Guest Columnist: Why Won’t Lois Wexler Debate?

By Harold Zwillick

Guest Columnist

Lois Wexler has this statement posted on her District 5 (Broward County Commission) Web site:

 “I strive to be accessible and responsive to your issues and concerns. 
Your opinions and thoughts are important to me. 
Please feel free to contact me at anytime by calling 954-357-7005 or by e-mail at:

 Being that Mrs. Wexler says she strives to be accessible, why will she not debate
 the issues with her opponent for County Commission, Mr. Russell Setti, nor respond to media questionnaires regarding politics, such as CBS Channel 4?

If Lois Wexler is this inaccessible to the public prior to the election, how accessible would she be, if she should she win the vote of the people?

I find it DISTURBING, that an elected officials governmental website, is being used
 as a subliminal Political campaign site.

 Isn’t this Illegal?

 If this is legal, perhaps some of her campaign funds should be given to the county
 to fund some of Broward counties Budget Shortfalls


6 Responses to “Guest Columnist: Why Won’t Lois Wexler Debate?”

  1. Richard J Kaplan says:

    It absolutely is legal. Probably most elected official’s web sites have similar language. Whether you believe it is true or not is something else, and granted, some elected officals are more accessible than others.

    However, I believe that all of them read, or have read, whatever comments sent to them. If a voter is unsatisfied with the response, it may dictate how that voter will vote in the future.

    Accessibility and debating may not be mutually the same, or some may believe they should be. The voter will decide.

  2. Oops!!! says:

    Hey Richard Kaplan, You know that Wexler is down right in bed w/one of the heaviest Lobbyists in Broward County and that’s Judy Stern, who in the world do you think gave her the idea “NOT” to debate? Mr Zwillick, Please note, Wexler hates to be confronted on issues that she hasn’t a clue about and she’s not sure how she would vote. In some cases, she’s all talk and no action. That’s Lois Wexler and she’s not related to Robert Wexler at all, she likes using the name because it makes her powerful and strong…

  3. Richard J Kaplan says:

    You don’t like Lois Wexler, fine. You don’t think she does her job the way you feel your elected officials should, fine. Or doesn’t respond or debate or knows the answers to your problems, etc., fine. Don’t vote for her.

    However, don’t blame Lois Wexler for having the same name as Congressman Wexler (it’s not like she had a crystal ball to know who to marry years ago to coincidental have a last name of another popular congressman), or hiring Judy Stern (which it is well recognized that she has had her share of success, so it is a strategic choice that may or may not work), or decides not to debate (which is a strategy which may or may not be the best decision). Just take it for what it is, and Vote as you believe is best.

  4. Observer says:

    Wexler won’t debate because she’s too vulnerable. She has no record of success–on the commission or the school board. She has alienated the county and put it at a standstill. The county budget increased by 40-million this year. She was in favor of firing 300 people, actually wanted to put more out of work, including the administrator Bertha Henry. Wexler is a racist and has little to no grasp of the issues. She’s never had a job–or a college education. She’s a profession politician. There’s no way she would debate–it would expose her for her true self. She doesn’t even live in the district –just like her namesake–the other Wexler.

  5. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Lois can be a real bitch BUT she does her homework and if she doesn’t know an answer she will search for it. She did a good job on the School Board but I haven’t watched commission meetings at all.

  6. Suzanne says:

    That’s the problem..she NEVER knows the answer–or the questions for that matter. Kudos to you bounty hunter for not following commission meetings. Trust me, ignorance–like yours really is bliss.