GOP Struggles To Win Minorities While Battling Them In Court



On March 18th  Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus announced a $10,000.000 public relations campaign to improve GOP relations with minorities.

Could be a positive for the GOP except for one thing….

At the same time, across town, Republican lawyers, were in The Supreme Court defending an Arizona statute that, requires voters to bring in documentation to prove they are “real Americans”.

The case was Arizona v Arizona Inter Tribal Council.

Not content with federal laws requiring an oath of citizenship to register to vote, Arizona’s Republican legislature passed, and Arizona’s Republican governor signed into law, a requirement that you prove you are a citizen to register to vote.

Now a Republican dominated Supreme Court will decide if this is Constitutional.

(I hope you caught the irony of the name plaintiff– “The Arizona Inter Tribal Council”. It’s the umbrella organization for Southwest Native Americans. With only 15,000 years in the ‘hood you definitely want to question their citizenship.)

Of course, the Arizona GOP’s real target is the growing population of Hispanics.

Rather than welcome Hispanics and incorporate their concerns, the GOP strategy has been to disenfranchise and intimidate them every way they can and drive them into the Democratic Party.

This Arizona statute is the latest in a long line of efforts of the conservative White majority (originally Southern Democrats and now Republicans) passing laws that disproportionately reduce minority voting.

Recent ID requirements and restrictions on early voting were efforts to suppress minority voting. Although Barack Obama won the last election, it is estimated thousands of minorities lost their right to vote because of the GOP-sponsored constraints.

Now, I know some of you think I’m wrong.  These Republican laws are not intended to target minorities.  They are neutral efforts to root out election fraud…notwithstanding that studies show any fraud is infinitesimal.

But, let me make it perfectly clear.  It does not matter what you think.

On Election Day it only matters what minorities think.  And right now, every fiber in their being tells them that the GOP is out to get them.

Hey Reince Preibus!  Ten million for PR?  I’d add a couple of zeros to that. I’m sure Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers can afford it.

19 Responses to “GOP Struggles To Win Minorities While Battling Them In Court”

  1. Floridan says:

    I shouldn’t have to prove I’m a citizen . . . those who think I’m not should bear the burden of proof.

  2. Reality Check says:

    What is wrong with having to show ID to vote? Are the Democrats afraid their cheating will be seriously curtailed if they can’t sneak them in to vote at precinct after precinct?

  3. Chaz Stevens, Malcontent says:


    Ponder this…

    In Texas, a state issued college ID, with a photograph, is not accepted as proof to vote.


    A hunting license, without a photograph, is…

  4. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    Good points and here is a slightly different perspective on same issue. It’s not what the “minorities” think. But what a much larger sense, what the “majority” thinks that matters.

    At the end of the day, people fall into a variety of categories yet our country only offers them two basic choices in political party and that works because otherwise there would be chaos. There is nothing inherently wrong with these differences, these are not judgments that I am making merely observations.

    If you’re among those who view the world in terms of how it affects you, chances are you’re a Republican. If you view it in terms of how it affects us, more that you’re a Democrat. There’s much to be said about both points of view.

    When it comes to problem solving, if you are a rules based thinker, then you tend to be a Republican. If you’re an outcomes based thinker, you tend to be a Democrat.

    Philosophically, if you think man’s basic nature is bad, Republicans tend to agree with that view. If you think our basic nature is good, and that bad behavior is an exception to the general rule, you will find that most Democrats feel that same way.

    If you are resistant to change and prefer to keep things the way they are, those are Republican tendencies. If you like change and are motivated by making things better, you will tend toward being a Democrat.

    There is a long list of basic differences, each having a legitimate reason for existing.

    Some of us can connect with a variety of these things. We might be fiscal conservatives, for example, yet tend toward socially liberal views. Or we might be deeply devoted to our religions yet refuse to be judgmental when it comes to how others live their lives. Or we might be socially progressive but deeply devoted to rules based thinking and process.

    These folks tend to be more Independent, and if they join one of the major parties they do so with some reservation feeling they don’t fully fit in.

    Typically, about a third of us are liberals, a third conservative, and one third mixed or independent. That observation tends to stand up in just about every society.

    Yet we only have two basic parties because face it, at the end of the day, realistically speaking, there really are only two. And their views tend to be polarizing so they are forced to compete.

    The party that wins is the one that keeps almost all of their own, might take some from the other, and gets most of the independents.

    Now, you can talk issues until you’re blue in the face. You can talk about domestic or foreign policy, taxation, education, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, the basic challenge of politics isn’t in the issues. The basic challenge is to align yourself with the viewpoint that will earn the most votes, because that’s the place that earns the majority stance — the view that the majority of people will support.

    No party that is ultra this or that can by this text book definition achieve that result.

    When a party finds itself out of the running, usually they have fallen out of touch with the majority. They are way out there on the outer limbs of political thinking — far removed from the trunk center of political thinking, where most of their voters feel more comfortable.

    Parties that lose always isolate themselves toward the extremes. It makes for good TV but bad public policy. It sounds good yet it is never good and sound.

    The hubris of it all is when you hear party leaders talking about how foolish the people are not following them. The fact is political parties do not exist to lead the people. They do not exist to tell the people how to think.

    Parties exist to follow the people, to represent them, to change with them, to offer them fellowship, and organize them for elections. We are fond in the US of saying I “belong” to this party or that one. Very bad use of words.

    We should not belong to any party. The parties should belong to us, and when a party no longer reflects your views, you face two honorable choices. Either you become a change agent within the party or you leave it. The dishonorable choice is to stay put inside a group that no longer reflects your views. That truly does mean they own you. Rather than the other way around.


  5. BCDevelopment says:

    Interesting headline….or should I say misleading….Just because the some R’s are supporting legislation that would help protect the integrity of our election system, by making sure those that are casting votes are legally doing so, is not in conflict w/ trying to attract more minorities to the Republican party….Despite your assumption that the vast majority of minorities are illegally here, there are plenty of minority groups W/I the hispanic speaking community that are part of our country legally and have the right to vote & some of those a may or may not want to help form the future policies of the Republican party….Its a shame that white liberal Dems keep assuming that spanish speaking Americans must be illegal and must automatically support the dem view on legal entry to the USA.

  6. John Fusaro says:

    Why shouldn’t an individual have to prove their a citizen if asked? College applications ask that question.

  7. Floridan says:

    “Why shouldn’t an individual have to prove their [they’re] a citizen if asked?”

    Sounds like an old World War II movie: “Show us your papers.”

    This isn’t about “integrity of the vote” — even some GOP officials have admitted this is all about gaming the system. In any case, the incidence of non-citizens voting is infinitesimally small.

  8. Watching the Race says:

    Mr. Castillo

    Are you “blogging” on county time? As “Commissioner” Castillo and not Executive Director Castillo? The BSO is in such fine economic shape that you dont need to do your job and that you have time for this?

  9. Broward Watch says:

    Once again Angello who works for teh Sheriff’s Office wants to ad his two cents. Buddy and Hispanic Vote Pac, are you aware that Angello and his Boss Sheriff Israel just demoted the highest ranking Hispanic Member of the Broward Sheriff’s Office (Gahatte)from Major to Captain. What kind of crap is that???? Angello is part of the Hispanic Vote PAC and hurt his own people and then wants to act like the big guy. What crap!!

    Also, let’s count the number of black promotions,transfers and demotions versus the number of hispanic promotions, transfers and demotions. The highest ranking Hispanic was DEMOTED under Administrator Angello Castillo and Sheriff Israel.


  10. Broward Watcher says:

    Hey Buddy,

    I find it quite interesting that once again Angello Castillo has to write some long ass response to something he is not even involved in. Let’s take a look at a few things since Angello wants to be Mr. Big Shot.

    First, the time of Angello’s post was Monday,March 25, 2013 @ 9:16 a.m., which means he was on the clock at the BSO Sheriff’s Office.

    Secondly, he listed himself as Commissioner Angello Castillo.

    Third, Angello cannot be paid by Broward Taxpayers and working at the BSO when he is acting as a Pines Commissioner. He is clearly acting as a Pines Commissioner and it’s an ethics violation.

    Fourth, it is criminal for him to be paid as a Pines Commissioner while on teh clock being paid by the BSO at the same time.

    Fifth, Angello is an Administrator at the BSO Sheriff Office “Mr. Hispanic” and took part with Sheriff Israel to personally demote the highest ranking Hispanic in the BSO (Major Gahatee) to Captain and then promote a while male Chad Wagner a newly hired person and Captain for one month to major in his place.

    Sixth, let’s get a copy of all the BSO promotions, transfers and demotions made by Sheriff Israel and Administrator Angello Castillo. I guaranteed there are more blacks and whites than hispanics.

    Seventh, Angello is a part of the Hispanic Vote PAC and was a key player in demoting the highest ranking Hispanic in the BSO from Major to Captain. What a disgrace Angello is especially trying to be the “Big” hispanic leader. That’s is so far from the truth.

    Eight, Sheriff Israel can care less about the Hispanics in the BSO and has skipped many on the promotional lists.

    Nineth, how does Sheriff Israel allow BSO administrator/Pines Commissioner Angello Castillo to conduct business as a Pembroke Pines Commissioner while being paid by Broward Taxpayers employed at the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

    Tenth, it’s time to public records request the time sheets and public records request all e-mails from Angello’s BSO and Pines Commission Office Computers. The proof is in the pudding!!!

  11. Central Broward says:

    I am extremely concerned about the actions of Angello as mentioned in the post by Broward Watcher. I think the Broward Watcher made some excellent points, which are alarming and should be investigated.

    On the other hand!!! If Angello Castillo did make the post while working for the Sheriff’s Office and is being paid by Broward Taxpayers, it should be made aware from his post it is Unethical and Illegal for him to be talking about politics (Democrats & Republicans) while working for the Sheriff???? and being paid.

    Also, if Angello denies being paid by Broward Taxpayers then I would liek to know what times as an Administrator his starting time is and what time it ends. He can say management doesn’t have times, but by Florida Fair Standards Act even a Manager either works 7-5, 8-5, 7-3, 8-4 ??? WHICH IS IT???

  12. Former BSO says:

    I worked at the BSO for many years and was fired by the Sheriff after just beign accused of being on-duty and working an off-duty job at the same time, which never happened.

    I guess if you friends with the Sheriff you don’t have to follow the rules. Castillo should be fired like everyone else. The Sheriff should be investigated for his Administrators behavior too. Knowing about the illegal or unethical behavior and ignoring it is not an excuse!!!!

  13. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    He actually works for ATT Wireless. ‘Cause every time he writes something, I need to up my data plan.

  14. Tommy T says:

    Angelo said, “It’s not what the “minorities” think. But what a much larger sense, what the “majority” thinks that matters.”
    A collection of minorities make a majority.
    The GOP’s have a collection of minorities — the LGBT community, blacks, Hispanics, women and the underprivileged (poor) — they have caused to be align against them. They will continue to lose until they make piece with some of these.

  15. Florida Voter says:

    If you apply to state university and want ‘state resident tuition’ you need to fill out affadavit with drivers license info, voter registration info and vehicle registration info – to document that you have at least lived in the state with a domicile for one year. Showing ID at voting precinct is no hardship and in last 20 years I could not vote if I did not have proof of who I was.

  16. MOTIVES says:

    It is NOT about having to prove you are a citizen when asked as in :”Show me your papers!”. It is about proving you, s a citizen have a right to vote when you, in fact, go vote. Why would anyone be opposed to identifying themselves in order to cast their vote???

  17. DeGruccio a Thief? says:

    Founding member of the CHIP’S (LaMarca’s Cool Hip Important People) and BREC member Michael DeGruccio may have got his hand caught in the cookie jar.

    “Former Broward GOP Secretary Michael George DeGruccio has been suspended indefinitely from the Florida Federation Of Young Republicans (FFYR) due to an investigation of finances during his tenure as FFYR Treasurer. Multiple sources tell RED BROWARD the suspension stems from questions regarding DeGruccio’s handling of $1,600 of FFYR funds. The Republican Party Of Florida and other Republican organizations have been made aware of the investigation and suspension.

    Peret Pass, chair of the FFYRs, said her organization did everything to correct this issue and prevent it from ever happening again. Pass said, “Michael has a now proven track record of being non-trustworthy over the last year whether it has been with the YRs or BREC and therefore shouldn’t be trusted going forward with any type of leadership position. He abused a position of trust given to him by his peers and due to his refusal to address any of this in good faith and a satisfactory manner he has been suspended indefinitely by the FFYR.

  18. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    John Fund pointed out in his book “Stealing Elections” that Georgia and Indiana have had voter ID laws for nearly a decade and voter registration has increased in those states, including among minorities. So, you are claiming minorities are disproportinately unable to acquire a driver’s license or some other form of ID? Is that how suppression occurs? And is it more effective than…I don’t know…say.. members of the Black Panther Party standing outside a polling place with baseball bats?

  19. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Dear Friends,

    Forgot to mention — going back to the beginning of the republic, Jefferson and Washington warned that partisan politics could be the undoing of their new nation.

    Staring into uncertain future, like an architect assessing the weak points in their own design, they predicted the fractures in their own creation. Unchecked partisan politics worried them as a likely way that we as a nation could undo ourselves from within.

    Worth pondering.