UPDATE: Guess Who?



I’ve heard that

A former legislator wants to get back in the game by running in 2010.  But a lengthy race would cost him a big piece of his lucrative law practice.  And the incumbent has proven in the past to be very hard to beat.

There will be an open seat on the Davie Town Council within a year, leading to another expensive fight over development in that community.  Watch for the forces allied with Property Appraiser Lori Parrish to have a role in this race.

A courthouse fixture was loudly thrown out of a tony Las Olas nightspot by the owner recently in front of stunned witnesses.  The owner, who is plugged into politics, told this lawyer never to set foot in his watering hole again.  The two don’t see eye-to-eye on politics, how the courthouse operates or much of anything else.

UPDATE:  Several people have speculated that this person thrown out of a restaurant was Walter “Skip” Campbell, the former state senator.  The person I was referring to above is not him.

24 Responses to “UPDATE: Guess Who?”

  1. john thomlanson says:

    1. Tim Ryan

  2. Davie Resident says:

    2. Mike Crowley. No secret he is leaving, even though he hasn’t announced it publicly yet.

  3. Ryan? says:

    what is Ryan eyeing and ANY incumbent is hard to beat.

    Buddy you’ve got to dish on the last one, it’s killing us!

  4. In The Know says:

    I think I heard that Skip Campbell was thrown out of a restaurant — maybe Jacksons. True?

  5. Mr. Courthouse says:

    I know. The lawyer thrown out of a Las Olas bar was SAM FIELDS. Who else would annoy the owner to the point of “loudly” throwing him out? He must have beenspouting some of his views on religion.

  6. The Bronx says:

    now that mayor truex is gone,Monroe Kiar should try to return to the Davie Council,he is a great guy and knowledge about the city.

  7. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Mr. outhouse
    It wasn’t me. I can’t afford the drinks.

    Note to Mr. Outhouse. I’m straight. Continually hitting on me in the courthouse lunchroom will get you nowhere.

    But I am sure the readers would like to get an answer to the question I asked you yesterday. which is how can you be an openly gay Christian Fundamentalist?

  8. GOPapa says:

    What makes anybody thinnk that Tim Ryan could beat anybody in South Broward? Rumor has it that John Rayson will run for Atwater’s seat. Or Skip Campbell.

  9. please... says:

    Rayson, what a joke, the same guy who couldnt beat a dade lawyer with no ties in Broward for Judge. He didnt even take pompano and parts of his old house district. Dead and buried.

  10. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Tim Ryan is a great person and very smart…..as for whoever got kicked out of a restaurnt because of his political views….I would like to know the restaurant so as to never go thre. This is as I believe still a free country.

    FROM BUDDY: I agree with you on Tim Ryan.

  11. Sam's Groupie says:

    “Note to Mr. Outhouse. I’m straight. Continually hitting on
    But I am sure the readers would like to get an answer to the question I asked you yesterday. which is how can you be an openly gay Christian Fundamentalist?”

    It’s an oxymoron,like Feminist Republican or Black Republican. These things can be explained only by the concept of cognitive dissonance.

  12. WOW says:

    I hope it’s Tim Ryan he should run. His whole family have been residents here in Broward their whole life’s and have stayed very much involved. He’s very much like his Dad, who was a Great Guy, also as a lawyer.

  13. I. P. Freely says:

    GOPapa: The Atwater Senate seat is Ellyn Bogdanoff’s to lose. They both term out at the right time and she will still be around Tallahassee when they draw the lines…

  14. yo IP says:

    I don’t think Hasner agrees…

  15. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Someone on Bogdanoff’s team is very sleezy…..I was at a sign shop when several of Christian Chiari’s signs from the last election were slashed and destroyed. Chris was a super smart guy as well and I hope he runs and wins something else.

  16. Blue man scoop says:

    That’s the oldest trick in the book:
    Steal your own signs and call the press outraged.

    I can’t believe people still fall for that. Maybe if there were more reporters like buddy still out there then we would see a new angle once in a while. Ha ha

  17. In The Know says:

    It’s so obvious and its no secret. Steve Geller wants to challenge Sue Gunzburger, but hasn’t got the guts or the money. I hear that he works for a big law firm now which wants him producing, not campaigning.

  18. Fickle Finger says:

    Sam Fields at a nice joint on Las Olas?
    There is a higher probability of Bill Clinton entering a monastary.

  19. Hypothesis says:

    “In the Know,”

    Thank you captain obvious. Steve Geller has already filed against Sue Gunzburger. That’s no secret and that will be a nasty race down to the line. That race is not what Buddy is talking about.

    Buddy (who is actually “In the Know”) ‘knows’ all too well that Tim Ryan is going to challenge John Rodstrom for district 7. Now I’m not saying this because I actually know, rather this is just a hypothesis.

    Firstly, Roddy is a Republican. He prances around like a Democrat cause he knows he can’t win in Broward without that big old D after his name. But do not be fooled. He is a DINO, just like Charlie Crist is a RINO.

    Second, in the 2008 Senate district 31 race, Ryan had HUGE numbers in the overlapping district 7 area. He would have won that race if Ken didn’t enter, and Ken would have won if Tim didn’t enter.

    Third, LOTS of people like Tim. He would have an incredible ground game cause most dems would rally around him.

    Fourth, getting back to Buddy’s rumor: Roddy is impossible to beat. He runs dirty campaigns and can make an angel look like a devil. He can also position himself well, i.e. get a black candidate to run, get someone with a Jewish name to run, etc.

    Lastly, this is just a gut feeling. I am not sure why, but it makes sense and would make for more great drama during the 2010 primaries!

    FROM BUDDY: Buddy is Buddy, not “In The Know.” Second, Rodstrom is term limited. He can’t run again.

  20. Hypothesis (Addendum) says:

    I forgot a very important part to this story: Time Ryan currently owns his own law practice and does a lot of city and county law. Lots of lucrative work. This would end tomorrow if he won the District 7 race.

  21. Hypothesis says:

    Sorry Buddy, I didn’t mean that you were the actual in the know poster, but that you were just plain ol’ in the know.

    Yes I know I’m brown nosing and I don’t care.

  22. Hypothesis says:

    Oh, and since I was wrong about Rodstrom, are you talking about Keechl?

    FROM BUDDY: What do you think?

  23. to know tim ryan is to know says:

    The last place on earth he would ever serve is the Broward Commission

  24. Keechl better watch out says:

    Keechl better out. The talk is that he will draw a serious opponent. Remember that Keechl was a partner in the same law firm that is now all tied up with the Mutual Benefits insurance scandal. Can you spell DEFEAT?