Gunzburger Is Fit, Focused and Campaigning Hard


Ponce de León was looking in the wrong place for The Fountain of Youth.  Instead of searching up the coast near St. Augustine, he should have looked in County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger’s backyard.

I’m convinced Gunzburger found the magical rejuvenating waters after spending the morning with her.

sue gunzburger three

Sue Gunzburger


She was just getting started.  I was ready to take a nap.

I’m a decade younger than she is!

Gunzburger, who is brushing up against 70, is fit and focused.  That won’t hurt in her re-election battle against former state Senate Minority Leader Steve Geller.

It is just four months after the death of her husband of 49 years, and Gunzburger has one thing on her mind winning. 

I was at her Hollywood Lake Section house at 7:45 a.m. for a walk around her neighborhood.

She wore a “re-elect Sue Gunzburger tee and a large, floppy print cloth hat. I wore a lot of sweat.

 I showed her the house that my family lived in every winter when I was young. She rattled off the history of almost every house in the neighborhood, who lived there in the past and who lives there now.

Back at her air conditioned house, sweat was still pouring down my face.  She was as fresh as a newly-cut daisy.

She took some pills with orange juice.  I noticed they were all vitamins and no pharmaceuticals.

In her kitchen, I saw a coupon for a discount on donuts. She said she planned to use the coupon to buy donuts and take them to a condominium in her district.

That’s Gunzburger.  She reminds me of the Energizer Bunny. She’ll keep going and going and going between now and the Democratic primary in August, 2010.

Geller’s no pushover.  He’s a tenacious campaigner, too.

But Geller will have a tough race.  Because this grandmother of three is not going to fade away or conduct a campaign from her rocking chair.    

She convinced me of that today.

19 Responses to “Gunzburger Is Fit, Focused and Campaigning Hard”

  1. Johnny B says:

    I heard Geller can’t even walk and goes around in one of those motorized carts.

    FROM BUDDY: I can absolutely tell you that is false.

  2. The old ghost says:

    Despite all your slanted stories Nevins Gunzburger is a loser. You must be on Ron Gunzurger’s payroll. His mommy hasn’t done anything in 15 years on the county commission. Steve Geller is a man of real achievement. He should and will win.

  3. Jack says says:

    I don’t know if Geller can walk around, but I do know that he cannot see his…….feet.

  4. Little Ronnie Says says:

    She might have fooled you on a walk. My Mommy Gunzburger can be very nasty. Mommy will run vicious lying advertisements that I produce to confuse the voters. By the time the campaign is over, Steve Geller will believe he is Satan.

  5. Hills Activist says:

    But politically I thought Steve Geller actually is SATAN!! 😉

    Geller is actually just ……… a scumbag lobbyist who shilled for years in Tallahassee for the insurance and gaming industries, and was mixed up in that dirty billion dollar ponzi scheme Bob Norman keeps writing about.

  6. Hills Activist Is Gullible Or Its Ron Gunzburger says:

    Which of the stories floating around the Internet about Geller made it into the regular newspapers or television? None. That’s because they are filled with innuendos and downright lies, spread by an alleged felon trying to get less time in jail. Let’s see some facts.

  7. john thomlonson says:

    Buddy — Did you make the same offer to spend a day with Geller? I think in an effort to have fair reporting that would make the most sense.

    FROM BUDDY: If Sen. Geller wants to spend time with me, I’m available.

  8. Blue Man Scoop says:

    The Geller walk involves a mad dash through COSTCO stuffing as many free samples in your pocket as possible.

  9. Gunzburgersupporter says:

    Not only is Sue a great commissioner but shes a kind, sweet honest person.

  10. Bus benches says:

    Did she point out the history of all the bus benches she cheated taxpayers out of? I’m glad she is healthy, but she has ignored south Broward for too long!

    Let’s get Geller elected and get a true public servant who works for the people!

  11. Bob Adams says:

    If you want to spend the day with Steve Geller, just go sit in any deli/restaurant in South Broward… Sue Gunzburger has worked tirelessly for the people of Broward County and she will do so for several years to come!

  12. Former PA Employee says:

    One only has to look at Ron Gunzburger to see the truth about Sue Gunzburger. He meets with her before every commission meeting to advise her how to vote. A vote for Sue Gunzburger is a vote for Ron Gunzburger

  13. Reply to Bob Adams says:

    What has Gunzburger done for the people of South Broward? BTW, I have seen Sue Gunzburger on many occassions at the Deli Den, I’ve never seen Steve Geller there. If the best you can do is make sophomoric innuendos to Steve Geller’s weight, then he must be doing something right with his policies!

  14. Hills Activist says:

    What has Gunzburger done? How about creating North Beach Park, the new library at Hollywood City Hall Circle, the Stirling Road library, keeping the beach and Walter Young libraries open, the County’s beach rejuvination work that put sand back on Hollywood and Hallandale beaches, and all the amazing renovations in recent years at TY Park and CB Smith Park ……… just to name a few of the many things she’s done for us. And she always comes to our homeowner association meetings.

  15. Hills Activist Is Gullible Or Its Ron Gunzburger says:

    Ron, why are you posting in the middle of the work day? Shouldn’t you be working at your make-work job for Lori Parrish?

  16. Fmr. County Employee says:

    Both of them have issues. They came to the Dolphins meeting last night and I was not impressed.

    Gunzburger is not a retail politician. You could tell that she would as soon piss on you than look at you. But she has to look at you because its election time.

    Geller, if you don’t know him, you would actually think he’s ok. But I do know him. If you are not helpful to his campaign with money or votes you are nothing but an annoying bug. I know this from experience. Plus he left early after his aggressive face time with all the “relevant” people.

  17. Why Is Geller Running says:

    You have to ask why this man who was the top Democrat statewide would be running for a position like county commissioner. It is like Alex Rodriguez wanting to be in Little League again. Sure, we’ve had Jim Scott appointed to the county after he left the state. We’ve had State Reps who really weren’t big deals run for the county to just have a job.

    But Geller? Couldn’t he have made some better plans for himself? And then when you take into account the fact that he’s a lobbyist, and an attorney, and someone involved in development and insurance and land use and gambling. It just looks to me like he wants the job for all the wrong reasons.

    I can’t cast my vote for a guy like that, sorry. I’ve been disppointed too often to allow myself to vote that way again. At least with Gunz we know what we’re getting into.

  18. Also at the Dolphin Dems says:

    I was also at the Dolphin Democrats meeting this week with both Gunzberger and Geller there. To some extent I agree with the comments in that Gunzberger isn’t a very warm person, but her record on LGBT and feminist causes is wonderful, so I can overlook her schoolmarm-ish demeanor. Geller worked the room and smiled, but in a fake-feeling way, then left shortly after the meeting started. Gunzberger at least stayed for the meeting. Gunzberger’s son was also there, presumably the same one who is referenced in the earlier posts (I think she only has one son), but unlike his mother or Geller, he seemed to be genuinely likeable and funny and “real.” Maybe it was an act, but he isn’t the candidate.

  19. Fmr. County Employee again says:

    “Also at the Dolphin Dems”, you are right. I came across a bit harsh at Sue Gunzberger and I shouldn’t have. She is definitely not a warm person but I hear that on a corrupt commission she is not, other than the bench ads thing with her husband which I am trying to find out more about. Her lack of ability at projecting empathy shouldn’t stop me from looking at her record on the things I care about.

    Like you I heard from people i was complaining to about her warmth that she actually is a good on Lgbt issues and great on Women’s issues. The only thing that was concerning was that someone told me that she ignores the low income and Black areas of her district which would be a non-starter for me donating to her campaign, which i am sure she won’t need or phone-banking and knocking on doors which she might.