Candidate Katie Edwards Snares Big Endorsement


Score one for Katie Edwards.

Property Appraiser Lori Parrish endorsed Edwards Thursday in the hotly contested Florida House District  98, which includes much of Davie and Plantation.

Edwards is in a tough battle with Louis Reinstein for the Democratic primary.  The district is Democratic so the winner of the primary will most likely be the next House member from this newly-drawn seat.

Both candidates are fairly evenly matched. They have similar financial resources at this point. They both have law degrees. And they have very similar stands on the issues.

Can Parrish sway votes in this House race?  I don’t know.

I do know that I rather have her for me than against me.  She has a wide network of contacts that she can use to talk up Edwards. And she will, knowing Lori.

Because of that ability to spread the word about her favorite candidates, Lori’s endorsement is more meaningful than just about any other office holder in Broward

Lori obviously saw something in Edwards she didn’t see in Reinstein.

Here is Edwards’ news release:


Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, who has admirably served the residents of Broward County for three decades, has endorsed Katie Edwards for State Representative in District 98.  Parrish’s long history of dedicated service to the community began in 1984 when she was first elected to the Broward County School Board.   She was elected to the Broward County Commission before running successfully for Property Appraiser in 2004.   

“I am proud to endorse Katie Edwards for State Representative.  I have known Katie and her family for over 30 years.   The Edwards family tradition is one of community service.   Katie has been a part of the fiber of Broward County since she was born.  I’m confident that she will work hard to protect our interests,” Parrish said.

Katie Edwards is humbled by the endorsement.  “Over the years, I have watched Lori fight for fairness, public education, and fiscal responsibility and accountability in government.   I’m honored that Lori has placed her trust in me to serve District 98 with distinction and integrity,” Edwards said.

Katie Edwards is a Democratic candidate for State Representative in District 98 which includes parts of Davie, Plantation, and Sunrise.  The Democratic primary election is Tuesday, August 14th.   To learn more about Katie, please visit



4 Responses to “Candidate Katie Edwards Snares Big Endorsement”

  1. ticklemepink says:

    You are right about that buddy!


  2. all that glitters... says:

    The same Lori Parrish who just endorsed 2 Republicans for school board last week?

  3. Lori's The One says:

    Lori is post-partisan. She picks the best person for the race, which is what we all should do.

  4. Mark Hammond says:

    I spoke to Ms. Edwards when she had her petitioners going all over Sunrise Lakes Phase 3 & 4 and told one of them, that Ms. Edwards office told me that Ms. Edwards didn’t vote for Obama care so she wouldn’t get involved in calling the insurance market place for Obama care to see why I had to wait from Nov. 26, 2013 when I first registered with the program until Feb. 2014 to hear from them. Ms. Edwards didn’t wish to help one of her constituents by making one phone call.

    Now Sunrise Lakes phase 4 may get a special assessment, for repairs their board of directors ordered, again I spoke to Ms. Katie Edwards office about making a phone call to the board of directors, Ombudsman’s Office for condos, the property management company, the accounting firm for Sunrise Lakes an area she represents, and was told by her office, that she didn’t wish to get involved in a Sunrise Lakes Phase 4. As a unit owner in phase 4 I pay my monthly HOA dues, which is suppose to into an escrow account along with all the unit owners in Sunrise Lakes Phase 4 Monthly HOA dues, I’m sure that after all these years there must be a good amount in the escrow account, plus a nice interest, why then come to the unit owners rather than use the money in the escrow account? As someone who worked in the media, I’ve learned that if it looks like a kickback, smells like a kick back, chances are it’s a_. There are reasons why shows like 60 Minutes, 20/20 lasted so long

    As for a property appraiser endorsing her, there must be reasons why so many houses here are underwater.