Governor Says No To New Gun Laws From Him; Yes To More Early Voting


I think these statements speak for themselves –Buddy Nevins:


JANUARY 17, 2013


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Governor Rick Scott Statement on Election Reforms


TALLAHASSEE – Today, Governor Rick Scott released the following statement, outlining his call for election reforms after a briefing with Secretary of State Ken Detzner:


“I asked Secretary Detzner to meet with election supervisors following the November election to identify specific ways we can fix the problems we saw in some counties with long lines and delayed reporting. Our ultimate goal must be to restore Floridians’ confidence in our election system. I asked Sec. Detzner for a report with specific election reform recommendations, because I want to ensure we do whatever possible to improve our election system from the statewide level.


“In short, these reforms need to address the three major areas I have previously outlined. We need shorter ballots. We need more early voting days, which should include an option of the Sunday before Election Day. And, we need more early voting locations.  From my briefing with Sec. Detzner today, I believe all these reforms are strongly supported by the input and experiences of local election supervisors and others that the department met with for ideas on improving our current system – a system clearly in need of improvement.


“The detail of these three overarching reforms will include, but is not limited to, the following:


  • More Early Voting Days – Increase the number of days available for early voting. We should allow Supervisors of Elections the flexibility to offer anywhere between eight and 14 days of early voting. Hours of operation should range between six and 12 hours a day.  This should include the Sunday before Election Day, allowing Supervisors the option to accommodate the needs of their community as they requested in committee meetings this week.  This would also allow the greatest access to early voting ever in Florida history – at up to 168 hours.
  • More Early Voting Locations – Work with Supervisors to allow more and larger early voting locations to help reduce wait times, long lines, and to better convenience voters.
  • Shorter Ballot – Reduce the length of the ballot, including the description of proposed constitutional amendments.

“I appreciate the secretary’s work in support of our goal to give all Floridians confidence in the fairness and accessibility of our election system.  We must continually push to make improvements, and I look forward to working with the Legislature on a bi-partisan bill to implement these reforms this session.  I also appreciate the Legislature and the Supervisors of Elections for their feedback in committee meetings this week. As the Legislature continues its work, I look forward to working together to craft legislation that will ensure successful elections by making these important statewide reforms.”




For Immediate Release:

Thursday, January 17, 2013



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Statement by House Speaker Will Weatherford on

Governor Scott’s Recommendations to

Fix Florida’s Election Laws


Tallahassee, FL – Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) today released the following statement following the release of recommendations from Governor Rick Scott to improve Florida’s election laws.

“I applaud the Governor for developing realistic solutions to fix a serious problem.  The House will take a close look at these recommendations as we determine the best steps to take to resolve the issue.

I thank the Governor for leading and listening to citizens and election officials at all levels.  I look forward to working with him as we make the changes necessary to ensure Florida has one of the best election systems in the nation.”


Scott’s Statement on Guns

All – Pls see the below statement we sent yesterday about the Governor’s position on guns. Thanks, Jackie

(Contact the Governor’s Press Office @ 850-717-XXXX with questions).

January 17, 2013

“Governor Scott supports the second amendment. He will listen to ideas about improving school safety during the legislative session, but he continues to support the second amendment and is not proposing any gun law changes.” – Jackie Schutz, Governor’s Press Secretary.

Governor’s Press Office 


7 Responses to “Governor Says No To New Gun Laws From Him; Yes To More Early Voting”

  1. John Henry says:

    our gun laws our fine. Fix the economy & housing market instead.

  2. Independent says:


    It won’t make any difference since almost any bill on gun control probably will never be heard by any committee. The Chair that allows it to come up even for discussion would be in big trouble.

  3. Don't have a Cowan says:

    One change the Gov may want to consider is to end the risk associated with the label “Gun free zones”

    Parents with a cwp should be able at a minimum to pick up their child with protection. Schools should be able to allow teachers or other staff to, with proper training, be able to get a cwp if they choose to do so. We are learning the hard way that a “gun free zone” is a great danger to our children whin no one can defend them.

  4. Plantation Working Mom says:

    At least the inept Governor Scott is doing the right thing about fixing the voting system. Maybe we won’t continue to be the joke of the nation if we can get it right this time.

    But, Florida continues to be the Wild Wild West if they don’t get on board and make some reasonable changes to its gun laws. Luckily, the ‘ole Governor won’t be around much longer…

  5. NP148 says:

    I don’t always agree with the Gov. but with the gun issues I do agree when it comes to the 2nd amendment. Obama is acting more like a damn dictator and keeps the attitude of ” My way or the highway” and Obama in my opinion is destroying our country with his arrogance.Obama concentrate on economy, work, and illegal immegrats and not trying to be KING OBAMA

  6. Duke says:

    He realizes he made a big mistake in trying to hand Florida to Romney and he’s trying to mitigate those damages by reinstating all those early voting initiatives. Too late. He’s also an NRA ass kisser. His decision to nix the bullet train was a terrible disservice to the people of Florida. He’s done.

  7. Not surprised says:

    Rick bends over for the NRA. This jerk has no sanctity for human life.