House Candidate Courts Lobbyists


It’s a no-no under House rules for state representatives to raise campaign money during the 60-day legislative session.

The House believes accepting money from lobbyists during the session could be interpreted as a conflict of interest.

That doesn’t stop someone who’s not in the House, but wants to be — Dan Stermer.

Stermer is taking advantage of the bevy of lobbyists in Tallahassee for the session.  He holding a fund raiser next week at one of the famed watering hole for lobbyists, Clydes & Costello’s.

The tavern and restaurant just a block from the Capitol is owned by Dave Ericks, a Broward-based lobbyist.

Stermer, a former Weston commissioner, is running in the August 2012 Democratic primary to replace state Rep. Franklin Sands, who is termed out. The other Democratic candidates are Richard Stark, a former GOP activist turned Democrat, and Plantation lawyer Louis Reinstein.

Check out the endorsements from city officials on the invitation.  It makes Stermer appear as the choice of the political insiders.  Many of the officials are former clients of David Brown, a political consultant handling Stermer’s campaign.



13 Responses to “House Candidate Courts Lobbyists”

  1. Daniel Simpson Day says:

    Isn’t that just amazing! It’s a who’s who list of those that owe David Brown. With all of the negatives about lobbyist money controlling everything from the School Board to the County Commission to the State house and senate, Stermer and Brown go right to the feeding trough so that the big names can get their payback if Stermer wins. The results of this particular fundraiser will be available early in July. Those of us who’ve had more than enough will be watching.

  2. Richard J. Kaplan says:

    Don’t know much about the event in Tallahassee, and I won’t be there, but I have known Dan for several years, and he is really qualified to be a State Representative.

    I have worked with him on the MPO, and he has truly been a leader. I did not know he wanted to run for a State Office, and I would have endorsed him if any one had asked.

    PS Though I know Dave Brown, and his wife, he has never been involved in one of my campaigns, nor worked or raised money for me (that I know of). Of course I know a lot of people.

  3. I Agree says:

    Mr. Day is right. Stermer is out of step with the current trend in Broward politic which is to eschew an image of being part of old group the politicians. This is the most corrupt county in Florida. Should Stermer be part of the Old Guard?

  4. knowledge says:

    Boy, doesnt David Brown know his own candidates on the campaign literature for the Tallahasse fund raiser,it has Lisa Arronson as Mayor of Coral Spring it should be Coconut Creek,David keep up the bad work

  5. knowledge says:

    I stand corrected I miss read the lines sorry.he still will not win with all his endorsements and money people are fed up

  6. Resident of 98 says:

    I like Louis Reinstein. Plantation native and former educator. I also like the fact that he’s not using the “Old Guard” and is trying to win our vote the old fashion way, by earning it! This race is going to be tough, but I think Louis is going to shock the political world!

  7. David Brown says:

    For the record, I have been involved in less than 50% of the campaigns of those who have endorsed Dan Stermer for the State House. Like Mayor Kaplan, they know first-hand that Dan has a strong worth ethic, an unblemished record of integrity, is highly respected in his profession, as a former Weston City Commissioner and as Chair of the Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization.

    Dan served two terms on the Weston City Commission. He supported the institution of a two term limit and retired from that Commission as required by those limits.

    He has chosen to run for the State House, for the seat currently held by Rep. Franklin Sands who is himself term limited from running for another term. By the way, Franklin Sands has also endorsed Dan Stermer to replace him as the Representative of District 98 covering parts of Weston, Sunrise and Plantation.

    I don’t know who you are Mr. Day but I would be delighted to meet you. Please reply with your contact information or send it to Mr. Nevins. I’m sure he can pass it on to me if you don’t want everyone to know who you really are.

    I rarely blog and always do it under my real name. The balls in your court.

  8. Proud Demo says:

    I agree with Mr. Day. David Brownnose can not be trusted to speak the truth. The voters saw through his lies on the Geller campaign. When Stermer gets rid of Brownnose, he will be a serious candidate.

  9. FDP Donor says:

    I find it hard to believe that Franklin Sands, given his new role in the FDP, has endorsed one democrat over another in this race. If so, I will be calling for Mr. Sands immediate resignation from the FDP and will be seeking to get all my donations back.

  10. Proud Demo says:

    Good point, FDP Donor.
    I think such an endorsement by a party official violates party rules. Sands is a waste of space and I can’t believe anybody would listen to his advise. If this endorsement involves using party resources and money to help Stermer, it is unDemocratic and needs to be questioned in a complaint to the party.

  11. Kevin says:

    ….. of course, this district may look absolutely nothing like it does now come next year.

  12. FDP Donor says:

    It doesn’t matter what the district looks like. Franklin Sands, as a paid employee of the FDP should not be endorsing one democrat of another in any race or in any district. Like I said, if it is true, I will be starting a movement among the various Dem groups to have him removed.

  13. Resident of 98 says: