House Candidate Has Shady Past; Another Runs Campaign Out Of Comic Store





Ain’t America great! Anybody can run for office.

One Florida House candidate dropped out of a similar race four years ago after her shady record of selling commodities was revealed.

Another candidate for the same open Davie/Plantation-based House District 98 is running his campaign out of a comic store far from the district.

District 98 is currently held by State Rep. Katie Edwards, D-Plantation, who has announced she will not run for reelection. There are currently five Democrats vying for the seat. 

Elaine Geller is one of the five.

Four years ago disclosed that Geller: 

“…lost her license to sell commodities after admitting in 2006 to using ‘deceptive and misleading sales solicitation,’ according to sources and public documents.

Geller also declared bankruptcy in 2009 owing almost $500,000 to dozens of creditors. Her bankruptcy case states she sometimes used the alias of ‘Elaine Leighow’ without offering details, according to Federal court records…”

Geller soon dropped out of the race for an open Hollywood-based District 99, which was won by State Rep. Evan Jenne, D-Hollywood. She was Jenne’s only opponent.

When she left the race, she distributed a letter to supporter that she was ending her House campaign because of her daughter’s Leukemia.

Her decision came after’s post about her background.

Geller lived in Hollywood at the time. She now lives in Plantation and works for Amercanex International Exchange.

Amercanex is a self-described Denver-based company “founded with the sole-purpose of ensuring a completely transparent, neutral and non-manipulated marketplace for institutional cannabis industry participants, while centralizing monitoring and reporting requirements for various local and regional regulatory agencies.”

Since she made her aborted run for state House four years ago, Geller has been involved in local Democratic politics. She recently demonstrated for tougher gun control:



Elaine Geller at a recent gun control demonstration. 



Geller filed papers opening her campaign on March 26. 

Another interesting candidate is Stephen Korka, 37, who uses the Pembroke Pines address of Korka Comics store in his filing papers.  Pembroke Pines is outside the District. Korka comics uses a Davie address.

Korka was previously running in this election cycle against U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, for Congress. 

He is a long shot. The race will cost hundreds of  thousands and Korka will need to raise that to spread his message, despite its appeal to progressive Democrats:

“I believe we are in a new America that is more connected then ever, but suffering from a division we have not seen since the Civil War. Our government and it’s two party system have left a great number of us miffed and jaded where the American spirit that this country was founded on is at stake. We have a Republican Party that prides itself on conservative values but is filled with false truths, hypocrisy and a beyond stubborn demeanor to work with anyone that does not support their agenda. To paraphrase, they have become the bullies of our government. The Democrats, no matter how much they may say otherwise, have allowed the Republicans to get away with too much instead of standing up, fighting for what is right and saying enough. It is not about being more mature or politically correct. If we do not stop the Republican rhetoric and fight fire for fire, we will continue this path of further separation not just between parties, but between the citizens of this nation.  I believe in the Democratic Party’s core values and have optimism for the future. It is for that reason that I have decided to run for State Representative. I refuse to be bullied in this new America…”

Now if he can only get Spiderman from his comic store to help out on the campaign. 



Stephen Korka’s campaign address for his Florida House race. 





5 Responses to “House Candidate Has Shady Past; Another Runs Campaign Out Of Comic Store”

  1. Real D says:

    Korka has been reading his fantasy comics for too long. He is too far to the left to win.

  2. Frank Murr says:

    Why not vote for a crook since this is Broward County.

  3. Talks like a politician says:

    “Send in the clowns, don’t bother they’re here.”

  4. Real Real D (Not the Phony One @1) says:


    Progressives are the future!!!!!!!!

    The rest will be gone.

  5. Doreen M says:

    I hope there are better candidates.