Publisher Bails From Troubled Sun-Sentinel




Publisher Howard Greenberg is retiring as Sun-Sentinel publisher and CEO, surely sending shockwaves through the higher ranks of the troubled newspaper.

His retirement announcement comes days after the conclusion of massive buyouts which cost the newsroom some of their most veteran writers and editors.

Among those who accepted the buyout were long-time reporter and editor Robert Nolin, lifestyle writer John Tanasychuk, aviation and weather reporter Ken Kaye, gaming reporter Nick Sortal and Washington correspondent Bill Gibson. Michael Turnbell, the much-read transportation writer (He was the guy who told you what streets were closed and open!), also left in the last few weeks, but did so to take another job.

All these departing journalists had decades in the business.



That’s me (with the beard on left) with Ken Kaye (in glasses next to me) covering a fire on Fort Lauderdale beach roughly 35 years ago.  


The cuts in staffing were ordered by the paper’s owner Tribune Publishing, which is hemorrhaging money as advertising and circulation continues to decline with the company losing $3.4 million in the third quarter.  Ominously, digital advertising is now in decline, according to the company’s financial filings.

The buyouts cost Tribune approximately 7 percent of its staff throughout the company, which includes the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and other newspaper. The total staff reduction for the year is roughly 10 percent.

At the Sun-Sentinel, there were roughly 130 writers and editors listed in the staff directory before the buyouts.  Less than a decade ago when I left, there paper had approximately more than 300 writers and editors.

Greenberg is leaving after a long career at the Sun-Sentinel starting in 1984 which included circulation and operations director. He took one notable break from South Florida in 1990 to help in The Tribune Company’s attempt to break the delivery drivers union at the New York Daily News.

The union busting effort, fueled with strike breaking scabs from the Sun-Sentinel and the Orlando Sentinel, was a five-month long failure. It cost The Tribune Company an estimated $200 million and about one third of the paper’s circulation. The Tribune sold the Daily News to end the strike.

The departure of Greenberg, who was appointed publisher in 2007, leaves many questions about the future of the paper.



Howard Greenberg

What happens to Greenberg’s handpicked Editor Howard Saltz?  Don’t new publishers usually want their own editor?

How about the other department heads who report to Greenberg?

How will it affect the editorial page’s slant? Does it signal further cutbacks, including a long-rumored curtailing of the Monday, Tuesday and Saturday publishing schedule?

We will have to wait to see. Greenberg doesn’t officially retire until September 30, 2016, but from today he’s a lame duck.



From: Greenberg, Howard
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2015 10:01 AM
To: zzSSC.1Exchange.Users
Cc: Hutchison, Matthew P; Warren, Denise
Subject: Retirement Announcement

Well, after over three decades with Sun Sentinel and over eight years as Publisher and CEO, it’s time for me to spend a little more time in the Keys and announce my retirement, effective September 30, 2016. I’ve been very privileged to lead the Sun Sentinel (and, for a time, the Orlando Sentinel Media Group) and work with an outstanding group of editorial and business executives. In short, I love what I do. It sounds cliché but it’s heartfelt when I tell you that I truly enjoy working alongside my extended Sun Sentinel family.

Denise Warren and I felt it was best to announce early to allow for a smooth transition as they begin recruiting for my replacement. We still have plenty of work to do this coming year and I know I can count on you as we continue to transform our business for 2016 and beyond!

I’m proud that I will be spending my final months as Publisher and CEO with all of you!!!


10 Responses to “Publisher Bails From Troubled Sun-Sentinel”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I understood Mr Nolin is a knowledgeable journalist who fought for good local coverage as much as possible. What has become of serious informed local coverage? Is Ft Lauderdale only to have part of Mr Barzewski’s time n hope Mr Nevins will fill in the gaps? Besides former Commissioner Tim Smith will Ft Lauderdale have only Mr Nevins n part of Mr Barszewski and an occasional footnote from Mr Sweeney? The Broward Bulldog is now the Florida Bulldog and without Mr Nevins who else carries besides these gentlemen?

  2. Not Earl Maucker says:

    I warned Howard Saltz he shouldn’t get too comfortable and buy a house.

  3. Internet Baby says:

    Greenberg realizes is he is running a business that will only get worse until it dissolves into nothing. Nobody who reads it or cares about it anymore.

  4. Howard the Moron says:

    It is called the Sun-Slantinel for a reason. Just like the garbage NY Daily News and the NY Slimes. Real journalism is DEAD.

  5. Sunset for Howie says:

    Well, he is getting elderly and he probably wants to spend some time in the keys before the sea level rise takes over.

    Make sure you take that buy out to the bank before the check bounces!

  6. Floridan says:

    I don’t know all of the people taking a buyout, but those I do know are at an age where they are ready to retire or contemplating it.

    Greenberg is, according to the SS article, is 66 (probably will be 67 when he retires). How long would he have to stay in order not to be considered bailing on his job?

  7. EndZoneBum says:

    Thanks for the many pizza lunches Howard. My waistline thanks you 🙂

  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Today fri dec 18 I purchased the sun sentinel to read larry barszewski’s article on the Planning Board meeting. Starts on B1 and says continued on B2. Not in my copy? Who is doing the layouts at the paper?

  9. Elizabeth Matramos says:

    @8 – probably a machine

  10. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I was disappointed to learn Bob Nolin leaving(I gave him a good lead w/ that shitty hosp. my late mother was at(not one dime they got not one dime, in fact they had to reimburse Medicare for the entire stay(18g)(true story-remember that some of you in the know-then they called their rent cops(wait) ok cowboys I’ll call the real deal-Chief of Police-oh then it was sorry Mr.walsh etc,again not one dime. Called Mr.Nolin and rest is history(good investigation reporter). All this talk the Sunsentinel is broke, washed up etc. I have given those local reporters tips that make th e front page(most recently Ft>alu and it ssustainablity debt. paying these temps all kinds of loot,yes Larry B (he will verify)front page(inciendtly I mean the city auditor, Robert here discovers all this, where are you(say all you want your moles fill you in-so what-I mean its like 180grand we are being sued for -pay it and move on(and Comm.trantalis its not a bomb shell) and JM I told you I was watchin you)So I like the Sun-Sentinel . To say they are going under, no way….