Holness Lawsuit Really Aimed At Public, Not Court






Despite losing the congressional primary last month, Dale V. C. Holness is in a win-win situation.

Holness lost to Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick by five votes. 

Now he is suing to block Cherfilus-McCormick from taking office. 



Dale V. C. Holness


The suit may legally look like a loser. That’s not the point. 

It enables Holness publicly to remain a player. He’s telling voters he is not going away.


Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick


The suit also keeps alive questions about Cherfilus-McCormick and her victory.

It is the opening salvo of Holness’ campaign for the the House seat he narrowly lost. 

Remember that Holness won the Broward County portion of U. S. House District 20 by roughly 3,000 votes or 8 percent of the total ballots cast. The District will be reapportioned and have different boundaries by the next election. 

Let’s look at the allegations in the suit:

  • Holness’ claims that mail-in ballots from members of the military were unlawfully rejected. Even if the allegation is thrown out, the suit reminds voters that there are questions about the fairness of the election. The allegation that her win was not kosher will dog Cherfilus-McCormick.
  • Holness maintains that Cherfilus-McCormick didn’t file a disclosure detailing her personal finances as required by law. Voters had no way of knowing on Election Day the source of more than $2 million she put into the campaign. The lawsuit keeps alive rumors, spread during the campaign, that there could be something shady about where she got the money. 
  • Holness contends that Cherfilus-McCormick committed illegal vote buying — her promise to give $1,000-a-month to those who earn less than $75,000 annually. The suit alleges the pledge was a “gimmick designed only to motivate people to vote for her.” It states that right after voting “several voters” asked poll workers where they could receive their $1,000. 

Larry Davis, a Broward lawyer who has spent much of the last few decades involved in legal actions involving elections and politics, represents Cherfilus-McCormick. He scoffed at Holness’ suit:

“We believe this is a baseless complaint that the court will dismiss quickly,” 

Davis has reason to belittle the allegations. She is his client.

But lawyers not connected to Cherfilus-McCormick also said the suit is weak and unlikely to change the results of the race. 

Politically that’s not the point. 

The audience for this lawsuit is not in the Broward County Courthouse. The audience is the Court of Public Opinion. 

Among the voting public the lawsuit will keep questions about Cherfilus-McCormick alive.

Holness wins either way. 


A Surprise Win 


Holness’ election loss to Cherfilus-McCormick was a surprise to many insiders. He was viewed as the favorite among the 11 candidates for the seat left open by the death of long-time Congressman Alcee Hastings.  

Holness was a favorite because of his political grass roots machine.

For years Holness has been seeding Broward ballots with candidates he backed. They all became indebted to Holness, regardless of whether they won or lost their own races. 

Dale V. C. Holness today remains perfectly positioned to become the first true Broward political boss of color despite his November loss. 

He can presumably raise campaign cash from the white business community through his connections made as a County Commissioner. He can anoint candidates and help them find talent to run their campaigns. 

He could be a political kingmaker. 

His first step is to wrest that U. S. House seat from Cherifilus-McCormick. And the battle against Cherfilus-McCormick has already begun…with the law suit.


11 Responses to “Holness Lawsuit Really Aimed At Public, Not Court”

  1. Old Timer says:

    Too much power … do we all forget what happened to Scott Cowan?

  2. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    She’ s got Atty.Larry Davis.And as he states before his bank run( retainers) he stated Holeness law suits will be dismissed.Holeneds though w/ this law suit keeps him on the playing field.

    Pressuring McCormick as to where she got the 3 mill to finance her campaign.This could cause her issues once she is sworn in DC.Ethics commission up there will have no choice but to open an investigation.This keeps Holeness in the Loop.

    Holeness has other issues to be concerned about regarding the arrest of his daughter.He states had nothing to do w/ it.FBI connected the dots to his daughter that they arrested and I think Holeness knew and orchestrated the whole scam,or was aware of it( same difference) the Feds I assume thought the daughter would flip,she didn’t ( so far),so Holeness scapes for now.Comm.Holeness,again stated he had nothing to do w/ to the scam.

    He kinda invited call my bluff, regarding his defense that he was separated from his daughter and had no contact and then brazen enough gave dates.However,it was discovered pics of him w/ the daughter where he previous stated had no contact ,then boom there it is- pics of the both of them making his statement false, misleading w/ evidence of a pic confirmed he was lying.

    Shame that his daughter did this.I have a gut feeling Holeness is alit more involved in this mess,then he likes u to think.And Bobby Dubose,run for city commission again,for your old seat.Why not?

  3. FTL Voter says:

    Hearing both Holness and Sharief plan to run again in next year’s primary against Cherfilus-McCormick. That will just split the Broward primary vote again and re-election Cherfilus-McCormick. Holness and Sharief have long hated each other so neither one has an incentive to step back and let the other one get a head-to-head fight for the seat.

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The White Business Community NEVER had any use for Holiness n White Democrats are RELIEVED he lost, so now they can ignore him.

  5. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    His ego and vindictive nature know no bounds. Win win? Nope. Sore loser. If he hounds her during her term it will not endear him to any thinking person.

  6. Politicians are gas bags says:

    Wonder if Bernie and his squad of Green New Deal sycophants have thought about measuring the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by do nothing politicians?
    I bet that gas does more harm to the atmosphere than bovine farts.
    Go away, Dale.

  7. In the Know says:

    Even if he wins, he will be indicted. The FBI loves to bag a Congressman or a politician gone bad.

    From Buddy:

    Just a lot of rumors. Holness has never been charged with anything relating to his time in office at the County Commission.

  8. Sheila Alu says:

    I am so tired of hearing these comments like the one from “in the know.” NO one in the public would know if there is or is not an indictment except the FBI. The only one who are in the “know” is the FBI and only them. So give it a break. Dale– like him or not has worked his whole political career for this seat. The only question I have heard is where is my $1,000 a month that Sheila promised to the public. And, yes I use my name because I don’t hide behind anonymous. If you are so “in the know” about the FBI procedures Agent Anonymous give us your badge number, otherwise give it a break!

  9. In The Know says:

    The Sun-Sentinel today said that Dale Holness’ argument that many votes weren’t counted is true. It seems it was the fault of the Post Office. Holness will have solid argument for the next time he runs for this seat.

  10. Gershonhershalcohen says:

    Alcee musst be laughing wherever he is. This mess will go on for months and the only winners will be a bunch of lawyers.

  11. Just one vote says:

    Anyone and everyone running for office at any level should finally realize and promote voting in person. Whether during weeks of early voting or on election day. Period. This was a democratic primary so complaining about a dozen or hundreds of mail-in votes that didn’t arrive on time is a joke. 16% turn out. Pathetic – why the apathy? Candidates – all 11 of them sure weren’t compelling the constituents to vote. It likely will not be more we turning out come Jan 2 general election. Let’s see what Nov 2022 brings.