GOP’s Jim Greer Threatened With Law Suit, Complaint With U. S. Attorney


More trouble for state Republican leader Jim Greer.  This time the feds may be involved.

Fort Lauderdale lawyer Michael D. Becker says he has been retained to sue the Republican Party of Florida.

The goal will be to get “a full accounting of the RDOF’s expenditures in 2008 based on evidence that Chairman Jim Greer has abused his authority and utilized party funds for his personal use, according to a letter sent to the party’s Tallahassee office.

Becker also wrote that his clients would be filing a “formal complaint with the U. S. Attorney “requesting (an) investigation into Mr. Greer’s inappropriate use of party funds and the federal income tax implications of his actions.

Becker said his clients are two activists and contributors to the Florida party. 

“My clients are concerned, Becker said. “They want more disclosure.  They want more transparency.

Greer got re-elected as chair of the Florida Party last month with major support from Gov. Charlie Crist.  

6 Responses to “GOP’s Jim Greer Threatened With Law Suit, Complaint With U. S. Attorney”

  1. Connecting Dots says:

    Michael Becker is Nixonite dirty trickster Roger Stone’s attorney, so this somehow connects back to Stone.

  2. LL says:

    The fact of the matter is, Greer’s misappropriate use of party funds is theft. Donors need to know that their money is being spent on spa treatments at the Breakers, luxurty charter aircraft and expensive rare bottles of wine.

  3. Elephant man says:

    I was at the convention and watched Jim Greer buy 15 year old Scotch and $15 a glass vodka for dozens of people. I looked and he was paying for it with a party credit card. Is that why contributors give money to the party?

  4. GOPatriot says:

    This audit is definitely needed and if there is nothing to hide they should have already submitted to it without a lawsuit. The fact that they refuse to cooperate with the donors makes it look very suspicious. Kind of like when you ask for Barack Obama’s birth certificate. It may all be above board in both instances but one has to question, why all the secrecy?

  5. Fieldsisaflake says:

    I have met Jim Greer many times.
    Imagine an impecably dressed used care saleman with an ego the size of Oprah’s backside and you’ve got him.
    He is a nice enough guy, but as big a phoney self promoter as you will meet…

  6. Dianne says:

    I am so happy to see that some Republicans have guts. You have supporters in the Panhandle who are shouting hurray! We are so sick of the slime pit he has created up here along with his little buddy “Charlie.”