GOP’s Sarah Should Be Home With The Kids


Guest Columnist

No one who truly believes in so-called Christian family values can support Sarah Palin.   She has four at home children including an infant with Downs Syndrome.  Yet  she  chooses a path that will keep her on the road and in the office 18 hours a day rather than fulfilling her Godly obligation to her family–especially her handicapped child. 
Her words are conservative but her actions are radical feminist.  Actions speak louder than words.  If she were a Democrat Conservative, Christians would be screaming bloody murder.  So far there has been nary a peep. 

(Sam Fields is a Broward County attorney and long-time political activist)

3 Responses to “GOP’s Sarah Should Be Home With The Kids”

  1. IP Freely says:

    A good point poorly articulated and not fleshed out well

  2. B. Obama says:

    The Religious Right is HYPOCRITICAL??????

    Welcome to 1981.

  3. Kay says:

    Women. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. How can a woman achieve if she has no choice but to stay home with her children? I am certain that Gov. Palin has more than adequate care for her children. We are told that she also (amazingly) spends time with them! Women who reach that level have lots of help. The real difficulty lies in the middle of the spectrum. There are many women who want to work (help to support the family financially) but bear the burden of all of the housework, childcare, etc. without any outside assistance. Are we to dictate to all women that once they have a child they MUST remain at home? That is rather limiting, don’t you think?