Republicans Defend Cancer and Raise Electricity Rates


Notwithstanding that we don’t need any more electrical capacity, the Florida Public Service Commission tacked on $2.20 to our electric bills for exactly that.

The money is to go to FPL for expanding nuclear capacity. FPL hasn’t even decided yet whether to build any new nuclear facilities and may never do so.  The $196 million raised from the new charges are for “pre-construction expenses.”

Here’s the hook.

According to the Herald: “Under a state law approved by the Legislature in 2006, the company can collect the money for new nuclear plants without having to commit to building the plants.”!?!?!?!?!?

Don’t blame FPL.  Send your thanks to the GOP and Jeb Bush, governor at the time this outrage was passed.

A Not So Amish Paradise

First is was Coolio’s Gangsta Paradise lamenting the crime and violence in the ghetto. Then it was Weird Al Yankovic’s parody Amish Paradise. 

In a life imitates art episode, the Plain People of rural Ohio may have perfected “The Amish Drive-by”.

Amish theological disputes have lead to attacks within the group. But instead of cappin’ their enemies, they are into cuttin’… off beards that is.

“Thou art a punk”.

The Other Side of the War On Cancer

Forty year ago a Republican President, Richard Nixon, declared “War On Cancer.”

At least two of the current GOP presidential wannabees are on the front line…for the other side…defending cancer.

“Crazy” Michelle Bachmann has denounced Guardasil, the first anti-cancer vaccine which stops cervical cancer.

Bachmann thinks it’s wrong to require the shot because it will encourage sexual promiscuity.  We need to think of the papillomavirus and cervical cancer as god’s revenge for getting laid.

Did I forget to mention that, based on a remark from an anonymous lady, Bachmann believes that Guardasil also causes retardation.  I’ll pass up the obvious joke.

If Michelle defends cervical cancer, Herman Cain has one upped her by standing up for lung cancer which, unlike cervical cancer, does not discriminate by gender.

It’s not just his campaign ad with his campaign manager proudly blowing cigarette smoke into the face of the camera.

Back in 1996, he headed up the Washington lobbying for The National Restaurant Association.

Guess what the key issue was for Herman?

With money from Big Tobacco, it was blocking laws that banned smoking in restaurants.

Yet if it were up to Herman, nonsmokers still wouldn’t be able to taste our food and millions of restaurant workers would still be at risk for secondhand smoke and the lung diseases it brings.

Ironically, this is a guy who knows first hand something about cancer.  He says he was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2006, but has been cancer-free since 2007.

3 Responses to “Republicans Defend Cancer and Raise Electricity Rates”

  1. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    I wonder if Herman Cain would support a shot of Guardasil for the female employees he chases while smoking a cigarette after consumation from their sexual promiscuity?

    When confronted with past sexual harrassment history, is it true that Herman Cain speaks fluent German with “Nein, Nein Nein!”

    Remember that Christian male group back then called “Promise Keepers”? I heard that Herman Cain will restart a new version called “Promiscuity Keepers”.

    When asked about his support for eliminating the minimum wage, Herman Cain said “This is the private sector’s answer to the Gumint’s 13th Ammendment job killing regulations on business”.

    After declaring himself free of cancer in 2007, Herman Cain said that he intends to make private ins companies free of covering cancer in 2012.

  2. Real Deal says:

    It is profoundly ignorant to oppose vaccination against any disease and disturbing that such a thought would occur to much less be expressed by any presidential candidate.

  3. S.O.B. says:

    on the topic of FP&L, don’t I remember recently we were ASKED to contribute to FP&L solar production? now we are TOLD we are supporting FP&L “plans” for nuclear plant? My continuing question, why are the rate base paying for this, is not this the responsability of the stockholders? WOW guess we are waiting for Publix to add on to our grocery bills for the construction of new stores !!!