GOP Rally Sunday in Northeast Broward

After my post on Obama below, a GOP supporter sent this picture of enthusiastic Republicans rallying at Sample Road and U. S. One on Sunday afternoon


After my post on Barack Obama below, a reader sent me this cell phone photo of an enthusiastic GOP rally for John McCain and others on the Republican ticket at Sample Road and U. S. One on Sunday afternoon.

3 Responses to “GOP Rally Sunday in Northeast Broward”

  1. Floridan says:

    While the Lighthouse Point Republicans were rallying at Bonefish Mac’s, I spent Sunday canvassing in a lower middle-class Pompano Beach neighborhood.

    Wild mixture of blacks (may from the Caribbean), Hispanics and whites. Easily 10 to one support for Obama. (And that’s generous — no one actually said they were supporting McCain, but I assumed if they didn’t tell us who they supported it was a McCain vote).

    I was surprised at the level of Obama support among Hispanics as well as the number of people who had already voted.

  2. DAVE says:

    Broward County Rebublicans are vastly outnumbered. Why aren’t they out canvassing or making phone calls ?

  3. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Is that Mitch Ceasar in the front of that photo. Only kidding!!!!!