Gunzburger Plotting An Attack Campaign


County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger tipped her hand with her new financial report:  She’s planning a blistering scorched earth re-election campaign.


Gunzburger spent $10,000 for “research from Stanford Research of Austin, Texas, according to her third quarter report released this week.  

The money will be used to look into the background and the previous votes of her opponent in the 2010 Democratic primary– former state Senate Minority Leader Steve Geller.

The Stanford firm has this statement across the top of one of its website pages: “No Mudsling. Unless, of course, you’re into that. “

Another statement on the site from a happy former customer: “This guy can dig up more dirt with a pencil than any farmer can with a shovel.

Get the picture?

Stanford bills itself as one of the leading Democratic opposition research firms in the country

Op research firms dig up the dirt that ends up in attack ads.

 “When your opposition is spending $10,000 to dig up dirt, you know what direction she’s taking the campaign, said Geller.

Gunzburger has a different take on it:

“This merely ensures we will run a campaign which is 100% accurate and totally fact-driven, she said.  “Steve and I must both be held accountable for our records as public servants.”

Noting that he “cast 100,000 votes in the Tallahassee, Geller predicted that Gunzburger’s campaign will slant some of the positions he took in the Legislature.

Although her financial report is the first written evidence, it should be no surprise to readers that Gunzburger is planning to go on the attack. She foreshadowed how she will slam Geller in an October 2 comment on the website.

“You have been a staunch advocate for greatly expanded high-rise development, while I’ve been a vocal environmentalist who worked to create more (and better) parks and renourished beaches in Broward, she wrote.

The looming attacks will make no difference in Geller’s campaign tactics.

He pledged: “They can’t scare me.

4 Responses to “Gunzburger Plotting An Attack Campaign”

  1. Stand On Your Record says:

    Every politician has to stand on their record. That’s not mud. Those are facts. How you voted in the past and why is the best indicator of how you will vote in the future and why. If Geller has nothing to hide, nothing he feels he shouldn’t have voted for, then he has nothing to worry about.

    Or does he?

  2. Broward Resident says:


  3. ann says:

    This really isn’t a story.

    I don’t know of a candidate who is seriously running for any major office that doesn’t do opposition research.

    If they tell you otherwise, they’re lying. If they don’t, they’re stupid.

  4. LOL says:

    Accuracy and no mudslinging? That’s like Bush saying he went into Iraq for the WMDs. We know it’s a lie. When will these politicians realize that we’re not as stupid as they think we are?