Hey, U. S. Rep. Cherfilus-McCormick! Where Is My $1,000?





Hey, U. S. Rep. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick! 

Where is my $1,000?

Cherfilus-McCormick promised the money in her come-from-behind campaign for Congress last year. The progressive Democrat pledged to give Americans a monthly $1,000 check.

Voters are still waiting.







The unfulfilled $1,000 promise can’t help but gladden the heart of Dale V.C. Holness.

Holness got beaten by Cherfilus-McCormick in November. 

He lost by 5 votes. Five votes!

He’s back for another try at the Central Broward and Palm Beach County congressional seat.  

Many believe the $1,000 promise propelled Cherfilus-McCormick to victory. It was an eye-grabbing conversation starter. 

Remember that she was a largely unknown health care firm owner running against the better-known politically experienced Holness.

Then she floated the $1,000-a-month idea. The pledge catapulted her into a contender in a crowded field. 

The $1,000 pledge was peddled hard in the 2021 special election. It was everywhere.

All over TV. All over the radio and the Internet. On signs. And on voters’ lips. 

The details of the promised deal was downplayed. 

Only those with incomes of less than $75,000 would benefit. And the likelihood that the proposal would pass Congress was almost nil. 

Many voters ignored those details. They only heard Cherfilus-McCormick would give them $1,000.

Now that promise could come back to haunt the congresswoman. 

Again, this is a congresswoman who only won by 5 votes less than a year ago.
Holness is renowned as a grass roots politician who built an iPhone full of relationships during his decades in politics. 


Dale V.C. Holness

Cherfilus-McCormick took office earlier this year. She has had little time to build a political machine in her shifting district.

The new redrawn district is another potential roadblock to her reelection.  It now contains more of Holness’ base in Central Broward. 

How effectively Holness can use Cherfilus-McCormick’s broken $1,000 promise against her remains to be seen. Holness will be outspent by her now that he has lost his font of campaign cash — a seat on the Broward County Commission. 

The money may not matter.  Races often swing on grass roots politics and not advertising.  Who is my minister endorsing? Who does my neighbor like? Who helped me at the County Commission when I had a problem?

The answer in that district is often Holness.

With a flood of ads Cherfilus-McCormick may be able to overcome any community ties Holness has built up.

Her problem is that no amount of ads can answer this key question:

“Where is my $1,000?”  



13 Responses to “Hey, U. S. Rep. Cherfilus-McCormick! Where Is My $1,000?”

  1. LOL says:

    How could anybody who believed her $1000 crap. Only in Broward County, home of the idiot voter.

  2. THOMAS says:

    LOL… not just broward county. look at all the people who believed the obama birth certificate crap … and covid is a hoax crap … the list goes on
    but yeah, she may yet claim credit for the covid stimulus check that was before her time ..

  3. Really?? says:

    I’m would that be $1,000 a month idea drew quite a few votes. However, I’m certain but far more voters were swayed by the fact that Dale Holness is the worst excuse for a county commissioner Broward has seen in quite a few years!

  4. Sam the Sham says:

    Golly! It almost makes you want the voter to demonstrate some sort of intelligence before he can vote. Only a Democrat could fall for this.

  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Point one, NAME RECOGNITION usually wins. The only way to overcome name recognition is an overwhelming flood of ads n campaign staff to follow up. Only in smaller elections than for Congress can a ‘grasstoots’ campaign work. As a footnote or guide, in another White Congressional Race Ben Sorensen claims he’s raised over $400 000 already to run against Jared Moscowitz on the basis Mr Moscowitz was twice appointed by Republican Governor DeSantis.

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    This $1000.00 a month was BS.It was a gimmick.No different than some snake oil salesmen stating he can cure everything.Sure..

  7. FTL Voter says:

    Won’t make any difference. Nobody thought the money would come immediately, but understand that she would fight for UBI. From what I’m hearing, Holness is having trouble raising real money this time. He’s off the commission so the big money donors and lobbyists aren’t answering his calls. His kickoff event had just a handful of people there, and almost no prominent endorsers showed up for it. She’s showing up everywhere. Expect it to again be close, but SCM will win again.

  8. Sheriff Grady says:

    who is left that is affilitated with Holness who isn’t indicted or in jail?


    I see you are a fan of Polk County’s Sheriff Grady Judd, whose news conferences have gone viral on YouTube.

  9. Just one vote says:

    Dale needs to beat the streets, every street, in this district and get eligible voters to VOTE. NOT by mail, absentee, we h as tever, but EARLY VOTING IN PERS OR N or election day. Funny how m as my think voter fraud is as Dems vs Repubs only rip-off…..maybe Dale can upset her, but the first Haitian-American in Congress, AND a woman, resonates with many. Personally I think women turn out in higher numbers to vote than men.

  10. Tell the truth says:

    Holiness had several close to him with PPP fraud. Not the end of the political life but fodder in campaigning. Is there a Repub challenger for seat in August primary?

  11. The Good Doctor says:

    Snake Oil Salesman = Ben Sorenson
    The faux doctor, preacher, author, lawyer, etc all wrapped up into the circus that happened to come to Fort Lauderdale and screw constituents bc of his love for developers, and all things phony. My favorite is how the “good doctor” made the city manager (not a doctor) come to his house to administer a COVID test to him before attending his commission meeting. And let’s not forget his million dollar misstep, coulda/shoulda been removed from office, over the park in his neighborhood.
    Can’t wait to see where the contributions came from…
    And don’t start with the no vote for Bahia mar, it already had 4 yes votes and was going to pass before he even had to vote.
    See you at the poles (or on) Benny

  12. Davie Blvd Lawyer says:

    These two are Exhibits A and B as to why our federal government no longer works.

  13. Sam Fields says:

    If I were McCormick I would double down on the thousand dollars blame it on the Republicans and then put Holmes’s in bed with them

    As for Buddy waiting for his thousand dollars in case he didn’t notice it, even if you wrote it, you have to be making Less than $75,000 a year

    The last time a Nevins made less than 75,000 a year was during the Roosevelt administration… That’s TR not FDR