House 91 Race To Replace Bogdanoff: Up In The Air


The bill is now in for the foolish state Democratic Party suit against GOP candidate David Maymon:


Now home health care executive Maymon can focus on winning the northeast Broward Florida House District 91, where he is locked in a tough GOP primary against lawyer George Moraitis and consultant Yomin Postelnik.

Who will win is anybody’s guess?

Meanwhile Maymon’s campaign is out $10,000 used to defend the suit, which is over mistakes Maymon made in filling out his financial disclosure form.  The money went to the Gray Robinson law firm in Tallahassee.

Who knows what the suit has cost the Democrats? If it is a penny, it is too much.

When Maymon filed his original financial disclosure in June, it was improperly notarized and didn’t disclose any financial assets.

The lack of financial assets was particularly weird since he declared $420,063 in earnings from Advocate Home Care Services. Who makes that kind of money and has nothing in the bank or invested?

State Democrats immediately jumped in, suing Maymon to get him thrown off the ballot.

As I wrote before about the lawsuit here, this is a big waste of the Democrat’s money.

Maymon made a mistake and filed an amended form.

The form shows that Maymon apparently invested his income in his own firm.  He disclosed $720,000 in ownership of Advocate Home Care Services, his family health care business.

In the primary for the GOP-leaning district, Maymon and Moraitis have very similar goals:

Lower taxes, less regulation, make schools more accountable by ending teacher tenure and help small businesses.   

Postelnik spends much of the time discussing national and international affairs and his dislike of Barack Obama.

Maymon, 33, grew up in South Broward and went to the University of Illnois, followed by DePaul University Law School. He runs a home health care business which treats patients after being released from local hospitals.

He is the darling of Republican insiders like former local party leader Barbara Collier.  The son of Ellyn Bogdanoff, the GOP state rep. who is leaving District 91 to run for the state Senate, works for the Maymon campaign.  

He also has made major grass roots effort.  He was walking through a neighborhood Saturday, knocking on doors to meet voters.  

Moraitis, 39, was a lieutenant on a U. S. Navy submarine after graduating from the Naval Academy.  He went to the University of Florida law school after the military. 

Lacking the backing of much of the party organization, Moraitis has extensive grass roots support as a Fort Lauderdale native.  He gets an additional boost from his wife Heather Moraitis, who is a past president of the Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale and a well-known civic activist.  

The unknown in this race is Postelnik, 32, who moved to south Florida from Canada in the last decade.

He says he is involved with raising awareness of Autism and improving education.  He has campaigned mainly on the Internet and through some grass roots efforts.

Postelnik gets his support from the fringe right of the local party, which is not thought to be extensive.

But Postelnik’s attacks on Obama You would think he was running for Congress! might resonate among some GOP voters. The question is who he will steal votes from, since both of his primary opponents are relatively similar on issues.

Postelnik has the support of ultra-conservatives like Rev. O’Neal Dozier of the Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach and leaders of the South Florida Bible College, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

I believe the race is between Maymon and Moraitis.

I also believe either would be good spokesmen for northeast Broward and the small sliver of east Boca Raton in the district.

Maymon spent just over $201,000 so far.  Moraitis spent almost $68,000, while Postelnik spent just over $16,000.

13 Responses to “House 91 Race To Replace Bogdanoff: Up In The Air”

  1. Josie W says:

    David Maymon never made a dollar on his own. He was a failed lawyer who came running home to Mommie and Daddy, who hired him to work for their health care business. Now he wants to buy House 91.

  2. Postelnik back in basement blogging says:

    Go walk homes Josie/Yomin.

  3. Broward Lawyer says:

    Josie W: I don’t know Maymon and don’t live in his district, but the “came running home to Mommie and Daddy” comment reveals that its personal or you have a dog in the fight.
    In either event, you are not credible.

  4. Just saying.... says:

    BL – Maybe Josie is the ex-wife who knows better than us all?

  5. Proud Postelnik supPorter says:

    Buddy, the mischaracterization of Postelnik is getting old.

    Here’s why I’m voting for Yomin Postelnik:

    He’s the only one to fight for Financial Literacy in all Florida Middle Schools. He even wrote a course to use.

    He’s for monitoring our shores against terror and illegal immigration.

    He’s the only one with a full Economic Blueprint.

    That’s why voters will want him. Not because of the political sideshow that only interests the most avid readers.

    FROM BUDDY: His latest essay written yesterday and posted on Facebook is about Ground Zero and the Mosque. Is that a state issue?

  6. Research says:

    Postelnik’s father, Clifford Postelnik, moved to North Bay Village in 1990 or 1991. I met him when he was the manager at the old Beekman Hotel during Andrew. Postelnik Jr. is 32 or 33. You do the math.

    FROM BUDDY: Do the math about what?
    Postelnik was in Canada in the early part of the last decade teaching, among other things, Jewish philosophy. He was licensed in financial securities in Toronto in 2000. He was the publisher of a small Canadian newspaper 2000-2002. He was active in the Federal Conservative Party of Canada 2000-2002.
    Let’s go back further than that. He was in the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) Cadets 1990-91.

  7. Wasteful suit? says:

    First of all, it’s 10k for Maymon so far. The case is open in Leon County and the judge won’t hear it unless it’s relevant, which we’ll only know the day after the election. The Dems tried to get both of his rivals to join in so it shorten the length of the suit and lower the costs, because then it would have to be heard before the primary. Both refused, not that that stops Maymon from falsely blaming them for it.

    Now, you say this is a wasteful suit. David Maymon lied about his income on both financial disclosures. He listed the gross revenue of his business as “income” to make look 5 times the amount. He did that again on his “amended” return. That’s a violation that will be added to the suit if it gets to that point. Ruiz in 112 was tossed for far less. One way or another, you can kiss Maymon goodbye. A vote for him is simply a waste.

  8. Research says:

    Oh Buddy, you’re failing math. Look at the Sun Sentinel He graduated Miami seminary in 1999 after 4 years. I think he said he went to Toronto for 2 years after and got involved in Conservative politics there. The Rubio guys in Miami remember him and his flyers during the Martinez race. Talk with his supporter Anthony Bustamante.
    It seems like you get your info on Postelnik directly from Maymon. Great source.

    FROM BUDDY: No “Research”. I got the information from his campaign website biography.

    You keep saying I failed math. What are you writing about?

    I wrote on the post Postelnik “moved to South Florida from Canada in the last decade.” He absolutely did.

    By the way, his website has no mention of his living in South Florida until recently. I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m just saying he doesn’t mention it.

  9. Research says:

    This is why voters have to research candidates instead of listening to Buddy’s rants.

    Go to Postelnik’s site. Poof… here’s his platform:

    A 1.35% cap on property taxes, needed to bring businesses and talent to Florida

    Remove red tape and obstacles to business development that hinders growth

    Promote Financial Literacy Education in all public schools – Yomin wrote a financial literacy course that was used by Broward Schools and the United Way.

    Protect competitive health care options for our seniors – Yomin was part of the push for the Florida Health Care Freedom Act before it was introduced as legislation

    Secure Florida’s shores against terror – Yomin was the first candidate in the state to point out the obvious, that our shores are the frontline in securing this nation against terror and against imported crime.

    Tear down the artificial wall between local law enforcement and federal agencies when terror suspects are apprehended, without eroding privacy laws for the general public.

    Lowering crime through innovative youth programs, getting problem teens to dialogue with police and promoting volunteerism as a healthy way of reducing crime.

    Stopping recidivism and terror recruitment by reforming the criminal justice system with shorter but harsher labor sentences that prevent crime and serve as chief deterrents without taking away hope from the offender.

    To view Yomin’s detailed policy platform and the rationale behind these goals, please see below.

    Also it says that his cadets involvement was 90-91 so I had my years right. Where’d you hear 92 from?

    FROM BUDDY: Thank you very much for outlining Postelnik’s campaign platform. Voters deserve to see it.

    I’ll go one better. Check it out yourself on Postelnik’s website here:

  10. Postelnik is crazy says:

    If this nut job spent half the time he did on the Broward Beat out on the trail meeting voters he would probably have a decent chance of only losing by 40 points next week. He is an internet gangster that will spend the rest of his life trying to tear down fellow Republicans. He needs a straight jacket.

  11. Maymon's Sick says:

    David’s amateur group of numbskulls are loathed by Postelnik and Moraitis supporters alike. If you follow the race without Maymon talking in your ears you would see that George and Yomin seem to like each other and the same goes for their supporters. The rotten apple is David Maymon, a liar, charlatan and slick salesman who blogs on here thinking that he’s punishing his opponents.
    He claims to be pro-gun but has a C- rating from the NRA.
    He sent criminals into the homes of elderly people because he wouldn’t do a 90 second background check. Elect him for State Rep? You’ve got to be kidding.
    Yomin and George have treated this maniac with kid gloves. That’s their big mistake.

  12. GOPapa says:

    The only one I see with real support is Moraitis. We need a candidate like him, not the candidate of the party machine like Maymon.

  13. Yomin's the clear choice says:

    David Maymon is unelectable and sending criminals into the homes of elderly people who contracted him for care will be the deathnail in the camapaign. If he wins the primary he’s gone a week later anyway after he’s disqualified by the Tallahassee Courts.

    Yomin’s platform and vision show that he should have been the favored candidate all along. He’s got the most grassroots support too. But I agree that anybody but Maymon is a fine choice.