Update: How Beer Slogan May Sells For Judicial Candidate W. Dale Miller




Using a beer advertising theme as your judicial campaign slogan has nothing to do with being a judge.

I would argue, however, that it is a clever way to build name ID, which is especially important in a judicial race. In those contests voters know little or nothing about the candidates.

Judicial campaigns are sadly not about the qualifications.  It takes a effort to learn about a candidate for judge.  Most voters don’t have the time and could care less.

Many voters who are otherwise well-informed end up being swayed solely by a judicial candidate’s name.  A name can be appealing or a turn off.  A name can hint at a candidate’s gender or ethnic background. Or a name can be memorable.

Even many political players know nothing about judicial candidates.  I was in the office last week of a well-known South Florida insider.  This lawyer conceded they knew nothing about the qualifications of the candidates in this and several other judicial races. This is someone who attends political events dozens of times every year!

W. Dale Miller résumé is easy to find for those interested.  He has been a lawyer since 2005, a decade of it at the Broward County Public Defenders Office. Before that, he was in the Navy for 12 years.

Yet most won’t bother to explore his background, With three other candidates fighting for the County Court Group 3, Miller can’t count on his experience.  He needs a way to stand out.

He may have found it in the ubiquitous advertising phrase: “It’s Miller Time.”

W. Dale Miller

W. Dale Miller’s SUV wrapped in an ad featuring his campaign slogan



The advertising theme dates to the 1970s for Miller High Life.  MillerCoors brought it back in 1997 and again in 2002 for Miller Lite, the brand that still uses the slogan today.


Phrase Is A Trademark And Owned By Beer Company


By using “It’s Miller Time,” Dale Miller risks the ire of MillerCoors, which owns the trademark. Its former owner, Miller Brewing, sued a 2003 mayoral candidate in Iowa for using the phrase, one of Dale Miller’s opponents pointed out after this was posted.

Candidate Miller wrapped his Mercury SUV for $1,438 with the phrase. There is also a picture of him with his two children.

He is counting on the beer ad to make his name stick in voters minds. He’s hoping that “It’s Miller Time” will result in voters marking the oval next his name more than the names of his opponents — Florence Barner, Adam Geller and Rhoda Sokoloff.

It may work, especially if Miller wisely uses the $89,352 he raised. That figure includes roughly $85,000 of his own, and is way ahead of his nearest opponent’s campaign funds, Sokoloff with $49,075.

On August 30th we will find out if “It’s Miller Time.”


10 Responses to “Update: How Beer Slogan May Sells For Judicial Candidate W. Dale Miller”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I prefer a serious candidate like experienced people’s lawyer than a bureaucrat lawyer with beer jingles

  2. Yuck says:

    Wow, I’m SHOCKED that Buddy Nevins left out a huge damning fact about Dale Miller, an employee of Buddy’s pal Howard Finkelstein….

    (His wife) Daisy Miller was the clinical director of an inpatient medical facility that was ripping off the government for years! He turned a blind eye to his wife’s crimes, and now he wants to sit in judgment of others?!? Please!…


    I left it out because it has no relevancy concerning Dale Miller’s name identification.

    Daisy Miller, Dale Miller’s wife, is serving a 15-year-sentence for Medicare fraud. Based on a 2012 indictment, Miller was one of several individuals who submitted false Medicare invoices and paid bribes and kickbacks while working for a Hollywood-based psychiatric hospital.

    Dale Miller was never charged with a crime. Federal prosecutors never said that Dale Miller had any role in this criminal activity…or they would have charged him. The Florida Bar never disciplined him because he was not involved.

    If you have proof, send it along. Otherwise, your allegation that he “turned a blind eye” to his wife’s activities are the gossip spread by an anonymous Internet troll. Your comment is yet another example of how toxic judicial campaigns have become.

  3. Give him a break says:

    At least Miller Time is better than being known as Judge Hurley’s foil.

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    With the advent of the Internet / anonymous commentary, I don’t think people all of a sudden became more “toxic”.

    I think people have been shit heels all along, the web has just given them a soap-box.

    Don’t read the comments is my advice to those folks who find themselves in a column.

    PS Dale likes free advertising … I mean, he bailed out of the DiPietro fight over to this one … I hear that earned him the appreciation of a local well known advertising firm.

    Maybe if he keeps this up, he” pull a trifecta and we’ll find his campaign listed on the back of a milk carton.


    At least you always sign your name, Chaz. Many of the comments are anonymous and have no more validity than graffiti drawn on mens’ room walls.

  5. rightwing says:

    miller had several confrontations with hurley in magistrate court. but he seems to be a good guy.and he had the thankless job of defending inmates coming down off flakka and heroin.for me its miller time.

  6. Right on chaz says:

    I believe Miller has a tramp stamp tattoo that says DiPietro’s Bitch. The closest Miller got to Z was driving past the building on 95.

  7. galydaily says:

    I like a judge to be human and real. A sense of humor is not a bad quality to have when you are applying for a job where you have to sit in judgment of people. It is better than having an inflated ego and believe you know more than everyone around you (like some judges!)

  8. My Opinion says:

    Dale needs to take his own advice and have a beer before he enters bond court. He is very combative and unprofessional.

  9. Why not interview candidates before you endorse? says:


    This is a semi-endorsement. Why not take the time and meet the candidates in this race or at least send a questionnaire before you endorse someone? Totally not fair to the candidate who actually deserves the endorsement. I was expecting more from you.


    I endorsed nobody.

    It might interest you that I have attended several judicial forums and seen the candidates.

  10. Unfair says:

    I think it is completely and unfair and biased to make a semi-endorsement of Dale when you have not even spoken to any of his opponents. The other papers/groups will either interview the candidates or send them a questionnaire. You have done neither, which makes your recommendation of Miller completely baseless. At least pretend to be fair! Clearly you are not backing the one candidate who has the most experience and deserves it. I am truly disappointed.


    I endorsed nobody. The piece is about Dale Miller’s slogan.