Hispanic Group Plans Victory Party





The Broward Democratics don’t have much to celebrate after the November election, but The Hispanic Vote believes they did well enough to hold a victory party.

But did the group really do well?

Some of the folks on the invitation — they appear to have listed almost every office holder on the ballot — were not endorsed by the group.

For instance, The Hispanic Vote endorsed Tom Powers for mayor of Coral Springs over Skip Campbell, the winner who is on the invitation to the event.  In Pompano Beach and Wilton Manors they endorsed the losers.

Their endorsement list on the Internet has no endorsements for most of the offices, including School Board.

And what’s former state Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek,  doing on the list?  He wasn’t even on the ballot, having been termed out this year.

The truth is that The Hispanic Vote is largely powerless in Broward, maybe because they endorse a number of Republicans, who generally lose.

If you feel like partying, the invitation is below:






Friday, November 21, 2014, 7:00 pm

Guests of Honor:

State Representatives

Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed * Manny Diaz, Jr. * Bobby Dubose

Joe Geller * Kristine Jacobs * George Moraitis

Hazelle Rogers * Richard Stark * Jim Waldman

Circuit Court Judges

Dennis Bailey * John Contini * Lynn Rosenthal * Stacey Schulman

County Court Judges

Ellen Feld * Claudia Robinson

Broward County Commissioners

Beam Furr * Chip LaMarca * Barbara Sharief

School Board Members

Heather Pomper Brinkworth * Abby Freedman * Donna Korn

Laurie Rich Levinson * Ann Murray * Nora Rupert

Municipal Mayors and Commissioners

Lisa Malozzi * John Sims

(Cooper City)

Walter “Skip” Campbell * Joy Carter * Dan Daley

(Coral Springs)

Bobbie Grace * Marco Salvino, Sr.

(Dania Beach)

Keith London * Anthony Sanders

(Hallandale Beach)

Gloria Lewis * Beverly Williams

(Lauderdale Lakes)

Richard Kaplan * Hayward Benson, Jr.


Joyce Williams Bryan * Lesa Peerman * Joanne Simone


John Adornato III * Shari McCartney

(Oakland Park)

Charlotte Burrie * Barry Dockswell * Rex Hardin * Barry Moss * Ed Phillips

(Pompano Beach)

Neal Kerch * Larry Sofield


Steve Breitkreus * Gary Jablonski

(SW Ranches)

Harry Dressler * Michelle Gomez * Deborah Placko


Thomas W. Dorsett * Kristine Judeikis

(West Park)

Toby Feuer * Jim Norton


Justin Flippen * Scott Newton * Gary Resnick

(Wilton Manors)



8800 W. State Road 84

   Davie, Florida 33324  


Please RSVP to info@cabfpac.org



6 Responses to “Hispanic Group Plans Victory Party”

  1. The Guess Who says:

    The Hispanic Vote is such a pandering bunch of right-wing assholes that don’t move votes. They are, simply put, a bunch of losers. Anyone who pays any attention to them during a political campaign has no idea what they’re doing (with the exception of if you’re running in Miramar or something like that.)

    TL;DR Fuck the Hispanic Vote (the group.)

  2. What's so Hispanic about it says:

    I belive “Hispanic” Vote executive director is still an Anglo named Jeff Dillard and their political consultant is another anglo named Dan Lewis who helped Laura Watson beat former hispanic judge Julio Gonzales two years ago. This hispanic part appears to be merely front right wing republican group it really is.

  3. Richard J. Kaplan says:

    I’m glad they endorsed me. Until now I didn’t know about it and I was unopposed so I already had won in June.

    But it is still appreciated.

  4. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    Whatever your impression, Hispanic Vote is a thoughtful group that is active, meets regularly, has assets, works campaigns, registers and informs voters, and they separately make endorsements that are respected by voters and sought after by candidates.

    Make no mistake — this is not a fly-by-night organization. They interview candidates in person, ask tough questions, are beholden to nobody, and have consistently endorsed candidates of both parties they consider best for Broward.

    Some may not like that Hispanics in Broward have formed a political organization that encourages greater voter interest and participation in elections, but the work of Hispanic Vote matters, it makes a difference, it is good for our community and I’m proud of them.


  5. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    We need more of these “right wing assholes” to help get this country out of the sewer the demoncraps have got us into.

  6. Ronnie says:

    Right wingers?? Not with that ultimate LEFT winder Dam Lewis in the mix. Think again. A left-leaning group set out there to divide Hispanics. What a novelty.