Gunzburger Fires Back At Geller On TV…Again


Back at ‘Ya.

County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger’s latest ad takes challenger Steve Geller to task for attacking her children and her late husband, “questioning my integrity with half truths and twisted facts.”

Geller, of course, would say Gunzburger’s ad attacking him is filled with “half truths” and “twisted facts.”

Gunzburger’s latest is here.    At the end of the 30 second spot, you can choose to watch Geller’s and Gunzburger’s previous ads.

Geller is challenging Gunzburger for the South Broward commission seat in Hollywood, Hallandale and Pembroke Pines.  The ads broadcast  on cable TV stations in those three communities, but miss all the customers who own a dish.

18 Responses to “Gunzburger Fires Back At Geller On TV…Again”

  1. Geller Lies says:

    How can anybody could take Steve Geller seriously since he is a paid lobbyist for developers and cast every vote in Tallahassee in favor of the gambling and insurance industry?

    Sue Gunzburger is the prime mover behind the new ethics law at the county. Bad career politicians like Geller are why this law was needed.

  2. Resident says:

    Interesting. Shift for Ron with the soft touch. Not biting, but may be mildly effective. Draws on sympathy for Sue. The problem will be is that Ron can’t hold to this tack. It’s not his style, and is limited in working to Sue’s strengths (excuse me) Ron’s strengths.

    Steve either comes back with ignoring the response, or putting out proof of conflicts (or at least the appearance of conflicts). Let’s see what happens.

    By the way, Sue looks 20 years younger. Best she has looked in years. Good work. Steve’s counter is to drop 50 lbs. to take on that more youthful appearance.

  3. Dear Resident says:

    @5:40 p.m
    If Steve Geller lost 50 lbs., he would only be 150 lbs. overweight!

  4. Go Get Him, Sue says:

    Geller is such a liar and Gunzburger needs to point it out again and again.

  5. gimme a break says:

    Geller’s ad was right on target to call Gunzberger a hypocrite. She has the nerve to say that Geller is attacking her dead husband. Sue, he is attacking YOU. You are the one that is the elected official that profited from the county contracts. I know, you didn’t spend any of the money your husband made.Yeah right! You say he is distorting the truth in his ad.You have blantantly LIED about him for months.Give me a break!

  6. Who Cares says:

    This e-mail is to the morons that have nothing more constuctive to say other than to take shots at Geller about his weight. Should people point out how ugly Gunzberger is? I’m sure she already knows. Someones looks or weight shouldn’t be the issue in an election. We should be talking about a person’s ability to get the job done.

  7. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    I’ve been introduced to Sue GONESburger and by all accounts, on a social level, she seemed like a nice enough woman. So to that extent, I am sorry for the recent loss of her husband. I take family matters seriously.

    That being said, this ad is disgusting. To politically exploit the death of her own husband in order to garner some sort of misguided “sympathy” vote is opportunism of the most repulsive and despicable kind.

    Steve Geller did NOT “attack” her children or her late husband. He simply stated a fact: her family HAS received millions of tax dollars between salaries, benefits and contracts. She cannot credibly deny that statement. If she denies it, she’s a liar.

    She conveniently overlooks that Steve Geller has more tenure and experience in elected office than SHE does and that he has operated on a much higher level of sophistication. Instead of referring to him as commissioner, representative, or senator, she calls him a “lobbyist” in the same breath that she says “sleazy” and “pro-development”.

    Hey Sue! If “pro-development” lobbyists are so sleazy and scummy, when are you going to give back the TENS OF THOUSANDS (probably HUNDREDS of thousands by now!) of campaign dollars that “pro development” lobbyist Bernie Friedman has raised for you?!? Let’s talk about THAT lobbyist who has been the Svengali pulling your puppet strings for two decades now. Hollywood is finally chasing him out, but he’s managed to keep you as his safe haven in Broward County.

    GONESburger is bought and paid for by a pro-development lobbyist while criticizing Geller for being the same thing, then has the gall to manufacture an imaginary “attack” against her family. To me, she’s paranoid, delusional, or both.

    Sue, that commercial was right: you ARE a hypocrite. Right now, you should be looking like one of those poor pelicans on the Louisiana coastline, except the gooey brown stuff dripping off of you wouldn’t be crude oil.

    If you’re willing to exploit your dead husband for political gain, how much DEEPER into the sewer are you planning to go??? Careful, Sue…Ronnie-boy is steering you down a path you might want to reconsider.


    is she kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiding?

    how she could play on her family, her deceased husband (the ONLY nice Gunzburger, by the way) and her “it” (aka son).

    this is as low and bottomfeeding as it gets, Call Guiness, Commissioner Gunzburger has broken all world records for sinking to the lowest depths (even lower than BP’s seafloor and moral lows/depths, even lower than Jules Verne’s 20,000 leagues under the sea depths, even lower than Gary Coleman’s wife?’s depths)….

  9. The Truth 4 U says:

    Gunzburger recused herself from every vote on her husband’s sale of benches. Her husband was a county vendor long before she became a commissioner. Geller tries to make something out of nothing.
    Geller, on the other hand, is a paid lobbyist for the development industry. Do we need a paid lobbyist for the development industry to be elected one of the commissioners who vote on whether to allow development?

  10. Which One says:

    Of the two I prefer Guznbreger. She seems more in it for the people. The other one seems more about him and not the people. I just get those kinds of impressions from people. I usually go with it and mostly it turns out to be right.

  11. Truthiness says:

    “Tommy the Fry Cook” is at it again, spreading the Geller lies and distortions. Now that Geller’s attack on Sue Gunzburger’s dead husband and kids has badly backfired and Geller’s poll numbers are really starting to tank, “Team Geller” is at again with more lies.

    The truth is that Gunzburger has frequently voted against that scummy Bernie Friedman, including on the recent Diplomat project at that golf course. It was Friedman’s biggest client, and it was a major project, yet Sue led the charge against it and, in a major upset, killed Friedman’s mega-project.

    Sleazy lobbyist Steve Geller and his lackeys are simply desperate enough that they are spinning any lie they wish in the pursuit of victory. Sad. Very sad.

    Good riddance to scumbag developer lobbyist Geller!!!!!

  12. Da Gotts says:

    Pretty simple really. Sue is full of integrity. She is a long time supporter of her community and her record speaks volumes.
    Geller is just full of hot air.

  13. Gunzburger lies says:

    Steve Geller did not attack her deceased husband. He simply stated a fact that her family has made their fortune on tax payer dime. That is the truth.

    As far as the person who said that she recuse herself from voting on her husbands proposal, that is a weak argument. Even if she abstained from voting, she still has the power to twist arms and make back room deals. Anyone who knows a little bit about politics, knows this goes on a lot. I find it hard to believe she didn’t lobby for her husbands proposal, despite the fact she was abstaining.

    My other question, which she Gunsburger hasn’t answered, if the product was so great, how come he only sold it to Broward? Why was there no other government in the United States using his product? Is it because his wife didn’t serve on any other government?

    Lastly, Buddy reported on this blog about how Gunzburger’s daughter had a job she wasn’t qualified for, lied to take time off, got caught and was subsequently fired and how Sue Gunzburger put family and politics first by trying to privatize the jail. How come she doesn’t answer that claim?

    How come Sue doesn’t mention how her son is also her campaign manager and works for the property appraiser’s office. While the office had to fire 11 employees, Ron was producing her commercial and running her campaign. How come that isn’t mentioned?

    Here’s the facts. 1. Your family made it’s money from tax payer dime. 2. You have influence on decisions whether you vote or not. 3. One of your children was receiving a paycheck paid from taxpayer money and was fired for misbehavior. 4. Another of your children currently gets paycheck from taxpayer money and also runs your campaign. Did I miss anything? Didn’t think so…good bye and good riddance!

  14. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    To “Truthiness”:

    Screw you. You’re a shill for GONESburger or you’re “Little Ronnie”…either way, I really don’t give a damn because you’re a lying sack of crap.

    This is no “attack” on GONESburger’s family. That is a delusional fantasy perpetuated by morons like you that have absolutely nothing else to rave about.

    Add it up and answer in a “yes” or “no” format: Has the GONESburger family, when you consider Sue, Ron, and the myriad of other family members feasting from the public trough, and when you incorporate wages, benefits, and contractual payments, have they “Yes” or have they “No”, received millions of dollars of tax payer funding???

    It’s a simple question and the math is a matter of public record. I’d ask you to add it up but you don’t have that many fingers and toes, let alone the IQ points to correlate it all.

    For everyone else, the answer is “YES”…the GONESburger family HAS received millions of dollars of Broward Taxpayer dollars. There is no dispute to that point.

    Anyone who claims that Geller’s poll numbers have “tanked” as a result of your imaginary attack on Sue’s dead husband is a LIAR. No new polls have been released by either camp, so if you’re claiming some insider insight, you’re Ron GONESburger trying to further deceive the voting public. You’re trying to deflect the attention from the fact that the GONESburger campaign is LOSING HUGE and desperate to try to turn the tides.

    When the best you can do is to say “Vote for me because my husband is dead”, you’ve reached a pathetic depth in the political cesspool that is too sad for me to comment on.

    Hey “Truthiness”…I notice you don’t address my point about how many tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars that Sue has accepted from Bernie Friedman and/or his associates. I’ll take that as a concession to my claim that Sue is bought and paid for by Becker Poliakoff and Bernie Friedman.

    Hey “Truthiness”: you might as well change your name to either “Lying Sack of S**T” or “Ron Gunzburger”, whichever best applies. It’s obvious you’re one or the other.

    Geller has NOT lied, GONESburger is bought and paid for by the same lobbyists that she rails against, her family HAS taken millions of dollars in taxpayer money, and Steve Geller is going to kick her ass on August.

  15. Harry Harrison says:

    Seems to me that there’s never been two better candidates for the Soylent Green vat….

  16. The Truth 4U says:

    Geller is in the pockets of the developers.
    Imagine 20 minute waits to get out of Century Village. Imagine another half hour added to trips in Hallandale and Hollywood.
    If you like that vision, elect Geller. He has made statements that he believes Broward County needs to continue to build high rises everywhere.
    He is a development industry lobbyist.
    Gunzburger is for controlled sensible growth.

  17. Gunzburger Campaign says:

    We don’t know where this “it was only sold to Broward” line came from, as it is incorrect. The company sold it’s product to various counties and cities around Florida starting well before Sue ever ran for County Commissioner.

  18. Floridan says:

    Geller has no room to talk. His checks might be signed by clients, but if it were not for his government jobs, he would be working in some suburban storefront, handling divorces and closings.