House Candidate Grabs Endorsements


Health care executive David Maymon has picked up two endorsements in his Republican race for a North Broward House seat.

The only problem is that Vince Boccard and Tom Powers are commissioners in Coral Springs, which is miles west of the beachfront District 91 that Maymon wants to capture. 
Boccard is well-known in Republican circles.   He was on the Bush/Cheney for President, Clay Shaw for Congress and Al Lamberti for Sheriff campaigns.

Powers is less known outside the city.

Maymon  wants to win the seat being given up by state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale. She is leaving the district to run for state Senate.

There are three other candidates in the GOP-leaning, northeast Broward district, which lies mostly east of Federal Highway.  The Republicans are George R. Moraitis, a lawyer, and business consultant Yomin Postelnik Barbra Stern, a lawyer and former Republican, is the only Democratic candidate.

11 Responses to “House Candidate Grabs Endorsements”

  1. Mark Stevens says:

    Boccard and Powers are both strong GOP activists in Broward County. Maymon seems to be showing that along with crushing the field in fundraising, his grassroots organization is gaining steam by the day. Nice showing of broad based support David.

  2. Blue Man Scoop says:

    His website makes my eyes want to bleed.

  3. Maymon Supporter says:

    The members of the “Seniors and Retirees for Maymon” leadership team announced today are:

    Bob Eicholz, Fort Lauderdale • Nancy Eicholz, Fort Lauderdale • Richard Boyman, Boca Raton • Nancy Boyman, Boca Raton • Morris Robinson, Boca Raton • Charlotte Robinson, Boca Raton • Louise Santee, Pompano Beach • Betty Troum, Fort Lauderdale • Sophia Carroll, Fort Lauderdale • Stanley Goldfarb, Pompano Beach • Robert Holmes, Fort Lauderdale • Connie Reed, Fort Lauderdale • Irene Zimmerman, Fort Lauderdale • Laura Jean Dluzak, Fort Lauderdale • Lorrane Fletcher, Fort Lauderdale • Barbara Collier, Fort Lauderdale • Margaret Gallus, Fort Lauderdale • Joe Helkowski, Pompano Beach

  4. GOPapa says:

    All the powerbrokers are behind Maymon. With all the Tea Parties and the anger towards the establishment Republican Party, is this the year to be endorsed by every old time GOP office holder.

    The people are behind Moriatis. He has a lot of friends made from a lifetime in Fort Lauderdale.

    Yomin Postelnik is working very hard. It hasn’t paid off yet with support.

    Barbra Stern was a member of the Republican Executive Committee. She suddenly became a Democrat when this district became open. She’s a phony.

  5. Next please says:

    GOPapa: Just want to let you know there is very little tea party action in east Broward and George is well known in one neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale. This isn’t Escambia or Polk County my friend, where the tea party movement is in full swing. It’s an ocean front community where people care about the economy and low taxes. The only people behind Moraitis are a couple dozen trial attorney’s and his activist wife. If you ask most people they will tell you George doesn’t even know why he is running for this office.

  6. paul says:

    GOPapa is right. Moriatis seems to have deep support among the people of the district, while Maymon’s support is on the REC and in downtown law offices.

  7. Lisa says:

    80% of Moraitis money is from lawyers. Yes, that is MASSIVE grassroots support. lol

  8. Truth in Politics says:

    80%? Lisa, that is a fantastic number without any merit that you pulled from where the sun don’t shine. It is public record as to who has written the checks. They were written by waiters, police officers, electricians, plumbers, insurance salesmen, stay at home moms, educators, waste management workers, flight attendents, realtors, doctors, nurses, museum directors, stock brokers, small business owners…… Very few lawyers.
    Not only is Maymon a lawyer but he is a lawyer that has a healthcare business. Be very afraid.

  9. Yomin will win says:

    Truth in Politics = Heather Moraitis

  10. Truth in Politics says:

    Not even close. But good try. I am the insurance salesman that wrote the check.

  11. Tired of Status Quo says:

    Has anyone noticed that Vince Boccard and Tom Powers (who Maymon is so proud of having endorsed him) have both been removed from the positions by Governor Crist for unethically violating Sunshine Laws?
    Buddy, If it walks like a duck and hangs out with ducks chances are it is a duck.