GOP Law Firm Backs Democrat


Tripp Scott is one of the most influential Republican law firms in Broward County.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered the firm gave $250 to a Democrat!

And the Democrat used Tripp Scott’s money to defeat one of the darlings of the local GOP.

The money went to Judy Paul, a Democrat.  Last month, Paul defeated Davie Mayor Tom Truex, a Republican.

Truex’s defeat was a setback for the Broward GOP.  He was one of Broward’s most visible Republicans. 

The alliance between Tripp Scott and Paul looks very strange. Her campaign included the most liberal elements of the Democratic Party.

So why was Tripp Scott helping Paul?

Here is what I figured:

Tripp Scott was hired by the City of Weston to lobby against The Davie Commons shopping and office complex.   

Truex supported the project.  Paul was against it.

So for Tripp Scott in the Davie mayor’s race, clients’ cash trumped political philosophy. For that reason, Tripp Scott backed the Democrat over the Republican.

That’s was my theory until I talked to Ed Pozzuoli, managing partner of Tripp Scott.


He said was dead wrong.

“I’m an advocate against that project, Pozzuoli said.  “I’m paid to be an advocate. It really is separate from any political money the firm gives.

He said it was simply a situation where Paul asked for the money in writing.  Truex didn’t.

“I got a phone call from Truex, Pozzuoli said.  “If I would have gotten a formal request (in writing), I would have found some money.

Pozzuoli is the former chair of the Broward GOP.

He is one of the only leading Republicans who can survive politically in the party organization after openly giving money to a Democrat.

That’s because Pozzuoli pulls the party’s strings from behind the scenes.  He and his minions have bored so deep into the GOP’s structure, he won’t be touched.

Activists know that any Broward Republican efforts would be crippled without the participation of Pozzuoli’s crew.

6 Responses to “GOP Law Firm Backs Democrat”

  1. Back Room GOP says:

    Pozzuoli pulls the strings?
    Now you’re drinking the Kool Aid Buddy! Eddie moves money around BRWD, but he has lost his grip on the GOP. Just ask his boss, The Senator.

  2. Tripp Scott Is Coming On Strong says:

    Everybody is focused on Rothstein. If you look at government contracts, it is Tripp Scott that is getting more of them. Every board appointed by the governor is handing out contracts to Tripp Scott. Pozzuoli is the Bill Scherer of the 21st Century.

  3. Deby Weinstein says:

    I thought Chip LaMarca was the chair of the Broward GOP. Eddie is yesterday’s news.

  4. Coffee Talk says:

    He can raise money. He can get the governor on the phone.
    Is he a good lawyer? Is he respected? Is he trusted among Republicans? Does the governor really trust him? Is he viewed as a backroom manipulator?
    Discus among yourselves.

  5. Money over principle says:

    Pozzuoli not only promised Truex money- he promised to host a fundraiser for him. Pozzuoli pulls Lamarca’s strings- Chip is not his own man.

  6. Democrat says:

    We’ll take every bit of Tripp Scott’s money they can give us. Then we’ll use it to beat their ass in every damn election. People are wising up to the GOP’s philosophy of everything for the rich and scraps for everybody else. Ed Pozzouli is just playing both sides of the street because he sees which way the wind is blowing.