House Candidate Maymon’s First Ad


House candidate David Maymon’s first television ads have begun, showing the GOP candidate in a very Republican setting walking along a spotlessly clean dock amid fishing boats while wearing a preppy polo shirt and khaki pants.  

Maymon is one of the Republicans seeking to replace state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff in House District 91. The ads are appearing in that district, which is largely east of U. S. One in Broward and a small slice of Palm Beach Counties.

In the ad, Maymon talks about the recession.  He then says:  “We needed real solutions, but what we got from government was more wasteful spending, higher taxes, and headlines about public corruption.

Okay, the Democrats have the corner on public corruption in Broward. But “wasteful spending (and) higher taxes?”

Since Maymon is running for the state House, I guess he is talking about the House Republican leadership.  They must be responsible for the “wasteful spending (and) higher taxes.”

But, David.  Republicans don’t pass new taxes.  You’ve got to learn the GOP doubletalk to get ahead in Tallahassee:

Call them fees, not taxes.

When the Republicans leaders double the cost of a license plate, it’s a fee increase, not a tax hike.

When the Republican leaders push up the cost of cigarettes, it’s a fee increase, not a tax hike.

When the license to catch snook goes from $2 to $10, it’s a fee.

When the cost of college goes up 8 percent, it’s a fee.

Don’t worry, David.  If elected, you’ll learn the ropes.

It won’t take you long to become just another Republican hypocrite when it comes to government cost…just like the rest of the GOP leadership.

The ad is here.

13 Responses to “House Candidate Maymon’s First Ad”

  1. Microwave set to 3 min & 30 sec says:

    3…2…1 until Yomin Postelnik goes into hyperventilation mode. I’m making my popcorn as we speak. This will be fun.

  2. The real scam says:

    Come on Buddy, why don’t you report about the obvious attempt by the Democrats and Judy Stern to put a phony Tea Party candidate in the race to hurt the Republican nominee for District 91. The voters are not going to be fooled by Barbra “The Turncoat” Stern. This is the same BS Judy Stern tried to pull when she tried to pass Scott Israel off as a Democrat after he recently changed parties.

    Come on Buddy phony candidate would fit right in with the Judy Stern Legacy of campaign dirty tricks, i.e. having Arlene Simon run as Arlene Campione even though she never used that husband’s name. No one will forget Judy telling voters to vote for Israel because he was a Jew, even giving out Israeli flags at the polls. Who can forget the “Black Voters Guide” that a witness saw in her car, etc. A Tea Party candidate from Orlando is just par for the course. District 91 voters wake up and say no to Barbra Stern, unless you think having lobbyist Judy Stern having control of that seat as well as those of Rep. Thurston, Rep. Jenne and Rep. Gibbons. Are you going to trust the State House to pass new ethics rules or an ethics czar when Stern has guided all the State Rep’s to campaign wins. That’s like saying Judy got Joe Eggelletion an Jenne elected but never lobbied or got any favors, yeah right.

    Red Alert: Florida is Under Attack
    We currently have Several Fake Tea Party Candidates. They are not associated with the tea party movement.
    An Orlando-area resident, Ryan Swyers, also has qualified to run in a Broward County House district which Republicans hope to maintain, despite it being vacated by Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, a candidate for state Senate.

    •Political unknown Ryan Swyers, who lives 200 miles away in the mid-state town of Oviedo, qualified for the Broward-Palm Beach District 91 state House race with a Tea Party affiliation. In the Republican-leaning district, Swyers’ candidacy could siphon Republican votes and help Democrat Barbra Anne Stern, the daughter of Broward County lobbyist and Democratic operative Judy Stern.
    Efforts to reach Swyers were unsuccessful.

  3. SoFloNative says:

    There are two types of politicians: ones that are born through the party and one that are born in the district. One who is born though the party will always put his party first. That is NOT what district 91 needs. Maymon is an entitled child who is trying to listen to what the adults in the Republican Party are saying and regurgitate it as his own. Pathetic.

  4. Come on Buddy says:

    Swyers and Stern are actually friends. Just do a little research Buddy.

  5. Learn from the D's says:

    Supporters of Yomin, Maymon and George better wake up, quit acting like Democrats and remember your loyalty to the Party.
    One of you is going to win and the reality is that this BS Tea Party candidate will give Stern the victory if your not careful.
    George and David, ask yourselves and your supporters , if Barbara or Judy Stern say things to feed into your hatred for your competition? They are playing you two off each other to get the loser and their supporters to be a Republican turncoat like Barbara and vote for her to get back at the Republican Primary winner.
    David and George your new to this game, which is the Judy Stern Legacy. You may never trust each other, but keep your party loyalty and not trust the recently former REPUBLICAN TURNCOAT BARBARA STERN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What is missing from this ad? says:

    Something is missing from this ad -borrowed children to make him look like a responsibly family man like his opponents.

  7. disenchanted says:

    dear buddy they are not taxes they do not apply to everyone only those who use item pay, used fees is more correct , its like the flat tax. if u want to drive or fish you pay more why should others who do not use them pay, but u , me friend, have the old left view of soak a certain group for the alleged benefit of a different group , who by either their birth or economic status are exempt. those who pay little if any tax when they continue to smoke at least pay something for the public good. ot lets be like new york and give freebies to these unfortunate, usually by choice, individuals.

    FROM BUDDY: Please show me somebody who doesn’t have a drivers license. Then after that you can find the person who doesn’t pay for a license tag.

    These are hikes in the cost of government. For Republicans to run bragging they didn’t raise taxes, while increasing the cost of everything else is hypocrisy.

  8. John says:

    9:24am: Please tell that to Heather Moraitis and her side kick Katie Leach. Those two would lead you to believe that unless you were born in Bayview, have 2-3 blonde children, and belong to the church they attend that you are not qualified to run for office.

  9. Katie Leach says:

    We actually don’t belong to the same church. Also, Bayview is a road not a location. If you were from the district you would know that. You really may want to come take a tour.

  10. Mark says:

    It’s a very good ad.

  11. BREC member says:

    The sad thing is, George is actually a respectful guy but his wife and Ms. Leach have resorted to a high school name calling contest against David Maymon lately because he is the front runner and gaining momentum. What they need to realize is that this juvenile crap will only make our nominee weaker going into the general election against scum bag in chief Judy Stern. Cut it out please.

  12. No to Seidmans says:

    The Seidmans are pushing this guy. They are somehow both running for judge and have no business supporting anyone else. The two of them are not fit to be dog catcher.

  13. Can you hear the laughter says:

    Can you hear Judy and Barbra Stern laughing at the sniping between the Maymon and Moritas supporters?

    At this point it appears that Maymon is the front runner so if it has not happened yet, I will predict Barbara or Judy will begin to whisper in George’s ear all the bad things Maymon is saying about him.

    They will probably tell George how the enemy is Maymon, if George loses, he should have his supporters back Barbara so the evil interloper Maymon can’t win.

    I will speculate that Judy will probably chime in with the roster of all her powerful friends that could help George politically down the road. How she could get him on some important citizen Boards in Fort Lauderdale and the County to build his resume. How Judy could get him on the Lauderdale Commission one day or the County Commission if Chip doesn’t win.

    To the Maymom and Moritas supporters, remember the 11th Commandment

    “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”