GOP To Protest Crist’s Local Book Signing



Republicans plan another one of those “spontaneous” demonstrations on Thursday against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist. 

They must really be scared of Crist.  I don’t see them planning any demonstrations against Crist’s Democratic opponent, former state Sen. Nan Rich.  

Maybe because they know that Rich can’t win against Gov. Rick Scott…and Crist can.

Oh, and memo to  GOP apparatchik Diana De La Rosa:

Nothing on the Internet stays private.

Somebody followed your instructions and was “careful” where they forwarded this e-mail.  They forwarded it right to me.


From: Diana De La Rosa <>


Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 14:22:37 -0500

To: Tom Truex<>

Subject: We need Sign Waivers that are vocal for a very Important event (Careful who you forward too!)


Charlie Crist is going to be doing a book signing and we need sign waivers to come o but and rally against him. I know I don’t need to tell you what a horrible Governor Charlie was and the fact that he is an opportunist. We need to show him that no matter how blue Broward may seem, he will encounter resistance. We want to relect our Governor and not elect and opportunist. 

Crist will be @ Barns & Nobles February 20th 2014

Date: Thursday February 20th 2014

Time: 6:30 pm


2051 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

If you are interested in creating home-made signs, please use the following messages:

  • Charlie Crist: Obama’s Favorite Democrat
  • Charlie Crist: Obamacare’s Biggest Fan
  • Charlie = Opportunist
  • You Can’t Trust Charlie
  • Failed Governor
  • 3 Parties, 3 Years, Lousy Governor
  • Charlie 2010 or Charlie 2014, Which One Do You Believe?

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the google doc below or call me @ 786-416-0289

Thank you so much and please be careful who you forward too!


Diana Ramos, BA

South East Regional Director

Republican Party of Florida


24 Responses to “GOP To Protest Crist’s Local Book Signing”

  1. Unemployed Lawyer says:

    Everybody knows Charlie Crist can beat Rick Scott.
    Scott’s approval ratings are a tad higher than George Zimmerman (same constituency,tea bagger).

  2. count lf chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Reminds me of my visit to the inter den linnem where the Nazis burned the books

  3. Whack-a-mole says:

    “Sign waivers?” Seriously? Would you vote for a party whose leadership doesn’t know the difference between “wavers” and “waivers?”

  4. The Guess Who says:

    How about “relect”? This guy is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed, but what else would you expect from the Florida GOP?

  5. Rinse and Repeat says:

    Diana needs to learn the difference between to and too. And do I give a shit that she has a BA? Is she from the Michael Rajner School of Titles?

  6. lol says:

    I wonder if they are going to pull all those workers from the SheehanGMC that Rick Scott used as props to make it look like he had a large crowd to see him last week when in reality only 20 or so brec members were there.

  7. EB White says:

    Please tell me you didn’t cut and paste that Buddy.

    Because if the RPOF can’t spell check their own dirty tricks emails, what is the world coming to these days?

  8. Floridan says:

    “Hey kids, let’s put on a show!”

  9. Oscar says:

    LOL, I read that too and wondered why you had to sign waivers to participate in this event!

  10. West Davie Resident says:

    I thought Republicans were the party for better education choices. Who can tell based on the numerous typos and poor word choices in that email.

    And the slogans are retreads from previous failed campaigns in Broward. The only worthy one is 3 Years. 3 Parties. But I would have said 300 Flip Flops instead of Lousy Governor.

    Hopefully Tom Truex ignores the RPOF gaffer and devises a plan of his own!

  11. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I can’t wait to finally met Charlie Crist Thursday night @ 7 at Barnes and Noble. Hang in there Charlie. All these threats Charlie let them . Call their bluff Charlie . Just like my landlord retaining the beardless Santa Claus w/ the fat , red, round face-none other than former City comm. Ft.lau ‘s very own John Aurlelius(bring it on). Oh you should see this man. First as I have mentioned previous sends me notification to remove flood lights on the outside of his clients bldg., my landlord. Wait, tells me that I have 15 days to remove them(what part does Santa here not understand I am touching nothing on the outside of his clients bldg.) Then Aurelius call me this afternoon, and states “forget about removing the lights , I have hired an electrician to remove them.” Why don’t you tell the truth John , that your client is not allowed in the shop because he attempted to mace me(JAN.5) and the Criminal Investigation unit Of BSO told him to stay aware from my shop .So YOUR CLIENT SANTA, HAS THE MONEY TO HIRE you, have BSO summons me on Valentine’s Day. To him now hiring an electrican to unscrew two(2) lights, that should have been taken care of months ago. How about you tell your client to spend his money on taken care of his bldg. This is pure harassment and I am not putting up w/ your fat ass John or your clients(all 90pounds of him). Why didn’t the other tenants get your nasty notification? No its all Robert’s fault. Then top it off Aurelius here demands to see my lease agreement by noon tomorrow. Noon tomorrow will come, and noon tomorrow will go. If he wants to see my lease agreement that he drafted up by all means stop by. I will be more than happy to show Mr.Aurelius the lease. Then he tell me his client didn’t sign his copy of the lease. Not my issue. Your client certainly signed my copy, along w/ my siganature. Residents as an activist if you are a tenant , residential, commercial-I have your back. Call their bluff. Do not stand for gross misconduct. Harrassment. Bullying. Threats(I’l throw you out Mr.walsh-). I have your back people. Send all the notices you want. Shameful and this will not be tolerated that is why this should be brought to the present city comm. so other residents don’t have to put up w/ this gross misconduct. Hell no……

  12. freedom says:

    Besides needing spell check the Republicans can’t even think up their own “homemade” signs. Very sad indeed. Here is my sign “Rick, don’t let the door hit you on the way out”

  13. Awful says:

    You know it’s bad when they couldn’t come up with one positive sing about their guy to waive at Thies event

  14. Seth Platt says:

    This is what happens when the Tea Party infiltrates your ranks: misspelled words, garbled grammar, and nonsensical ramblings.

  15. oh baby platt says:

    Arent you the guy who got bitch slapped on Twitter by Republican Chip LaMarca recently? He sure didnt have any problems spelling it out for you, if you want to try and make him look bad, dont try to suck up to him for votes. I have no doubt you shut your big mouth and said a big I am sorry in private to Chip after that.

  16. Kevin Hill says:

    Get yer gummint hands offa my Medicare!!

  17. Abolish the BOCC says:

    Scott sucks….Crist is an opportunist. Why can’t we have GOOD QUALITY candidates that will take on the corruption?

  18. LOL says:

    I smell lot of fear from a lot of donkeys here.

  19. Seth Platt says:

    Not quite the way that played out but you are entitled to your interpretation and your anonymity, tough guy.

  20. Sean says:

    This Democratic household will not support Charlie Crist in this election. He is not trustworthy and has flip flopped on every issue. Nan Rich for Governor!

  21. Rose says:

    WE THE PEOPLE RIIIIIGHT??? Hi I’m CharLIE Crist. Today I’m a Democrat tomorrow I’ll be a Republican again and then I will be an Independent. Whatever the polls tell me whats best for my campaign I will be!

  22. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Mr.Aurelius stoped by w/ an electrician yesterday and removed the flood lights. Which I showed him my lease. Still not good enough for Santa(to bad). Tells me his client(my landlord) is not in possession on my lease(to bad). Then states he would pay me to give him a copy(really). So we go to throwing me out in 15days to his client not knowing what he did w/ his copy of the lease. I got mine though. Landlord’s signature, mine etc. Gee good luck going before the judge w/ jack shit. This is actualy funny that my landlord has nothing but nothin but money to burn but can’t take care of his code infractions. Blame Robert. My, my , my…….

  23. Unemployed Lawyer says:

    Ronald Reagan was a Democrat before he became a Republican. Pretty good company if you ask me.

  24. AUH20 says:

    @Unemployed Lawyer – You do realize that Crist did the OPPOSITE of what Reagan did – how does that put them in company with each other?