Gunzburger Answers Geller: No Deal


Earlier today former state Sen. Steve Geller called on County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger  in to run a clean campaign.  

In an open letter, Gunzburger answers Geller.

And he isn’t going to like what she has to say.

This race for County Commission District 6 really is the most interesting one on the local ballot so far.  These candidates  really don’t like one another.   I love it!

Here is Gunzburger’s answer to Geller: 

“The voters are entitled to know what you and I stand for, and to learn the truth about our mutual records as two veteran Broward elected officials.  I’m happy to openly discuss my record as an environmentalist who successfully worked for beach restoration and more parks — just as I’m sure you are willing to defend your lengthy record as a developer lobbyist.”


I see her point.  She believes voters should know Geller’s background, including facts about his profession as a former lobbyist and his views on development. 

I see his point.  Voters need to be warned that some of what her campaign has said about Geller is nothing more than shameless spinning. 

For instance, her campaign is disingenuous to criticize Geller for taking contributions from criminals like Scott Rothstein.  After all, Gunzburger took money from Rothstein, too.

I can’t win by picking sides.  I’ll just hold their coats and let them duke it out.

Here is the original post that Gunzburger is answering.  Here is her answer to Geller in full:

Dear Steve:

Thank you for your three-page letter filled with suggestions and advice for how you believe I should run my campaign. While I appreciate the hours you have obviously spent thinking about my campaign and coming up with these nifty ideas for me, your suggestion as to how we can both avoid being held accountable to the voters for our public records is a bad idea.

The voters are entitled to know what you and I stand for, and to learn the truth about our mutual records as two veteran Broward elected officials. I’m happy to openly discuss my record as an environmentalist who successfully worked for beach restoration and more parks — just as I’m sure you are willing to defend your lengthy record as a developer lobbyist and legislator who advocated for larger mega-high rises on the barrier islands. I’m proud of my years of advocacy in support of adding a tougher ethics code for elected officials to the Broward County Code and Charter — something you have quietly but persistently lobbied behind the scenes to kill in recent months. I can go on about my record of building more public libraries, creating and saving jobs, and a dozen straight years of lowing property tax rates, and so on — just as I’m sure you will talk about your record — but you get the idea.

This campaign — from both of us — should simply be about telling the truth. I am all for it. Why aren’t you? As for my strategy, Steve, it is to do what I have always done as an elected official: meet with as many voters as possible personally, and listen and respond to their concerns. My campaign communication will be about telling the truth, getting the facts out, and letting the voters decide August 24 based on honest information.


Sue Gunzburger
County Commissioner – District 6

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sue Gunzburger, Democrat for Broward County Commissioner, District 6

55 Responses to “Gunzburger Answers Geller: No Deal”

  1. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    Sue, this is becoming more sad and depressing by the day. You keep talking about telling the truth, yet you remain silent regarding all the lies, insults, and misrepresentations that your “supporters” (Ron?!?). I disagree with you as a commissioner, but I at least gave you credit as having some integrity and honesty within you. You’re proving me wrong. REPEATEDLY.

    You are revealing yourself to be a hypocrite and no longer worthy of representing Broward County.

  2. Truthiness says:

    It’s funny but I never thought of Geller as such a big shiner until the past few days. This embarrassing Geller meltdown confirms Gunzburger’s poll claim. Geller must know that he’s unelectable ifbhis negatives become the issue. His actions this week speaks louder than his cocky boasts. Geller knows he’s going down and us trying to save his sinking ship. Too bad for him Sue didn’t throw him a life preserver.

  3. Ron: Stop Lying says:

    Ron: Sorry, I Mean Truthironness, Stop lying. You continue to know that Mom’s poll is B.S.

    I actually think that Geller played it well. Set himself up as the good guy, and now when he exposes Mom for her many ethical problems, he get’s to be the white hat, and say he only did it because Sue wouldn’t play nice. It’s funny to hear her continue to claim to be the ethical one. That reputation won’t last long

  4. Resident says:

    There is a difference between an Issue Oriented Campaign, and a Clean/Dirty Campaign. Unfortunately, Gunzburger can’t distinguish any of it. That’s the problem Issue Oriented can still be clean. But between her and Ron, they can’t or don’t want to see that. It’s all about winning.

    Expect a lot of misleading sound bites. Only the ‘Truth’ as Sue and Ron sees it.

  5. Michael Buffer says:

    Geller deserves whatever he gets.

    Go eat some more fat food big boy. You’re going to need the energy with this one.

    You just picked a fight you can’t win.

    Just another bad Geller decision.

  6. Willie says:

    Sue twists her letter into an attack on Geller and she makes snide remarks about him every chance she gets.
    She uses dirty campaigning because can’t run on her record because she doesn’t have one.
    Little Ronnie can’t save her.

  7. Fake name says:

    This has now gotten ridiculous. The same five people post here and it’s the same old stuff day in and day out. When it comes down to it neither one of you are in touch with common middle class people although through blogs you like to think you are. This has now become a typical government pissing match with your constituents caught in the middle. I can honestly say I’m supporting Steve but if this keeps up I would support ANYONE else that got in the race. Stop blogging and get back to getting to know your people and how they live and what there needs are. It’s time to grow up and stop being spoiled rich little politicians. Good luck district 6.

  8. political bs says:

    oh what happened to civility and why can’t we all just get along?
    How’s that change working out for ya?

  9. KC says:

    Gunzburger has a snide comment for everything, it is grating on the nerves. Everything that has come out of her campaign has been demeaning to somebody, whether it is Geller, his campaign or just the voters at large. All it seems to me is that a County Commissioner is scared of facing a former State Senator.

    Would the snide comments come if a former Senator decided to run for the House? Or is it just a Gunzburger trait?

  10. Another Fake Name says:

    Well said!

  11. Insider says:

    I don’t live in Comm. Gunzburger’s District 6 so I cannot vote for her but I will support her in other ways as I have seen her in action. Since her days in Hollywood, she has been tireless in reaching out to her community. She doesn’t just campaign the year before the election. She is very often at HOA meetings, answers her own e-mails (if you think most electeds do, you are mistaken), meets with constituents, attends community forums and events, participates proactively on important committees county-wide and much more. Sue is one of the few genuine public servants you can depend on. She has stood her ground on over-development (ask the Hallandale residents). She has argued for stricted ethics controls.

    I am not a lobbyist, I am not related to her. I am a worker bee who appreciates what she does. Sadly, I work in this business we call politics and have seen the wizard behind the curtain, but Sue is one of the few that does not disappoint.

    She may not be perfect, but she’s the best we’ve got.


    is Ronnie Gunzburger working downtown 9-5 every week day? if so, is he also working on his mother’s campaign during the day. if he is, is he walking outside the government building and at least doing on the outside sidewalk? and if he is, is he doing it only on his lunch break because the rest of the day, he should be working for the taxpayers paying his salary?
    and does his boss Lori Parrish supervise Ronnie to see that he is not doing his mother’s political campaign during his day job?


    Ron Gunzburger works in a glass office and the computer screen faces the public.

    Lori Parrish has installed fingerprint readers to get in and out of the office, so she would know if he is goofing off.

    Knowing Ms. Parrish, she would never allow less than a full days’ work out of an employee. She is a tough employer. I can assure you she gets at least 8 hours, 5 days-a-week of Ron Gunzburger.


    to Buddy:

    to my #12 post: i humbly urge you to call Lori to get answers to my queries because i have a strong hunch the taxpayers are not getting 8 hours of property appraisor attorneying from Ronnie Gunzburger each weekday.


    to Buddy:

    I hope, if Ronnie G. is not leaving the building (which he should if he does anything relating to his mother’s campaign) from 9-5 M-F, that he is doing strictly property appraiser work related duties. I somehow don’t buy it. It is really worth looking into, for best case scenario, he is following appropriate guidelines and a worst case scenario, he is breaking rules.

    It is not the norm in government to have a county commissioners’s son / also political consultant work in a political bureaucratic office for interestingly enough, a past county commissioner, who interestingly enough, used to serve with her now employee’s mother as a peer county commissioner.

    Objectively looking at this, does it merit closer scrutiny? ….. hmm..probably. If he is not doing anything wrong, good for him, Lori and his mother…but if he is (and it’s hard to believe he is not helping his mother at all during the day), it is an abuse that can’t be tolerated for transparency’s sake.

  15. Nepotism is Broward says:

    It is fishy. Didn’t Sue’s daughter have a cozy job in the Broward County Sheriff’s Department? When she was fired for not working and lying about her leave, didn’t Sue try to use her political position and influence to “punish” the sheriff’s office? How come Mr. Bob Norman, “Broward’s crusader against corruption” hasn’t written about this? Is it because little Ronnie hasn’t told him to write about it yet? Buddy, please do us a favor and investigate this.

    FROM BUDDY: I already wrote about this. Use the search feature on the home page and you’ll find it.

  16. Nepotism is Broward says:

    Thanks Buddy! I found it. Here’s the link:


    To Buddy:

    what do you think of a county commissioner’s son going to work for her fellow peer commissioner now property appraiser? and that son still being involved in running campaigns, when he is a civil servant?

    does this look good? does this send the right message to the public? would you have done this if you were Lori and/or Sue and/or Ronnie G(od awful)?

    FROM BUDDY: I don’t have to defend Ron Gunzburger. He can defend himself and has in a post here.
    Let me just point out that Ron Gunzburger was working for the late William Markham, the previous property appraiser. Lori Parrish did not hire him, but inherited him when she won office.

  18. Nepotism is Broward says:

    Is there a connection between Bernie Friedman practically owning Sue Gunzburger and Lori Parrish? I wonder how much Bernie’s clients have donated to Lori Parrish’s campaigns in the past. If so, I bet that’s how little Ronnie got his job, despite Lori saying otherwise.

  19. Truthiness says:

    It’s pretty clear, Steve, that you’re both scared s***less about what Ronnie G is gonna do to expose the truth about you and your sleazy, shady lobbyist-politician-lawyer deals, your ponzi scam pals like felon Joel Steigner (hey Steve, do you miss hanging out at Joel’s mansion?), and your record of supporting tax and utility rate hikes, etc etc.

    I wonder if your old friends Chas and Joel have interesting things to say about you to the Feds (or to Ronnie G) … or maybe they already have ???


    Hey, Truthiness:

    why don’t you answer my questions posted above???

    What do you think of the Ronnie G. being paid on the public dime by the ex peer of his mother?

    is it good public policy and does it send the right messge to the taxpayers? You, Truthiness, were the only lawyer in town Lori could have hired for the job? Why did she hire you, of the thousands of lawyers she could have hired, Ronnie G.?…..HMMMMM,THAT’S A TOUGH ONE TO ANSWER (GUFFAW, SNORT, CHUCKLE,GAG..)

    how about the Rothstein checks to your mom, Truthiness? when did you get ’em, in time for her vote on his clients?

  21. Ron Gunzburger says:

    Hey David (i.e., Steve’s campaign manager):

    Just to answer one of your many questions, I have been the General Counsel of the Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office since the previous administration. Lori retained me in my position when she was elected in 2004. I’ve been consulting/working in that office since Bill Markham hired me in the mid-1990s, am a state certified property appraiser (CFE), and have successfully completed over 200 class hours of IAAO appraisal coursework, in addition to being a 22-year trial attorney (and, FYI, I just won a case in federal court for the office last week). And, FYI, there are very few lawyers in South Florida who specialize in the area of ad valorem taxation — which is why the Broward Bar and other groups have had me teach attorney CLE courses and speak on this highly specialized area of law.

    Finally, since you seem to not understand local government, the Property Appraiser is not part of the County Commission and does not serve under their direction. Lori is an independent state constitutional officer (under the general supervision of the Florida Department of Revenue in Tallahassee).

    As for all your other questions related to this commission race, I guess you’ll just have to wait for the the mail and ads to see what we have to say. As Buddy likes to write: Stay tuned!

  22. Don't Bother says:

    Senator Geller, please don’t waste your breath or ink anymore asking the Gunzberger campaign to run a clean race. It is obvious that they are condescending, arrogant and hypocritical. Only an idiot would believe the crap that they
    are spewing. They keep bringing up this Mutual Benefits stuff. This is old news and I have never read that you have been investigated or charged with any wrong doing. I have read and heard about many politicians being charged and/or investigated and have never heard your name even mentioned other than by the Gunzbergers. It is obvious that they are going to distort your voting record by emphasizing one part of a many faceted bill that you have voted on. Please check out Gunzberger’s record. Everyone knows she is a “pay to play ” politician. Civility is obviously not going to work here.

  23. Don't Bother says:

    Senator Geller, please don’t waste your breath or ink anymore asking the Gunzberger campaign to run a clean race. It is obvious that they are condescending, arrogant and hypocritical. Only an idiot would believe the crap they are spewing. They keep bringing up this Mutual Benefits stuff. It is old news and I have never heard or read that you have been investigated or charged with any wrong doing.It is obvious that they are going to distort your voting record by mentioning one part of a multi-faceted bill that you voted on. Please investigate Gunzberger’s record. Everyone know that she is a “pay to play” politician. Civility is not going to work here. Please, fire back!

  24. Truthiness says:

    Dear Sen Geller,
    it is clear Gunzburger is going to fight dirty and unfairly attack you with your record and votes and scandals. It is clear that nobody but the Gunzburgers, New Times and the Sun-Sentinel, and some court depositions, have ever even mentioned you as being deeply involved in the Mutual Benefits ponzi scheme, so we know there is nothing to it. And, even though Mutual remains an open fed investigation, you can just show your clearance letter from the Feds, right? After all, they issued clearance letters I’m the case to at least 6 of the public officials linked to it. You did get one of those letters, didn’t you? And, since Steigber’s Mutual Benefits criminal trial was pushed back to 2011, we know more allegations about you won’t come out between now and the primary — so don’t worry, Steve, Gunzburger won’t be able to prove anything anyways, so you can just deny, deny, deny. Well, I’m just an average Joe resident who is with you and against those horrible GONESbergers. Stay strong, Steve, and start attacking Sue and go negative defensively first with your ECO funds. We the people understand: you had no choice. Just like you had no choice when Bogdanoff forced you to run the slimiest campaign in Broward history. But it’s a compromise you’re willing to make as the great man that you are.

    David Brownnoser
    your campaign manager

  25. Truthiness the Fry Cook says:

    Hi Steve. This isn’t David Brownnoser again. This is just somebody else who is so impressed with you Ghandi/Mandela-like saintly restraint, but who understands you just are being forced to go negative. Which you’ve never done before, except when you ran against Rochlin in your first House race and against Bogdanoff in your first Senate race … and this is your first Commission race, so I mean, it seems like it’s about time again. I agree with everything I, umm, those other good citizens wrote above. So start throwing mud now Steve. And, by total coincidence — wow!! — you already did your op research long ago and his through third parties how you paid for it. Just like that Jim Kitchens poll you did in early March that never showed up in your financial reports for the quarter. I guess Gunzburger is just jealous because you have all those lucky breaks!

    Not David Brownnoser, I’m somebody else this time

  26. Yaki says:

    The viceral hate from Gunzberger/supporters towards Geller is palpable…Why? because he is fat? Because in his 20 years of service, with distiction I might add, met some unsavery folks trying to cozy up to him and failed? or is it because they are scared $hitle$$??? All I can say is I hope Geller wins. This lady has no class.

  27. Dear Jerry Springer Camp says:

    Dear Ronnie,
    At least your responding on a Saturday this time instead of spending all day on the computer at your so called job. You’re right,everyone already knows the Gunzberger camp or should I say the Jerry Springer camp will run a nasty, dirty, twisted truth campaign.


    Hi Ron!!!!!

    are you at the office today, working on your mother’s campaign in a government building, like you do monday through friday, even though you are not supposed to? if not, congrats for at least today, you aren’t breaking the law!! yeaah!


    to “Dear Jerry Springer Camp”:

    I THINK what you are saying is that Ronnie works all day on the government dime on his mother’s political campaign, which I believe is illegal.

    Michael Satz, for fucking once, earn your money and investigate Ron Gunzburger for running political campaigns out of the property appraisor’s office.

    FDLE? FBI?

  30. Ron: Stop Lying says:


    Maybe you’re right for a change. Maybe we all just don’t understand local government. Maybe your Mom didn’t serve on thye County Commission with your employer, Lori Parrish. Maybe the Broward County Commission doesn’t set the funding for the Property Appraiser. Maybe you don’t spend lot’s of time being paid by the county to run your mom’s campaign, or maybe it’s ok to do that.

    On second thought, no. You’re lying again.

  31. Ron Gunzburger says:

    As Buddy himself noted above in #12, my office has a giant plate glass window onto our lobby, and from which anyone in the lobby can clearly see me, who I’m meeting with, and can even see my computer screen (as it faces towards the window). If you’d like, David, feel free to camp out in our office’s lobby all day long, standing at the window keeping an eye on me. Besides attending VAB hearings before Special Magistrates, meeting with taxpayers, interpreting legal matters for Lori and our employees, answering emails from taxpayers and staff, being in court, and defending our office on roughly 50+ lawsuits I’m personally handling, there really isn’t time to do anything else during the day. I have no concerns about anyone reviewing my emails or computer — as has been done in the past, as no campaign work is done in the office. Lori would simply not permit it to happen (including when she runs for reelection).

    Finally, to correct you again, David, the County Commission does NOT “set the funding” for the Property Appraiser’s office. This is a common misunderstanding. By state law, the County is required to fund our office for whatever amount the Florida Department of Revenue approves for our budget.

  32. Resident says:


    I am probably wrong, but I believe you over simplified the budget process.

    I thought the way the Property Appraiser’s office was funded is that Lori sets a budget and submits it to the County Commission for approval. They don’t have to approve and can negotiate it, or approve it at a different level.

    If Lori disagrees, she can appeal it to the State, and they can override the County Commission and set it to a level they approve.

  33. Ron Gunzburger says:

    No, Lori submits her budget annually to DOR. If the County doesn’t like it, they — under state law — need to appeal to Tallahassee. For the other constitutionals, it works the way you described. But, for whatever reason, this is how it works statewide for Property Appraisers.

  34. Nepotism is Broward says:

    Hey Ron! How do you explain your sister’s job in which she decided not to show up for work and then cried to mommy when she was fired? How do you explain the mommy tried to retaliate immediately afterwards? Since you like links, here’s a link that’s NOT from the New Times Blog (one that you didn’t write for Bob Norman).

    Let’s see you twist and lie about this one. FYI; I’m not David Brown or Steve Geller. I’m a Broward voter who does not like your mother or her politics!

  35. Ron Gunzburger says:

    I really don’t have any info about the details of my sister’s lawsuit. However, questioning the Sheriff’s budget closely and critically – and suggesting HPD and FLPD should be able to bid against BSO for providing services at the port/airport, to give one example, is something my mother has done for years. This was true under Lamberti, and it was also true when Jenne and Cochran was sheriff. After all, she’s tried to be frugal with our tax dollars, pioneered zero-based budgeting at the County, etc. Buddy’s perception was simply incorrect on this story, but he has a right to view it however he’d like to, as do you. I’m very comfortable with my mother’s record on BSO funding issues over the years.


    Ronnie, do you field calls on your land line or cell phone (job cell phone or personal cell phone) in the government building while on duty for your job, that relate to your mother’s campaign? …NO, OF COURSE YOU DON’T, ALL YOU DO IS YOUR GOVERNMENT JOB ALL DAY, RIGHT, RONNIE?….



  37. David Brown says:

    To Ron: You keep directing your posts at me (see 21 above) as though I use one of your favorite tactics of using fake names to post things about Steve Geller, or me, that you, for some reason don’t want to take credit for. I HAVE NOT POSTED ANYTHING IN THIS CAMPAIGN UNDER ANY OTHER NAME THAN MY OWN. I have never posted about you or your sister and have not authorized or asked anyone else to do so.

    For over a year we have run a positive campaign focused on Steve’s considerable legislative record and his vision for how to help the residents of Hollywood, Hallandale and Pembroke Pines maintain a quality lifestyle. No one believes that Steve was involved in ponzi schemes or with mob connected types no how many times you try to put that our there.

    I was personally disappointed when your Mom totally rejected, again, Steve’s call for a clean campaign. Obviously, your campaign having spent over $21,000 with a firm that prides itself on digging up “dirt” and “spinning” the truth to win political races (see above) to do your opposition research on Steve’s 20 year public record as you said above, “I guess you’ll just have to wait for the mail and ads to see what we have to say”. Given the nasty campaign you have run to date and the short time till Election Day, I expect we’ll soon begin to see your well documented campaign tactics unfold.

    Ron, we’ve known each other for 25 years. If you want to talk to me, or educate me on the fine points of the County budget process, just pick up the phone. I am only communicating with you on this blog because it’s Sunday and I don’t have your ell phone.


    answer the questions I posed, Ronnie, stop ducking them…come on, let’s get to the bottom of it. Ronnie, in my household growing up, i was always told to be honest and to never duck something, no matter how bad it was…how about you, were you raised the same way?


    to David Brown:

    David, which cell phone number, the government issued one, the one Ronnie never uses for political calls or campaign issues?

    Here it is: (000) 000-0000; why, because Ronnie bought it to symbolize the amount of honesty and forthrightness he spews each and every day.

    David, they can’t beat you on the issues and facts; they are bottom feeders who stoop to any level to get what they want and enrich themselves (remember the Gunzburgur County bench deal)…while smearing others.

  40. Ron Gunzburger says:

    I don’t have an office-issued cell phone, nor does the office reimburse me for having my own cell phone.

    As for Bernie Friedman — to give just one recent example of many — my mother cast the deciding vote AGAINST one of the largest project he has ever lobbied in support of. You can verify that in the Sun-Sentinel:

  41. Nepotism in Broward says:

    Let me ask you this Ronnie. When you decided to run for Judge (and thankfully lost) how did you get your job back? Did Mommy make a deal with Lori to hold your job for you? Perhaps traded her endorrsement to save your job? Maybe there was no one else qualified to do your job, as you would have us believe, then who did the work while you were campaigning? If someone else did the job, then why was your job held open for your return? If you continued to do the job, then how did you not cross the line of campaigning on public dime, considering many campaign events were during working hours?

    FROM BUDDY: Let me enter this debate again.
    I covered Ron Gunzburger’s last judicial campaign against, among others, then-Judge Joyce Julian. It was at least two years before Lori Parrish became property appraiser.


    do you use your cell phone during the day in the office for anything to do with your mother’s campaign? NO, OF COURSE NOOOOOOOOOT!



  43. Ron Gunzburger says:

    Scott Rothstein never lobbied my mother on any issue ever. In fact, I believe they only met once or twice, perhaps for a combined total of two minutes when they crossed paths in public. She never once met with him to discuss any issue. Their words exchanged were merely an introduction and exchange of pleasantries. Rothstein never mentioned any county business to her on any date. Versus Geller who took $50,000 from Rothstein, and gave his pal a custom-made superhero costume. New Times called Geller “the central nexus” between the Rothstein and Mutual Benefits ponzi scheme.

    As for the recycled plastic contracts, we’ve repeatedly set forth the details. It was a routine competitive, sealed-bid procurement process which saved tax dollars. BTW won the first contract BEFORE my mother was ever on the Commission. Another company was the low bidder the next time, BTW won it the time after that as the low-bidder, and another company won it the next time. My mother recused herself and NEVER voted on any of those contracts, nor did she play any role in the process, and my father in writing fully set forth his part-owner interest in the business. It was a great recycled product, too, which is still in use today (just visit Ann Kolb Nature Center, for example) — and will continue to look good and hold up the weather for the next 50+ years. It also ensured local plastic curbside waste would be recycled instead of dumped in a landfill, and it created local jobs because the business was based in Broward. And, to repeat, it was a COMPETITIVE SEALED BID selection process. The low bidder won the contract: end of story. There ‘ya go. Sorry, again, to annoy you with the facts.


    to Ronnie Gunzburger:

    Are you saying the firm of Rothstein Rosenfelt Adler’s professional lobbyists didn’t lobby your mother the week she was voting on an issue their firm had a client was vying for and that particular week the firm of Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler gave her campaign the contribution checks?

  45. Ron Gunzburger says:

    Don’t know if you’re referring to Edify but, if you are, you need to understand it is a great company and our family has known Edify’s CEO/Founder since he was a kid. We all grew up together, and he’s been a supporter of mom’s for years. Any contributions from RRA would have been unrelated to any Edify matters, as it is a great company (which is why the County continues to use them today). Howard is even a neighbor who lives right around the corner from my mother. He’s a decent guy.

  46. Senator Steve Geller says:

    Since my campaign manager has commented, I will, perhaps unwisely, add the same comment. I don’t know who PLEEEAAASE is, nor Nepotism in Broward. I have not asked them or anyone else to post negatives about any member of the Gunzburger family, including Sue Gunzburger.

    And by the way, except at charitable or political functions with hundreds of people at them, I’ve met Scott Rothstein twice.

    Senator Steve Geller

  47. Nepotism is Broward says:

    You claim to not have any info on your sisters lawsuit. I find that hard to believe! I find it hard to believe that your sister would not consult with you, “a highly qualified lawyer” (according to you posts)for advice. I also find it hard to believe that your sister wouldn’t continue to consult with you throughout her lawsuit. I find your lack of character and integrity disgusting. You remind me of Daniel Plainview from “There Will be Blood.” A lying, cheat who would sell out his own son, to make a buck or in this case, win an election!

  48. Ron Gunzburger says:


    I referred my sister to a decent federal employment attorney. I don’t handle any legal matters outside of the office, so I couldn’t handle her case. I believe it is still on appeal, but I’m not sure.

    And, if you really want to insult me with a Daniel Plainview reference, at least be well-educated and don’t reference the movie (“There Will Be Blood”), as wonderful as it was. You should reference Sinclair’s great book in which the character lived and upon which the movie was based (entitled “Oil”). Besides, I have really nothing in common with Plainview: I’m actually a warm and friendly guy, get along well with most folks, am entirely irreverent about almost everything in life … and share Sinclair’s sharp leftist politics. And people who know me would tell you I don’t lie: I’m brutally honest about things.

  49. David Brownnose says:

    I’m holding on to Steve Geller for my life because I don’t have any other candidates who need me. I have a few sure things in Weston. I haven’t won a real race in years. I almost lost Jim Waldman’s race in Coconut Creek to Amy Rose. I lost two judicial races two years ago. No one is hiring me except Stevie.
    So don’t blame me if I defend the developers lobbyist. I need the work or else I’ll have to get all my money from my dentist wife.

  50. Buddy Nevins says:

    There has been a lot of discussion here about Judith Gunzburger’s work for the sheriff’s department and the law suit stemming from it. broke that story in late October.
    Here is the link:

  51. Nepotism is Broward says:

    You don’t lie? You only use false names to post on blogs with the intent to DEFAME Steve Geller and Dave Brown!

  52. Fake name says:

    Please see my post #7. Step back and look at these posts. If the 5 of you would get your own chat room this wouldn’t be so bad. This thread does not look good to us voters.


    to Ronnie G:

    your explanation of the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler checks translates into:


    To Ronnie G.:

    During today, Monday, you will work on your mother’s campaign, from the Property Appraisor’s office, while in the building. WARNING: We are now watching closely. Serve the taxpayers for the salary they pay you.


    to Ronnie and Sue Gunzburger:

    HOLY CHRIST! I just read Buddy’s account of what happened with Judith Gunzburger (i never knew before) and Sue, holy jesus, you asked for a study to take away from the jails 8 days after she filed a lawsuit against BSO??????!!!!!


    REVENGE QUO PRO QUID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!