Herald Picks More Incumbent Judges: Endorses Merrigan, Hurley and Pratt


The Miami Herald continued their policy of endorsing incumbent judges, but had some nice things to say about two challengers.

The Herald endorsed the election on Aug. 24 of County Judges Edward Merrigan Jr., John “Jay” Hurley and Linda Pratt.

(Sorry, I could only find a link to Hurley’s endorsement on the Internet. )

The paper praised Merrigan’s demeanor and fairness on the bench. 

The paper said Pratt “is known for her efforts to be fair to all and in taking her job on the bench seriously.”

Hurley was cited as the judge that decides who stays in jail and who gets released until trial. 

 He was credited with using “common sense and discretion to separate the defendants who truly belong in jail from those whose charges stem more from social and economic difficulties. That saves Broward taxpayers” in jail costs, said the paper’s endorsement of Hurley.

The newspaper also said that lawyer Lloyd Golburgh, who is challenging Merrigan, was a credible candidate who should apply for appointment to the bench. The paper calls Hurley’s challenger Melissa Minsk Donoho “very qualified”  and says she “make a good judge someday.” 

Pratt’s challenger Heidi Berkowitz “declined without an explanation” to be interviewed by the Herald editorial board.

5 Responses to “Herald Picks More Incumbent Judges: Endorses Merrigan, Hurley and Pratt”

  1. Broward Lawyer says:

    I am bett’n all three of these judges win. I am think’n Hurley wins big.

  2. Jan says:

    The only two endorsement worth reading. Let’s see the others were former prosecutors, police officers, black, or had Irish names. So the Miami Herald supports the continuation of the following 1) more people in Broward being sent to prison than anywhere in the State, Minority kids taken from there families and place in Fostercare, Juvenile with minor offenses given sanctions that set them up for failure to be adjudicated delinquent and lives destroyed before they begin. Oh yeah let’s not forget support for Prosecutorial misconduct, protection of corrupt police officers and politicians. Thank God the people of Broward are waking up and deciding for themselves what is in their best interest. Oh yeah, I thought Justice is suppose to be blind although we all know she peeps and the endorsement of candidates are supposed to be unbaised based on knowledge and not one’s name or the name or color of the opponent. I guess I thought wrong. the people of Broward are looking for candidates who are unbossed, unbought and unsold not SELL OUTS.

  3. Beth says:

    I’m thinking Hurley is not only going to win big but, WAY BIG!!
    I can hardly wait for the election!
    Hurley deserves to win. Face it folks, the man has integrity!! Throw someone else’s name in the stew that has “just a pinch” of that if you can. Congrats to Hurley!

  4. FRANK says:

    John hurley is a hot head and a jerk

  5. FRANK says:

    John Hurley is a hot head and a jerk he needs to be voted out.