the race and you shower him with praise ? Is this because you feel bad for calling him a lunatic six months ago ?

    FROM BUDDY: I just wrote that he ended his campaign with class.
    I still believe he is far to the right of the Mainstream. The voters proved me right.

  4. Great piece! says:

    Great piece Buddy! Keep giving examples of people doing the right thing. There are many of us who are trying to, even if we’re sometimes outnumbered or not seen.

  5. David, stop attacking Buddy says:

    Your obsession against Yomin is getting out of hand. Up those meds and enter a 12 step boy.

    Neither George nor Yomin did anything to you and from what I hear both of them were given your divorce records. That didn’t stop you from smearing them door to door, sending false leaks to the press and pulling just about every dirty trick in the book. Get a life and get some serious, serious therapy.

  6. David, give it up says:

    Everyone knows that it’s you with no class. You had everything going for you and you just had to go dirty. Go away.

  7. George will be excellent says:

    The Broward GOP needs leaders who can do it good. George will do well.

  8. Yomin back to your basement says:

    Only 5 percent of the District thinks you have a brain.

  9. I like David's posts says:

    But calm down. Not everyone who sees through you is Yomin. For example, I liked that picture of you as an empty chair on the front page – above of fold – of the Deerfield Observer 4 days before the election. Congrats to both of your opponents for pulling that off. Says something about teamwork. Isn’t that a value you claimed to be running on?

  10. Observer says:

    Was it “class” and “graciousness” that caused Yomin to get arrested last November for domestic violence?