Greenbarg Back On School’s Audit Committee


School activist Charlotte Greenbarg is back where she’s needed — keeping her eye on Broward School’s spending.


charlotte greenbarg

Charlotte Greenbarg

Greenbarg was reappointed to the school system’s audit committee, after member Maureen Dinnen kicked her off.

She was Dinnen’s appointment, but Greenbarg did her job too well.  Dinnen refused to reappoint Greenbarg.

Enter member Ann Murray, who quickly reappointed Greenbarg.

“With all that’s going on now, she’s more than capable to represent me and the people.  I believe in transparency and I believe she will help the schools achieve that, Murray said.

Greenbarg is certainly needed on the audit committee, which looks at school spending. Or should I say, overspending.

She has been a key voice for reigning in waste and curbing the influence of lobbyists at the school system. 

That’s probably why Dinnen tried to get rid of her. 

 I applaud Murray for appointing someone whose struggle for bringing a businesslike approach to the Broward schools is needed more than ever.

9 Responses to “Greenbarg Back On School’s Audit Committee”

  1. Kwitcherbelyaken says:

    So, Ann Murry’s got a brain. Thank goodness somebody on the School Board has one.

  2. Torrie says:

    Ms. Murray is a breath of fresh air in the school system. Ms. Dinnen is a major disappointment. Those of us who work in KC Wright know her to be an arrogant know-it-all. I can’t believe she was a union leader because she doesn’t care at all for average employees.

  3. Maureen's Mistake says:

    Maureen Dinnen made a judgment error in trying to remove this person from the audit committee simply because she was critical in recommending change to how the School District does business.

    That is what a good audit committee member is supposed to do when they see cause. It is precisely what they are expected to do given good cause.

    Anne Murray gets points with the residents for getting that decision right. If they want more CPA’s on the committee that is also OK so long as those accountants have no expectation of ever earning even one dime from the school district. But it does not take a CPA to figure out that there is mismanagement in how our local education programs are run.

    The smarter move might be to elect more independent CPA’s to replace people on the school board. That would be a refreshing change.

  4. Kwitcherbelyaken says:

    Nine CPA’s would yield nine different opinions on how to manage money. Nothing would get done.

    Nine lawyers would yield one opinion and eight challenges. Nothing would get done, either. But one or two might actually be smart enough to refrain from taking kickbacks.

    Nine engineers would debate the best way to build a new classroom or convert an old one. Nothing would get done.

    Nine teachers would argue incessantly about how each one was right and the others were wrong. Nothing would get done.

    Nine activists would argue their own causes, paying attention to little else. Nothing would get done.

    Nine parents who have personal investments in the welfare of their children and hence all children is the only way to get things done.

  5. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Good catch Ann!

  6. Kwitcherbelyaken says:

    And what is the composition of the School Board today?

    Ben Williams – Teacher
    Bob Parks – Teacher
    Robin Bartleman – Teacher
    Jennifer Gottleib – Teacher
    Maureen Dinnen – Teacher

    Ann Murray – Administrator

    Stephanie Kraft – Lawyer
    Kevin Tynan – Lawyer

    Phyllis Hope – Activist and criminal.

    And we wonder why the School Board is F**ked up.

    FROM BUDDY: I agree with much of this post. There is a lack of diverse backgrounds at the School Board.
    I must point out that Phyllis Hope has a full pardon from the state for welfare fraud. Ann Murray is an administrator, but in the transportation division, which is part of the school system’s blue color employees who have been traditionally under-represented.

  7. bob thorgood says:

    Charlotte Greenbarg is a perpetual critic who can never find anything good about any school program.

  8. Mr. Jay says:

    HOLD IT!!! You all got it wrong! Dinnen is BTUseless mouth piece, that is why Greenbarg was kicked off by Dinnen. BTUseless is running scared and Dinnen tried to put a stop to it!

    Hats off to Anne Murray. You go girl!

  9. Greenbarg=Wexler says:

    Isn’t this is the same Charlotte Greenbarg who was appointed to the committee by Lois Wexler and was her alter ego? Wasn’t Wexler in charge of the School Board when much of the overchanging for construction went on?
    We need everybody thrown out with any connection to the past and a group of fresh new people on these committees and on the School Board.