Gottlieb Talks To “I’m Not Aware Of Any Investigation of Me”


School Board member Jennifer Gottlieb submitted her resignation to the governor’s office late today.

Confirming earlier reports on, Gottlieb said she was quitting for family reasons.

Gottlieb said she knew of no investigation targeting her.

“I’m not aware of any actions on my part that is the subject of an investigation,” Gottlieb said.

She said that during her summer vacation with her family, she came to the conclusion that the School Board was interfering with her private life.

“The School Board takes a lot of my time…I took the summer off and had a lot of time with my family.  I decided what was important,” she said.

She has two boys – 11 and 13.  Her husband is Broward County Judge Ken Gottlieb.

Gottlieb said she would miss “working with my colleagues and staff.”

Asked if she knew of anybody who would run for her countywide seat next year, Gottlieb said something that hinted at her frustration with being a School Board member:

“Laying off 1,700 teachers and staff and cutting art and PE. Who would want to sign up for that?”

Now a personal note:

I like Jen Gottlieb.

First of all, she has a consumer’s view of the system.  Too many members have no idea what it is like to be a parent of school kids in the public system while they are on the Board. She knows first hand.

Yes, she is accused of wrongdoing in some corners of the media and by the statewide Grand Jury.

If she pushed an unneeded school in Hollywood – she was accused of that by Grand Jurors – she got nothing concrete out of it.  There are no allegations about hundreds stuffed in an envelope.  Nobody is talking about jobs handed out to her husband.

She believed that the Hollywood school would benefit the community and Broward County.  And yes, her friends in Hollywood benefitted.

But how many of the other Board members friends benefitted from numerous schools, many of them unnecessary, built in their districts?

On her personal life, Jen has it right.

She is much younger than me — I am eligible for Social Security — and one thing I have learned:  Family trumps everything.  Your kids are only young once, so spend time with them.

No one ever said on their death bed, “Oh, I should have spent more time working.”

28 Responses to “Gottlieb Talks To “I’m Not Aware Of Any Investigation of Me””

  1. Think Twice says:

    They just don’t want to do it anymore. It’s not fun when they can’t hand out money. Governing is misery without cash.

  2. pbm says:

    The beat goes on, the beat goes on,
    Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain,
    La de da de de, la de da de da

  3. DeeDee says:

    It will be sad to see her go. She was a voice for both teachers and parents.

  4. Mr. G says:

    She is so full of it she stinks! She was planted on the board years ago by BTUseless as their plant. If BTUseless said jump she said how high. She was their puppet.

    Let’s not forget the good times, when Darla Carter REFUSED to be anyone’s puppet and got booted off because she stood up for the parents, teachers and students. Remember Darla could not and refused to be bought!!! Gottlieb was put in against her and remember who won!!

    The truth is being hidden and will soon come out. Someone just does not get up and do this unless they have something to hide.

    The whole board from the super down to the area levels have to be booted out. They and BTuselss are all corrupt. Tell me why no other district in the state is laying off teachers EXCEPT Broward. Something is rotten here and I pray that they all will get their just due!!!

  5. S only says:

    The district is so top heavy that it is toppling. Can’t the board/public see that?
    Parents are lining up for charters- which are not necessarily better because they too are run by greedy for-profit management.
    One thing America had going was a free public education and the small chance for upward mobility. Come on people- get energized. Get involved. Volunteer if you’re not working. Donate $ to your neighborhood school. They need it since the legislature cut student funding. Make a difference in a child’s life. The future is all we’ve got.

  6. Death Frog 3 says:

    I have personall seen her at Bogenschutz, Dutko, and Kroll’s office on more than one occassion within the last few months.

    That in and of itself doesn’t mean that she is under investigation.

    She does have knowledge of a criminal investigation that she is involved in though. Hence her meeting with a criminal attorney.


    Her comment to me for the record was:
    “I’m not aware of any actions on my part that is the subject of an investigation.”

    You would have to be death, dumb and blind not to realize that the School Board is being investigated. Talk to or hiring a defense attorney is a smart move under those circumstances.

  7. StandByTruth says:

    Now that she’s gone, would someone please investigate why she would spend $183,000 campaign dollars on an elected seat that pays $32,000 per year. She must be the most altruistic and selfless individual in the County.

    The BTU did hire her out of the classroom to become its political liaison. She was, at best, ineffective in that position. Is that a surprise?

  8. Hammerhead says:

    Buddy, why such a shill for Gottlieb? How do you know she didn’t get anything out of it? How do you know that her reasons for pushing the project were pure? She did get her own kids in and the kids of her personal friends. That is not a benefit that breaches the public’s trust? I respect you Buddy, but that is the least objective thing I’ve read from you…including some of your Kraft defenses (years ago)…


    Good to hear from you, Hammerhead.

    I don’t know. It is my belief she did not benefit financially or personally from the school. My personal comments are clearly labeled as such. I could be wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time.

    However, due to your helpful criticism I changed my comments about Jen Gottlieb. Thanks for participating.

  9. #1 Democrat for Justice says:

    We need MAJOR CHANGE of the School Board…we got 4 new members (now down to 3)….next year Dinnen has an opponent in Katie Leach, Williams is leaving and Alston seems to have major widespread black support….now we need to get challengers for Bartleman, who used to sit quiet but she has now started to join the new elected reformers on the board…Maybw Scott’s 2 choices will also join the 3 new members and bring positive change for the School System

  10. Hammerhead says:

    Buddy, thank you for addressing my concerns. I know you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that, but I have grown increasingly sensitive to the lack of objectivity in other areas of the media on both sides of the middle. I hope you and all of your readers understand that I’m still a fan and a reader of BrowardBeat. I just wanted to express that we don’t know whether or not she benefited or not at this point in time. Thanks again…

  11. Michael E. Levinson says:

    Hey #1 Democrat…just a quick note to let you know that Michael E. Levinson has officially been a challenger to Maureen Dinnen for more than a year…and with the petitions piling up, it’s clear that she will have serious opposition from both sides of the county.

  12. @Michael says:

    Hey michael – good to see that after “officially [being] a challenger to Maureen Dinnen for more than a year” that nobody still has a clue that you exist.

    Way to get a campaign off to a slow start.


  13. How Rude U R says:

    If you don’t know who Michael is, that is YOUR fault for intentionally remaining ignorant. Most people who know politics think that Dinnen is dead in the water. Levinson has been meeting groups for months. If you have not seen him, you should get out more.

  14. @How Rude UR/ Michael's Mom says:

    Sorry Maam. You are right. Your Michael is a good boy.

  15. Dont count your chickens says:

    Dont count Ms. Dinnen out yet, she has lots of support in East Broward. She will show the voters how she is doing her best while being squeezed by Tallahassee and continually misled by Staff. Ms. Dinnen has done more in 50 years of service to the public school system than anyone else in this town.

    Ms. Dinnen has the best political consultant and the support of the other leaders in our community. She will give a good fight to anyone who comes forward.

    Mr. Levinson, did you really talk about yourself in the 3rd person in your post. Boy you think a lot of yourself. I look on Political Strategies and see you are a Democrat. I also see that it appears you live at home with your parents. Do you?
    47 years old and live with your parents and you think you can make a difference? i see you are a teacher for 10 years, so what did you do before that? Have your ever moved out of your parents’ house?

    Maybe you should focus on being a self sufficient, responsible adult by moving out of your parents’ house and managing your own life.

  16. Dinnen will lose says:

    Hey, Don’t count…

    Exactly what makes you think Levinson lives with mom and dad? It could be the other way around if they don’t have the retirement income. Or maybe they just choose to live that way. So what?

    There’s another contender in a different race that’s living with Mom at almost 60. Again, so what? He’s already a Lauderhill Commissioner running for County Commission. Who a candidate lives with is hardly germane to electability. And Maureen’s manager loses more campaigns than she wins. The race hinges on how well Levinson executes his campaign. There will be a substantial anti-Dinnen vote this time around. Dinnen hasn’t done crap for teachers recently and is condescending to parents. Hardly conducive to voter support.

  17. Chicken Lady says:

    I knew Cacciatore was the Chicken Man but the above post would lead me to believe that Judy Stern is the Chicken Woman….

    “Ms. Dinnen has the best political consultant”

    True, back in 2006 when Jenne and Joe Eggelletion were still around. Since then, name one major race she has won? Hint…dont call her Daughter, Scott Israel, Angelo Castillo or Roger Wishner for help answering the riddle.

  18. Rumor central says:

    Rumor going around the county is that Stern tanked Wishner’s race to garner Skip Campbell’s support for her daughter’s state house run.

  19. Not a Critic says:

    You cannot blame judy Stern for Scott Israel’s loss in the last sheriff’s race.

    He was a flawed candidate to begin with. Low marks on ethics, sullied background to include allegations of theft and abuse against minorities. Lifelong republican who has only been a registered voter for 7 years.

    Stern cannot work miracles. Only GOD can do that!

  20. Michael E. Levinson says:

    Here’s saying thanks to all the commenters here–supporters and detractors alike. All attention is good, no matter what you say!

    As for my elderly parents, neither of whom have ever once entered this blog, they are both cancer survivors and I will take the best care of them, just as they did for me when I was a child. This arrangement was made because, in my family at least, we love and care about each other.

    As for my campaign, I have only one interest in mind…restoring our public schools for the children of Broward by eliminating all of the waste, fraud and corruption that has plagued our district for years. Every day I spread the word of my mission and every day folks are signing my petitions. Thank you again for the attention that you are bringing to my campaign…and even more thanks for those of you who are supporters!

  21. Typical says:

    Judy Stern and Maureen Dinnen trying to bully a candidate and his cancer survivor parents, is there no low these people won’t go to keep dinnen in office?

  22. Get the Facts Straight says:

    Scott Israel lost his bid to become sheriff because of the dirtiest smear campaign ever launched in Broward County history. Lamberti was forced to run a character attack campaign against a fellow police professional with a solid record. That strategy worked but it is not forgotten.

    Israel was at a fiancial disadvantage to fight back. His campaign account was dried up trying to win a tough primary. Lamberti’s smear campaign was largely bankrolled by Scott Rothstein, the now jailed Republican operative, a good friend of current Sheriff Al Lamberti.

    Police politics are about as nasty and disgraceful as you will ever see. But there will be no repeat of that this time. This time we are aware of the campaign tactics.

  23. Friend of Al says:

    Scott Israel also took heaps of campaign cash from Scott Rothstein. He also engaged in a dirty smear campaign against Richard Lemack, a fellow law enforcement professional who is now the Town Administrator in Davie. You live by the smear, you die by the smear.

  24. Congrats Levinson says:

    It appears your hard word has put you on the radar of Judy Stern and Maureen Dinnen. If I had to guess they are out there as we speak at your parents Oncologists office and combing through your trash for dirt. It is obvious by bringing up who you live with that they will do anything to hurt you because they know Maureen cant win on her own record.

  25. T Sullivan says:


  26. Michael E. Levinson says:

    I spent a few hours today out east along Federal Hwy and Oakland, where I was speaking to the registered voters there. These people GLADLY signed my petitions, completely fed-up with Ms. Dinnen (and the school board as a whole). I left wondering, where is this allusive support for Maureen? I couldn’t find any out east today.

    If she wants to focus on my folks and speak to oncologists, or even the surgeons, that’s fine…it won’t help one bit with the unhappy voters in District 3. These people really loved to hear my ideas to help restore our schools when I take office!!!

  27. pbm says:

    Judy Stern had her shining moments in years gone by. Anyone who listens to her nowadays needs to go to a psychiatrist. The woman’s a dinosaur. It’s time to live in the 21st century, which also means, Dinnen has to say bye-bye to the board along with at least 3 more members.

  28. WTF says:

    three more are resigning soon…