Gov. Scott On Video: Don’t Pay Congress, Obama Until Budget Crisis Is Solved



Want another reason why Gov. Rick Scott will be tough to beat?

His media operation is clicking on all cylinders.  Not only is he making headline-grabbing appearances across the state announcing how his budget will help communities. (He got coverage in Jacksonville announcing a highway ramp!).  He is also making statements like the following which will be all over the news tonight and tomorrow:

“You know right now, this is the first day of sequestration. I don’t believe Congress or the President should continue to get paid while they haven’t solved this problem. We’ve had to balance our budget in our state. We’ve had to watch how we spend money. We’ve had to live within our means. And we didn’t do it with a meat cleaver; we did it with a scalpel. We watched what we could do agency by agency. The federal government needs to do the same thing. They should not be paid while they don’t solve this problem.”

I don’t think there is one out of hundred Floridians that will argue with him on this one.

Here is the video featuring his statement.



8 Responses to “Gov. Scott On Video: Don’t Pay Congress, Obama Until Budget Crisis Is Solved”

  1. Dan Reynolds says:

    Great fodder for riling people up but I would hope that the Chief Executive of a major state would know the proposal is unconstitutional. Amendment XXVII. I thought the teabots were all about the constitution.

    My pal Dan Reynolds is right. Here is Amendment XXVII: “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.”

    Nobody, including Scott, really believes that these guys won’t be paid. His comments, however, reflect the frustration the average citizens feel about the deadlock in Washington. As I said, 99 out of 100 Americans wish there was a way to halt their pay until they do their jobs.

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Hey, wasn’t Hitler voted in for a second term?

  3. just one vote says:

    As I said, 99 out of 100 Americans wish there was a way to halt their pay until they do their jobs.
    Agreed Buddy !!
    We can halt their pay at next election by NOT re-electing them.

    Guess Scott is already posturing for the 2014 re-election!!

  4. Sam The Sham says:

    Since when has the Constitution stopped this government from doing whatever they want?

  5. Trolololol says:

    Yes let’s make it harder for average Americans to run for office by putting their salaries on the line. Obviously this is unconstituonal but even if it werent its a horrible idea. The rich members of covress wont feel this at all. The ones who are actually middle class citizens will. It’s easy for millionaire Rick Scott to throw around salaries like that. Kind of like when he donated the governors salary to charity! How generous from a CEO who’s company defrauded Medicare for 6 billion dollars and has millions in personal wealth. What about the senator or representative who isn’t independently wealthy? What about the average person who wants to run for office but is dissuaded by this type of law becaus they might not be able to put food on their families table. This would only make congress EVEN MORE unrepresentative of the people and even richer.

  6. NP148 says:

    The main problem is we have a President that blames only Republicans and is still campaigning and coming up with so many lies while going around the country with scare tactics such as how so many will lose their jobs due to the sequester and in the meantime allows thousands of illegal immigrants to be released from prison instead of sending them back to where they came from
    including his uncle who had been deported 3 times and again gets arrested for DUI and when told he can make a phone call tells them to call the White House and also has a Aunt here also illegally. It has been estimated that over 2 billion dollars a year pays for the illegals to go to a hospital for any treatment. What part of ILLEGAL does the President not understand?. For over 3 years Harry Reid has not approved any budget that could have solved this problem but I guess Obama and Michelle prefer going on all the TV shows rather then lead our country out of this mess he has put us in but after all he will still blame Bush

  7. Trolololol says:

    No NP148,

    Republicans are the problem. They will do anything to delegitimize the president because he is black.

  8. Sam The Sham says:

    Sorry Trolololol,

    Your emperor has no clothes but you are too myopic to see it. Your race card strategy is getting pretty old now.