GOP Gets Lucky; D’s School Candidate Quits





The Democratic candidate hoping to take back a School Board seat from the GOP has quit the race after only a month.

Robin Behrman ended her campaign against Republican Donna Korn for family reasons.

Behrman said she had to devote her time to her daughter, who is having a difficult pregnancy.

“I am the type of person who has to give 100 percent to something,” Behrman said. “If I am not have to give 100 percent, I don’t want to do it.  In this case, family comes first.”

A retired Miami-Dade school principal, Behrman opened her campaign in July for countywide Broward School Board seat held by Korn.

Korn is a Republican, while Behrman is a Democrat.

Her departure from the race leaves Korn unchallenged…for now.

Korn hasn’t announced whether she is running for re-election.

Behrman lost a three-way race for state House in 2012. Her School Board campaign was being managed by longtime Broward political maven Barbara Miller.

An early post on the campaign is here. 

4 Responses to “GOP Gets Lucky; D’s School Candidate Quits”

  1. We Remember says:

    Lobbyist Barbara Millerwanted to start at the School Board again. Now she will have to find another candidate.

  2. Broward Lawyer says:

    There’s more here. Dig, Buddy.

  3. Broward Lawyer says:

    Oh, and the seat is Countywide, not Southwest Broward. SW Broward seat is held by Patti Good.

    FROM BUDDY: You are right.

  4. TommyTaxpayer says:

    Buddy, is it not time for Ms.Korn, the other ladies of the Board and for that matter your blog to start questioning Supt Runcie and his blunder with the teaching schedules that backfired and will cost taxpayers 40 million??? Seems that the press is ignoring it but not us taxpayers! That kind of so called leadership and misjudgment/mismanagement needs to hit the road! If Ms. Korn sat by while this happened she should not run again!