GOP Polls Agree With Lamberti Ahead



Republican and campaign polls of Broward voters show Sheriff Al Lamberti ahead, mirroring the results of a exclusive poll released Wednesday.

The GOP polls actually have Lamberti beating Democrat Scott Israel by a larger margin than the poll done exclusively for  One poll has Lamberti ahead by 15 percentage points.

News of the polls comes from two sources — one an adviser to the GOP Lamberti campaign and another a leading Republican.

The poll conducted by Jim Kane’s The Florida Voter used survey methods which overemphasized the sample of blacks.  Kane believes that group will have larger than normal turnout this year.  

The poll also sampled a larger than normal group of newly registered voters for the same reason.

I personally believed this year that anyone with the label Democrat would win in Broward.  I wrote that on repeatedly.

The poll results from the GOP and The Florida Voter surprised me and pollster Kane, who agreed with me that this is a Democratic year.  But they accurately reflect voter sentiment a week before Election Day.

I’m curious what Israel’s own surveys show.  The Democrats I know haven’t been too forthcoming, which usually means they are down in the polls.  

By Election Day, who knows?

11 Responses to “GOP Polls Agree With Lamberti Ahead”

  1. Wiley Thompson says:

    This is Wiley Thompson. As a former assistant director of the FBI and former Democratic candidate for Sheriff, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you why I crossed party lines and am voting to keep Al Lamberti as Sheriff of Broward County. From community leaders such as city mayors, commissioners, and state legislators – to media outlets such as the Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Herald, to other civic organizations including the Police Benevolent Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, the International Association of Firefighters, the Teamsters Local 769, and the Broward 10-13 Club, we collectively believe that Sheriff Al Lamberti is the most qualified candidate to lead the 6300 employee agency in a full term of office.

    When Al Lamberti was appointed Sheriff last year, history was made at the Broward Sheriff’s Office. For the first time in its 93-year history, a Sheriff came up through the ranks. Al Lamberti started as a Detention Deputy in the jail and worked his way through the agency in various positions before being appointed Sheriff by the Governor last year. Coupled with his experience in almost every department within the agency, Al Lamberti’s three decade plus career at the Broward Sheriff’s Office gives him a much stronger advantage than that of his opponent – an outsider – who recently resigned as police chief of North Bay Village, a twenty-man plus agency in North East Miami-Dade County.

    The Sun-Sentinel says that if voters choose along party lines in the race for Sheriff, they would be making a mistake since partisan politics has no place in law enforcement. Professionalism over politics is why the Sun-Sentinel endorsed Al Lamberti for a full term as Sheriff stating “it’s about competence and integrity.” In support of professionalism over politics, Al Lamberti’s opponent was a lifelong Republican until he switched parties when passed over by Governor Crist for an appointment as Sheriff. The Miami Herald – in endorsing Sheriff Al Lamberti – stated that his opponent “would have a steep learning curve in directing a multifaceted agency with a $700 million budget and 6,300 employees.”

    If you draw comparisons, you will realize there are none between Sheriff Al Lamberti and that of his opponent. Change for change sake is irresponsible. The size and multi-faceted complexities of the Broward Sheriff’s Office demands the most seasoned and experienced on-the-job professional, not someone who switched his lifelong party affiliation to advance a career. With that said, I hope you will join me in supporting Sheriff Al Lamberti and vote to retain him as Sheriff of Broward County on November 4th.

    Wiley Thompson

  2. shocking says:

    everyone already assumed kane’s poll was the gop poll

  3. Stephanie Kraft says:

    Hi Buddy,
    As you may know, I am supporting Al Lamberti for the same reasons that Wiley Thompson mentioned above. However, I have my own very reliable polling source. I asked my hairdresser today what she has been hearing in her shop (in Coral Springs). She told me that the buzz (pardon the pun) in the beauty shop is that while most of her clients are supporting Obama, they are also voting for Lamberti. This surprised her, as well, as she thought that voters would vote the straight Democratic ticket. So, if Jim Kane and the Republican pollsters want confirmation, the hairdresser poll agrees, it will be Lamberti and Obama this year. Now, I just have to see what my mother’s hairdresser says, and that will cinch it!

  4. thebigharley says:

    The PBA endorsed Scott Israel and he is about to sell them out. Israel has a deal to let the county commission privatize the Broward jails. In return, he got the commissioners endorsement and has one of their friends running his campaign. Correction officers will be working for $12 an hour and no benefits, if they are working at all

    FROM BUDDY: The writer is wrong. Lamberti was endorsed by the PBA, FOP and the fire fighters. That just might make Thebigharley’s other point, that Israel wants to privatize the jails, more plausible because he owes nothing to the unions. Except Israel pledged to me two months ago that he was against privatization of the jails.

  5. idiot says:

    what kind of idiots does lamberti have write for him…i could say more but any post that starts with israel being endorsed by the pba speaks for itself

    ms kraft it seems interesting you would put up your post the same day you were seen having lunch with lamberti campaign manager ali waldman.

    maybe someone ought to talk to the people who have been waiting in lin for 2 hours to vote. I have been holding signs for gotv all early voting and almost 4 to one say they went dem down the line.

  6. DAVE says:

    Sure, the haidresser is the new sage of Broward elections.

  7. Stephanie Kraft says:

    Dear idiot,

    (seems very appropriate),
    I don’t know who saw me supposedly having lunch with Ali Waldman yesterday. Although Ali is a friend of mine, I haven’t seen her in months. I actually was having a business lunch yesterday in Coral Springs, but not with Ali. Sorry!

    And the hairdresser and manicurists are good sources of info. They hear it all!

    Stephanie Kraft

  8. Tyronne Steele says:

    Does Scott Israel remember this Miami Herald article from 1996 on an investigation into officers at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department?

    July 30, 1996
    Page: 2B


    CONNIE PRATER Herald Staff Writer

    Fort Lauderdale detective Don McCawley wasn’t the only law enforcement officer disciplined for bad behavior at the controversial Good Ol’ Boy Roundups.

    The off-duty gathering of local, state and federal law enforcement officers and guests became the center of a federal probe that found instances of lewd and racist skits and offensive signs and T-shirts at the annual camp-out in the Tennessee hills.

    An FBI agent who repeatedly attended the rally and allegedly made a racist remark at one of them was suspended for five days without pay, placed on probation for six months and ordered to take sensitivity training.

    A Boone County, Ky., sergeant got a five-day suspension for being the master of ceremonies at a 1990 skit in which a dog was traded for a man in blackface who pretended to perform oral sex on a person in mock Ku Klux Klan garments. The police chief in Florence, Ky., recommended firing the man who played the Klansman, a sergeant from his department who had a prior record of misconduct and problems. “I didn’t feel he should be a police officer any longer,” said Florence Chief Paul Buelterman. “Police officers are held to a higher standard. Some may argue that point but it’s a fact.”

    But the officer appealed to the city council and the punishment was reduced to a six-month suspension without pay and demotion to patrol officer. He’s scheduled to return to road patrol Aug. 11.

    U.S. Treasury Department officials recommended that 31 of the agency’s workers, including agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, be reviewed for possible discipline or counseling. A Treasury spokesman said last week the agency’s bureaus are reviewing each case to determine what actions will be taken against the employees.

    McCawley was suspended for 20 days without pay last month and agreed not to file suit against the city of Fort Lauderdale if he were allowed to retire on Sept. 12. He returned to work July 15 to brief his supervisors on his pending burglary cases and then left for a 43-day vacation that will end on his retirement date.

    Chief Michael Brasfield and the Citizen Review Board had recommended firing the 23-year veteran because they said he could no longer effectively do his job.

    The white detective was assigned to the burglary division covering the city’s predominantly black northwest section. Roosevelt Walters, the head of the local NAACP chapter, and Carlton Moore, the city’s lone black commissioner, had publicly called for his dismissal.

    McCawley and his attorney argued the city was attempting to make a “sacrificial lamb” out of the detective because as many as 46 other current and former Fort Lauderdale officers had attended the rally over the years.

    Brasfield recommended that no action be taken against those other officers because an internal investigation revealed nothing to support disciplining them. He said that mere attendance at the event did not warrant punishment.

  9. Good Ole Boy says:

    It was great to see convicted drug dealer Benjamin Bennett (1982 Dealing Cocaine from his marked unit while on duty) in Coconut Creek wearing his team Lamberti Shirt. Ben was taking a lead role in Al’s campaign and had the poll deputy take measurements regarding signs that he felt were too close to the poll. I am very excited that Al has selected another convicted felon for his team as this along with the Whittington donations are just another example of “Pride in Service with Integrity”. If Al keeps continues picking all-stars like this we can only imagine the future of our agency.

  10. TMAN says:

    Wiley I have a question for you. If Al is such a great Sheriff who has made and/or is making history, then why did you run against him? Please anwser:____________________.

    You are wrong that he made history by being the first to rise from the ranks to the top spot. He did not rise to the top spot. He would have to have won an election to do that. He was appointed the spot for a temporary period until this election because his/your boss went to the slammer. Jenne made history by going to jail. Al has not made history of any kind.

  11. anonymous says:

    The facts:

    -Ben Bennett has no lead role on Al’s campaign.
    – Ali Waldman is far from being the campaign mgr.
    -The PBA did endorse Lamberti, not Israe.

    Get your facts straight!