Hersh Won’t Run For County Commission


Weston Mayor Eric Hersh has given up his quest for the county commission.


Eric Hersh

Hersh told Browardbeat.com he will stay put.

The Weston mayor was considering running against County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin.  That’s because she cast the swing vote late last year to keep the Davie Commons project alive.

Hersh said he no longer needs to make the race to block the Commons. His strategy changed with the election earlier his year of Judy Paul as Davie’s mayor. 

Paul’s election meant there are no longer enough votes on the Davie Town Council to support the Davie Commons development complex when it returns to the town for more approvals.

Paul, who opposes The Commons, was elected mayor to replace pro-Commons former Mayor Tom Truex.

The Common’s appears dead….at least, for now, Hersh said.

The cynical among us, including me, would give one other reason for Hersh’s change of mind:  He tested the waters and found them politically toxic.

Wasserman-Rubin’s commission district is heavily Hispanic and black and largely middle- or lower-middle class. Hersh’s appeal has been to the upper-middle class and upper-class voters in Weston, where there are Hispanics but few blacks. 

Although Hersh is not running against Wasserman-Rubin, he won’t kiss and make up.  He still won’t endorse her re-election and remains upset with her vote

“I still don’t like her vote and I don’t think it was right, Hersh explained this week.

Hersh is against the 150-acre Commons office and shopping complex, contending it would flood Weston streets with traffic. The project is planned for the east side of Interstate 75 at Royal Palm Boulevard, just inside Davie.

4 Responses to “Hersh Won’t Run For County Commission”

  1. Dan Stir-merde says:

    Watch the Weston meetings and you will see Hersh is inattentive and not really interested any more. How could he be a county commissioners when he can’t even show interest in the Weston commission?

  2. Just Curious says:

    Remember Mary McCarthy in PB? Remember Diana’s $15K fine? Honest Services? Who says Diana won’t be Bev’s roommate?

  3. ALERT says:

    your right.let him, go for Al Lamberti

  4. Eric Hersh says:

    Eric Hersh is among Broward’s few elected officials that is honest, smart and brave. He is worthy of the respect he gets because very few others in this county are in that same league. He would have been a very formidable opponent and must have his own good reasons for not running.