Gottlieb Hasn’t Raised $$$


After years in politics, doesn’t Ken Gottlieb know the hard and fast rule of politics — candidates should raise a lot of money early in a race?



Ken Gottlieb in the Florida House

Gottlieb raised no money in the third quarter.  Zero.  Nada.

All he’s got in the bank after months of being a county court judge candidate is $100.

And he loaned himself that $100!

His campaign can’t afford the basics yet.

“I haven’t even been wearing a name tag, Gottlieb said. 

The former Democratic state House member and Hollywood city commissioner has reasons for not fund raising yet.

“I’ve had a lot of work, legal work, Gottlieb explained.

Other lawyers should be that lucky in a recession.

He has been spending a lot of time watching his two sons play sports.
Gottlieb also shied away from asking for money during the Jewish holidays in September.

If anybody thinks they can jump in this race because Gottlieb is not running hard yet, here is my warning:

The common political wisdom about fund raising doesn’t apply to Gottlieb.

A veteran politician with a huge Rolodex of contacts, Gottlieb could raise big money fast.

If that fund raising falls short, Gottlieb is a well-to-do lawyer from a family of wealthy real estate investors. He could write a check tomorrow to pay for his whole campaign.  

In the mean time, Gottlieb is taking it easy. He was on his way to his son’s baseball game when I reached him.

Although the stands will be filled with parents who are potential voters, Gottlieb won’t be campaigning.

That will come later.

3 Responses to “Gottlieb Hasn’t Raised $$$”

  1. Little Pisher says:

    He’s not worried, he’s got daddy’s money.

  2. Little Kennie says:


  3. Gottlieb Fan says:

    Ken Gottlieb will make a fine judge. I watched him in the Legislature and he has great temperament.