Gov. Scott Vetos Millions In Broward, South Fla



What the Legislature gives, the governor takes away.

Gov. Rick Scott sliced millions in South Florida projects today from the state budget approved by lawmakers, including road improvements, money for Alzheimer’s care and dollars slated to fight Autism.

The amount being awarded didn’t seem to matter.  The money cut included $1.95 million for Nova Southeastern and $50,000 for Broward Education Communications Network, the School Board’s television station.

Scott explained his vetoes in his budget message:

“As governor, I must make choices every day that impact the lives of each and every Floridian. When making these choices I always consider the family of four that makes $40,000 a year and may be struggling to make ends meet.  How does this impact their lives?  These are their dollars we are spending, after all. When I went line by line through the budget, I asked myself, ‘Is this the proper role of state government? Should we spend taxpayers’ dollars for that purpose? And if so, what is the return on investment?'”

Here is a partial list of the local projects Scott vetoed in the state budget:

  • Goodwill of South Florida — $250,000
  • Southwest 190th traffic improvement – Southwest Ranches — $243,000
  • Southwest 56th Avenue traffic enhancement—West Park–$150,000
  • Northwest 21st Street improvement – Lauderdale Lakes–$500,000
  • Pembroke Park storm water refit — $100,000
  • Broward Children’s Center — $150,000
  • Brain and spinial research-University of Miami–$400,000
  • Autism Center of Miami — $100,000
  • Cardiac lab at Joe DiMaggio Hospital — $250,000
  • Nova Southeastern University – $1.95 million
  • Crohn’s and Colitis project—University of Miami — $500,000
  • Alzheimer’s Care of Broward County — $250,000
  • Dan Marino Project — $500,000

7 Responses to “Gov. Scott Vetos Millions In Broward, South Fla”

  1. Ghost of McLovin says:

    looks good to me. Many of these local projects should be funded through private sources, non-profit fund raising, or local ad valorem tax revenues. Thanks Skeletor.

    PS $1.95M for a private university is a disgrace

  2. sidelines says:

    Northwest 21st Street improvement – Lauderdale Lakes–$500,000

    These were Median Improvements for a short stretch of a roadway. we don’t irrigate so between the lack of water and morons contracted to cut and maintain landscape it dies asap. Thank you for killing these make work projects county wide Governor, esp. the handouts to the private entities.

  3. GOPapa says:

    I’m a commiteeman and I’m ashamed that he is our governor. He has done more to destroy our party than even Democrats.

  4. AUH2O says:

    I used to be a committeeman but dropped out because I could not stomach the backroom deals and RINOs.

    I am proud of Gov Scott because he has the balls to cut things we don’t need. Things that 99% of politicians use to buy votes with. Maybe he will be a one termer, but he will leave us much better off fiscally, than any lifetime politician would.

    Most of the cut programs were going to already well funded organizations. Nova and UM are NOT hurting for money. All the street projects could wait one or two or ten years and not make a difference. Besides, all those cities already have their own taxing authority and should pay their own bills.

  5. Floridan says:

    Without an explanation of what the funds will be used for, or how a particular project promotes the welfare of the general community, it is impossible to say the veto was good or bad.

    It is, however, more than a bit disingenuous for the Governor to justify his vetoes as not wanting to spend state money on local needs when the state has imposed so many unfunded manadates on local governments.

  6. Citizen says:

    well said and I agree 110%!

  7. I vote! says:

    Broward County deserves what it got, Allen West, Gov. Scott the whole lot! Next time get out to vote.