Gunzburger Gives Gift To Handpicked Replacement





County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger is about to give her handpicked replacement a campaign gift.

Gunzburger is naming former Hollywood Commissioner Quentin “Beam” Furr to the Broward County Planning Council.  She is term limited out after next year and Furr has her support to take her place.

The Planning Council approves developments.  The post would put Furr in touch with lobbyists, developers and other building industry types – all major contributors to campaigns.

The appointment would fill a hole in Furr’s fund raising abilities. Out of office and unable to raise money through his vote as an elected official, Furr will now have a vote on projects.

Before the development downturn in  2008, an appointment to the Planning Council was one of the most coveted made by commissioners because of its fund raising potential.  The political role of the council diminished during the recession, but is on the upswing lately because of the increased development.

Of course, Furr’s role on the council would be even more important because of his connection to Gunzburger.  Contributors may believe they are courting favors with both Furr and Gunzburger when they donate to him.

“It doesn’t get more blatant,” one long-time commissioner observer said. “This is a woman who ran on ethics.   The Queen of Ethics Reform, the loudest voice on ethics reform, is making this move! It is so transparent. What does she care? She’s out of office in a year.”

9 Responses to “Gunzburger Gives Gift To Handpicked Replacement”

  1. just one vote says:

    with 18 or so appointed members, one vote for or against an applicant really won’t matter now, or will it?


    You could say the same about the Legislature. With 120 members, one vote for or against “really won’t matter…?”

    The number of members doesn’t seem to deter contributions.

  2. Just Saying says:

    Don’t know if this will raise Beam much money. I understand Beam is as much of an anti-development environmentalist as Gunzburger.

  3. Oh, Please says:

    @Just Saying. Beam has already taken money from many of the development industry lobbyists like Bernie Friedman and George Platt. There is plenty he hasn’t hit up yet.

  4. Floridan says:

    While the Planning Council is an important body within Broward County government, you greatly exaggerate the latitude individual commissioners have to affect development. Although there are a few areas where the PC has final say, in most cases (an particularly those that people think of when they hear the word “development”)it is making recommendations to the County Commission.

    Unlike the State Legislature, where an individual senator or representative can initiate legislation, at the Broward County Planning Council the commissioners review and vote on items that are vetted and placed on the agenda by the professional staff.

    If being the hand-picked candidate of Comm. Gunzberger is insufficient to bring in donations, a seat on the Planning Council is unlikely to enhance Furr’s campaign account.

  5. Nick Steffens says:

    This is intellectually lazy and verging on false. The only lobbyist so regularly appears before the Council is Dennis Mele. Sure, he can bundle some checks but he’s not looking to payoff Beam or anyone else on the Council. Most applicants have good proposals that are well planned and have been reviewed by staff in advance.

    Beam will make a great addition to the Council. His experience from Hollywood while not being a current elected official, like current Planning Council Chair Anne Castro from Dania, will be beneficial.

    And the clout of the Council is exclusively tied to Louis Reinstein resigning.

  6. Why beam why says:

    Wow words of support from a lawyer who was suspended from the practice of law…

  7. Nick Steffens says:

    Who is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Planning Council. Also, I sign my real name, like a big kid. You are a loser who hides behind internet anonymity – for now.

  8. Oh Nick (sigh) says:

    Really Nick, “anonymous for now”…what are you going to do file a john doe lawsuit because someone linked an article about you being suspended by the Bar when in fact that is what happened?

    Protip: Get over yourself.

  9. Jim Kale says:

    This lady is big liar and fraud