Herald Endorses Judges Gillespie, Williams


The Miami Herald is still endorsing candidates in Broward judicial campaign and today they wisely picked incumbent Judges Ken Gillespie and Elijah Williams for re-election.

Don’t be fooled by an Internet “poll” of lawyers  or palm cards being distributed by political consulants. Because the Sun-Sentinel apparently not endorsing in these all-important judicial races, the Herald endorsement might be the only independent endorsements voters have.

The paper also denounces the ethnic politics that is growing in Broward:

“More and more, the cynical game being played in judicial races in Broward and Miami-Dade relies on surnames. Miami-Dade incumbent Jewish and black judges are targeted by some Hispanic opponents to capture the ethnic vote. In Broward, it’s the opposite. Some Jewish opponents target Hispanic and black judges to appeal to condo voters, who are mostly Jewish.”
Here is the Herald endorsement in full.

4 Responses to “Herald Endorses Judges Gillespie, Williams”

  1. Unbiased?? says:

    Lets see what they do with the Luzzo race now that he has a new JQC complaint

  2. Broward Lawyer says:

    I have noticed that in the last few months, the Herald and Sentinel swap stories.
    I also have heard that the Sentinel will not be interviewing and endorsing due to lack of personnel/budget cutbacks.
    Do you think that the Sentinel would carry the Herald’s endorsements?

  3. G.B. says:

    I heartily agree with the Herald’s endorsement.

    Judge Williams opponent was overheard at the Hollywood Democratic Club as saying that “the reason Judge Williams is in juvenile court is because that’s all he can do”.

    This so called “opponent” apparently does not know a thing about Judge Williams.

    Judge Williams deserves our support.

  4. see for yourself says:

    go see williams in court doing his amos n andy slash Joe Brown Stand Bt Me impressions while bullying and embarrassing kids and you will see Williams could not last one day in any other Division. He is a great example with racist comments about not carrying the white man’s water.