Hasner: Poll Shows Tie With Frankel


An open U. S. House district that is supposed to hand Democrats a congressional seat is not working out as planned.

At least that’s Republican Adam Hasner’s story.

His campaign trumpeted a poll which puts him neck-and-neck with Democrat Lois Frankel.

The poll can’t be good news to Frankel.

This is a race that offers a sharp contrast.

Frankel, former West Palm Beach mayor and former Florida House member, is an outspoken liberal. Hasner is a rock-ribbed conservative.

Broward Democrats have told me they fear that Frankel has not been paying enough attention to the southern end of the U. S. House District 22 in North and Central Broward.   Meanwhile, the Ds also dread that Hasner, a middle-age contrast to the grandmotherly Frankel, is making inroads among Jewish Broward voters.

We will see on Election Day.

But the results in this district, which learned so far to the Democrats that U. S. House member Alan West fled to a more favorite district in North Palm Beach County where the same poll shows him leading, may end up much closer than originally thought.

Here is the news release from Hasner’s campaign:

New poll shows Hasner, Frankel in dead heat; West with 12-point lead over Murphy

by Andrew Abramson | October 8th, 2012


While District 22 gives a big statistical advantage to Democrat Lois Frankel based on party registration, a new poll released today by StPetePolls.org shows Frankel in a dead heat with Republican Adam Hasner.

The poll, conducted Wednesday through Friday (much of it after the presidential debate) shows Hasner at 44.6 percent and Frankel at 44.3 percent with 11.2 percent undecided. The poll has a 4.9 percent margin of error. This comes after Hasner’s campaign reported raising $650,000 in the most recent quarter.

Seven other congressional races were polled across the state with incumbent Republican Allen West holding a 52.6 percent to 40.6 percent over Democrat Patrick Murphy in District 18 with 6.8 percent undecided and a margin of error of 3.3 percent. That poll included double the amount of the normal sample size “because of how close the CD18 race had been reported,” according to a spokesman for StPetePolls.org.


All eight of the congressional polls surveyed only residents who had voted in the last four years and said they were planning to vote on Nov. 6.

The poll break down showed that while only 9.5 percent of 147 registered Republicans said they planned to vote for Frankel, 15.9 percent of the 176 Democrats polled said they would vote for Hasner. Frankel was leading Hasner 44.8 percent to 31.3 percent of 67 independent voters with 23.9 percent undecided.

The West-Murphy poll also had more Democrats supporting the Republican than Republicans supporting the Democrat. Of 350 Democrats polled, 15.1 percent said they would vote for West. Of 406 Republicans polled, 7.9 percent said they would vote for Murphy. West led Murphy 50.4 percent to 43.4 percent among 113 independent voters surveyed, with 6.2 percent undecided.

One Response to “Hasner: Poll Shows Tie With Frankel”

  1. Voter says:

    not surprised on Hasner lead over Frankel. She has a long voting record in both Tallahassee and WPB that informed voters won’t ignore. sometimes the vote for the other guy is really just so they don’t have to skip that line.

    As to West and Murphy, Murphy raised money from all over so the dollars/support were misleading to some. Beating the other 4 on August 14 was easily done with all those dollars. Say what you will on West but given the re-districting, West’s record for better or worse up against a 29 year old who is VP in one of the family ‘businesses’ (Dad is a partner) incorporated in 2010 is no match. I could not confirm if Murphy has a Florida CPA license.
    Wrong year and district to seek office with such a light resume.