GOP: The Party Of Family Values????





For decades Republicans insisted that along with being the Party of God (as long as its Jesus)  they are the Party of Family Values.

Lately the news makes one think the GOP is less the Cleaver family and more the Manson family.

Compare the Democratic reaction to sexting of Anthony Weiner, the cheating with prostitutes of Elliot Spitzer, sexual harassment and rape of Harvey Weinstein, etc . , to the sexual misbehavior of Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes and now Roy Moore, the Alabama U. S. Senate candidate who apparently likes teenage girls.

While the Dems threw their sinners under the bus, many in the GOP are silent, dismissive or blindly defensive .

On Wednesday, the Alabama GOP Executive Committee refused to even discuss the possibility that their candidate for the U.S. Senate suddenly has become the neighborhood creep that parents warn the children about.

But my inside sources tell they did agree to one change. Henceforth the state song for Alabama will no longer be “ Dixie ” .

If you want to hear the replacement, click on the following:

7 Responses to “GOP: The Party Of Family Values????”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Donald trump destroyed the Republican party.That is your explanation Mr.Fields.

  2. Modeengunch says:

    What does Al Franken have to say, Sammie? I’m also looking for that bus Bill Clinton was thrown under back when it mattered.

  3. H. L. Simon says:

    This article is spot-on. In response to the comments, the point is not that these things do not happen in the Democratic Party. They happen much more frequently within the Republican party, while these politicians are often boasting about their religious affiliations. It is undeniable that the Republican party response is completely different. Democrats do not regularly defend their guilty to the same degree of dangerous denial. There seems to be no accountability to the public from within the Republican party.

  4. foo foo says:

    Partisanship like this are what is wrong with politics. Sexual harassment is not exclusive to either party. Both parties have tried to cover it up.

    Democrats defended the biggest sexual harasser in history Bill Clinton. They tried to destroy his accusers’ reputations and ignored the many women he harassed. That includes a young intern.

  5. Ron Gunzburger says:

    Sexual predators knows no party boundaries. There are plenty of scumbags on both sides of the aisle. For every apparent child molester like Roy Moore, there is a Mel Reynolds (a Democratic Congressman from Illinois who went to prison in the late 1990s for sexual assault on a 16 year old campaign volunteer). This is not about Democrat or Republican, or liberal or conservative … it is about right and wrong. And any who sees this otherwise is part of the cultural problem.



  6. S.G. says:

    FLORIDA DEM CHAIR- Stephen Bittel

    Seriously sammie, stop with the partisanship.

  7. Men Are Dogs says:

    Dems through their sinners under the bus.

    Fields forgot about Bill Clinton having sex with an intern in the Oval Office and then being impeached.

    Disgusting behavior knows no political boundaries. Fields is so biased he doesn’t see this somehow