Has Lamberti’s Honesty Hurt His Re-Election?


Sheriff Al Lamberti has come perilously close to touching the third rail of Republican politics gun control.

Lamberti: Too Many Guns

Lamberti’s honestly felt frustration with a community awash in guns resulted in this quote in the Sun-Sentinel:

Lamberti told the paper that when he started with the agency 33 years ago, “most of the time the criminals would surrender. Now they are more callous and willing to shoot it out. I think it’s because of the proliferation of firearms. Everybody has a gun now.”

That statement attacks the key belief of  Republican gun lovers and National Rifle Association:

Guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.

The sheriff is saying that too many guns are a threat!

The only thing worse to some Republicans?  If Lamberti called for abortion-on-demand.

I think the gun statement shows Lamberti’s independence from partisan politics.

But heed my warning, Al.  Many, many Republicans only embrace candidates who pray at the totem of the gun God while singing a chorus of Happiness Is a Warm Gun.

Better watch out!  Some gun nut from your own party might take that statement and use it to run a GOP primary campaign against you next year.

18 Responses to “Has Lamberti’s Honesty Hurt His Re-Election?”

  1. So Nixionian says:

    Undisciplined subordinates tied to Rothstein as part of his inner circle, allows a criminal investigation and all the innuendo that creates to go public in the middle of a County Commission election, then stops it when the fallout becomes seriously bad press for his office due to lack of “evidence”? But now because he may back gun control he is Honest Al? Really??

  2. The Best says:

    Sheriff Lamberti statement proves exactly why he is the best sheriff Broward has ever seen. He puts law enforcement and not politics first.

  3. Louie Louie says:

    Lamberti is done. Louie Granteed has all the important Democrats lining up with him. At the robing it was reported that Judy Stern was introducing him to Barbra and Steve Effman, Henry Rose, and many other important Democrats.

    Louie is a smart and politically savy guy. He comes from a very political family in Scranton, I will bet even Joe Biden may support him. It is time for an outsider to leade BSO and Louie is the man

  4. Responsible Republican says:

    I am also for gun control. Two per household should be enough.

  5. Patti Lynn says:

    I cannot imagine the fear that law enforcement officers must face, every day, while doing their jobs. A vest, a gun, and a radio…against armor piercing ammunition, bigger guns, and a callous disregard for life. There ARE too many guns on our streets. Sheriff Lamberti is correct. Now, our Florida legislature is trying to pass a law to prohibit any City, Town, or County in Florida from passing laws that are more restrictive than state laws. WHO RUNS THIS STATE??? The people, or the NRA??? Sheriff Lamberti is correct. Don’t wait until one of YOUR family members is gunned down.

  6. Thunder says:

    Too many guns aren’t the threat. Too many guns in the hands of law breakers are. And that will never be stopped with gun control. Only the law-abiding gun owners will be affected. How many years will it take for the Libs to realize this? Or don’t they really want to know?

  7. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    I think that Sheriff Lamberti’s suggestion that his position be converted to non-partisan deserves serious discussion, debate and consideration regarding a ballot question.

    That topic has been ignored for years and now that an incumbent Sheriff has himself raised the issue, it would be irresponsible to continue ignoring it.

    I can tell you this much. If the County put a ballot item before the voters to change Sheriff to a non-partisan position, I’d bet 90% of the voters would say yes.


    Two years ago state Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek, tried to interest the Legislative Delegation in non-partisan sheriff’s races. He was thwarted by partisan Democrats in the delegation.

    He was right then and you are right now.

  8. honesty says:

    please wheeler, benjamin and the rest of his double dipping free wheeling rothstein crew.
    what about the alleged santini son cover up?
    that said, gun control is using two hands.

  9. Frank White says:

    I think what the Sheriff’s PR guy will insist he was trying to say was that he was refering to felons, which everybody believes is a resonable restriction on the right to have a gun.

  10. thanks angelo says:

    If you and friend Judy Stern had won the Sheriff’s race with Israel, I have a feeling you would not be so supportive of a Non Partisan Sheriff.

    Al Lamberti’s triumph in 08 shows that the people of this County were smart enough on their own to view the Sheriff’s position as non-partisan. Tens of thousands of Democrats crossed party lines to vote for the best man for the job. They didnt fall for Israel because he was Jewish or because Stern, Castillo and Co., were handing out Jewish Flags on election day.

  11. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Dear Thanks,

    Here’s what’s stylish now. When you don’t agree with somebody attack their integrity. It’s the lowest form of conversation.

    OK here’s proof that I’m my own man.

    In 2000, as a member of the Broward Charter Review Board, I was among the courageous few that voted to make constitutional officers non-partisan. Every lobbyist in town (no exception) went frantic calling members asking them to support the status quo.

    I didn’t agree then and still don’t. I voted my conscience then and still do that today. Go figure.

    Beyond all that — Sheriff Lamberti himself has asked for this change! Did you missed that detail? So, what exactly is left of your “argument?”

    Here’s a question. On the merits, please justify why a sheriff should be elected partisan?

    What does membership in a politcal party add or subtract in terms of relevance or qualifications when voters consider who to elect for this non-legislative, non-policy making job?

    I can’t figure it out. Neither can Al Lamberti. So please, enlighten us.


  12. Nancy says:

    Why is it everyone is dancing around the issue….career criminals are the ones doing the killings. Guns have nothing to do with it. Until these thugs are kept in jail where they belong, nothing will change.

  13. Death Frog 3 says:

    First off, The Sheriff’s Office does not need a “cop” at the helm, no more than it needs a Firefighter, CPIS Investigator, Probation Officer, or Corrections Officer.

    BSO needs a leader. not that I am advocating for or against anyone. I think someone with leadership of handling multiple areas of responsibility and good judgment are what I want. I could care less if he’s a cop. Lamberti’s not out solving crime. If I were Sheriff I’d gladly have him run LE, I’d have the best corrections person I could find to run corrections, probably Marta Villacorta from DOC, I’d pick the best fire chief (beg like hell for Lanza to come back) and the same with every other area of responsibility.

    The Sheriff needs to be politically astute (until its a lifetime appointment like Dade) have good judgment, and be a good leader. Why not a judge? Charlie Greene? Michael Gates? Someone who was a base commander in the military. That is the type of person who should be Sheriff.

    Isreal and Granteed are horrible choices. We know about Isreal already. Granteed who will undoubtedly have the PBA support, was right in the middle of the FBI leak at Hollywood PD. If Isreal and Granteed face each other in the primary look out. The mud will fly. Isreal’s business partner is Jim Scarberry. Scarberry was forced out after the FBI fiasco. He will dish on Granteed for sure.

  14. H. Callahan says:

    BRILLIANT, Nancy

  15. How Naive Can You Be? says:

    Lamberti has no position on anything. His command & control of the BSO shows it. He says and does whatever comes to mind that is expedient but there is no plan, no logic, no enduring philosophy, ethical high ground, or even well founded law enforcement experienced. His term has been a chaotic, leaderless, hypocritical nigthmare fueled by a few unseeing reporters. Fortunately, other media are getting the picture and seeing it clearly.

  16. Get Real says:

    Granteed? You think the PBA is going to support Granteed? Are you on crack? Please. This comes down to Israel and Lamberti again. People are going to have to choose. Scott has issues but basically he is going to be liked by cops. Lamberti has a record to defend that no cop can like. We will have to choose.

  17. Death Frog 3 says:

    @ Get Real

    You are exposing your ignorance. Granteed and Jeff Murano are buddies. Murano is the Sr VP of the PBA.
    Isreal has no PBA ties. He was an FOP guy.

    I am 100% sure Granteed will get the PBA endorsement.

  18. Out and About says:

    Judy stern hosted a democratic strategy meeting Saturday at David town hall. Granteed was there with ceaser, glasser, David Brown and other democratic big wigs. Sure looks to me like they are annointing louie as the democratic nominee.